Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Greatest party of awesomeness ever !!!

Hello guys(and gals) !

Best party experience EVER!!! I'm quite sure i posted in an older post that i'm going to be at one party/concert/awesomeness where one of the best DJ's in the world would play. I had relatively high hopes for that- forst because he's my favorite DJ ever and because last summer i was at a similar one , with an equally famous DJ and it was quite good. Was I in for a surprise tho!!!

This party defines the word -EPIC- and not in the now mainstream way. It's was without a doubt an amazing show with the greatest laser and light effects and the greatest atmosphere one could ever hope for. No wonder that DJ's is so highly sought after and had millions and millions of fans around the world. With 10-12 000 people it wasn't the biggest thing ever, but so much people that are mesmerized so well make for an utterly electrifying place to be.  The DJ himself said that the party was way above average and you could see that he was also enjoying himself. I'll defo go to another one of his gigs , if possible. In short it was great, the music amazing, lighting effects wonderful and all that put into an epic epicness thing!!!

Also i'm again in Denmark now and it's raining a lot and around 12-15 colder than where i was. :( On an upside tho thanks to me being a very good person and helping an old guy thru 2 airports i was awarded by his daughter , free train ticket in first class to my town. If you do good , good comes back at you. :)

Hope you're having an amazing time!


  1. i'm not really a party person. I just sit around miserable all night then go home and cry. I prefer gardening. X

  2. That's not a very positive view of life now , is it? I usually never have as much fun but this time it was beyond amazing. As for gardening, i don't have a garden and haven't felt the Zen like peace you get from that.

    Thanks for commenting and have fun. :)