Saturday, September 18, 2010

Germany trip

I've probably mentioned before that Denmark is not the cheapest country in the world , or in other words it's very expensive to live in. Go high standards :P It's so much that it would be cheaper for me and a few friends to do a shopping trip, for some stuff, to Germany and buy them from there. It's around 350 km-ish round trip and it's still going probably to be cheaper. For me tho it's mostly the road trip that i would enjoy more. Also it would help me check one more country in my list of countries i've visited. It would be way better if that list was been and explored , but for now it'd work. I'm prolly not the only one on this , but if i had the money i'd do a trip around the world , enduring all the flights and inconveniences , just for the experience to see the world. Also one year of traveling sounds AMAZING.

In other news, uni has been on it's way for some time now. Nothing really interesting to note there, just a lot of booooring classes that I don't like. Tho we do have Spanish and that's fun and it's actually fun to be the best in class. Also there we watched the Spanish movie by Guilermo Del Torro "Pan's labyrinth" , awarded with 3 oscars, and that it was quite the amazing movie. If you haven't seen it and you like a bit of fiction , then i highly recommend it! It has a very interesting dualistic nature to it - showing both a very real world during Franko Spain and at the same time a fictionous world , which is very different and impossible to explain without spoilers.

As for the rest of my world - well nothing really different or more exciting than before. Ok now i'll be off and do myself a favor and undo the mistake i'm guilty of - haven't watched "The Godfather" *gasp* i know i know :D Ok see you guys :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Student jobs

Since i've come back from my summer break i have been looking for a job. The only thing i've found for now is the one i mentioned in a previous blog posts. So naturally i'm getting a bit desperate for a bit of extra income, which would not be intended for me only. I don't think if i mentioned this before , but my father is a bit of a dick and he may give money to me and my bro , but my mom is left out cold. Since mid-global economic crisis her job is no more and i really want to help her out , but for now that's impossible. I've even been looking into sperm donor banks, which help to battle infertility(read use your stuff to make children around here,i'd guess) . I don't think i'll do anything like that , but it was a funny job add , which i couldn't help but click. :P

On an unrelated but kinda related topic i'm like super hyped to go to those student summer jobs in the USA. In economic terms , they are not that good , cuz you end up usually spending almost as much as you'd get. My reason for really wanting to do one is because of the experience itself. I have some friends who've done that and all are saying it was amazing and also i've been in the US and i can say i enjoyed it immensely. I know we Europeans tend to have a bad opinion on the US , but it's freaking awesome there. Also doing that i'd do one of the things I enjoy most in life and that is to travel. I've talked to mum about that and she's all like "Do it! It would be amazing!" and so on.

Also a great big thanks to Southern, Micky and Wellzy Boo for commenting on my last blog post, which was hard for me to write and getting your two cents is greatly appreciated.

Ok until next time. Thanks for dropping by!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Life changing

Hello guys !

This thought has been bugging me for maybe a few months now and i have told only a very unselect few and by that i mean i've told only a few people i mostly don't know much. This is because i find it easier sometimes to share things i see as big in my life,even tho they probably aren't as important as i might think. So you'd be one of the first, who matter in someway, what has been dwelling in my head for a while now.

I have a growing displeasure for the programme i chose in uni and what i'm studying at the moment. Don't get me wrong it's very prospective and so on , which is the reason i tried to push on. But  the thing is that i'm not cut out for all that BS and i don't think that there's any point in trying to push on for something i don't like at all and with which i'd be unhappy with in the end. It's a bummer that this would end up costing me 2 years of my life, cuz  i didn't change after the first year. Now when i see what i'd actually have to do i'm more confident than ever that this is not for me. Also the lecturer in our main subject is mediocre at best so that's another thing against all this.

This brings out another question, if i change what am i going to change to. Well that's a good one and i have no real answer to it right now. I have a few ideas here and there, but nothing solid at all in the moment. The problem also is that i'm unsure if i want to stay in the same uni at all cuz of the small town and not top notch uni. This gives me  either the option to go to a bigger uni/city in a place kinda near by and still live where i live atm , so there wouldn't be that major of a life change. Tho i've also had an idea in my head to maybe go to the UK and all but that's way far fetched and i need to make a serious amount of cash to do such a change,me thinks. But who knows.

So if there's still people reading this , I'd be quite grateful for some wise words or something. For that thanks in advance :P

Ok see you guys :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

"... like a crazy paparazzi dude ... "

Hey there dear readers !!! ... Wait , what - there isn't anyone left. That's kinda bad i'd guess. To be honest i really just forgot about posting on here and yeah . Opppsie :( I hope you're not going to all hate me for doing that.

Since the 21st ,when apparently i last posted, there have been just a few things that are actually blog worthy. Interesting enough is that all of them actually happened during this week.

- the first and most important one is that i actually got to meet one online friend with which i have talked for more than an year and a half. I could say that it was quite awesome to actually meet him and show him around here. The best part was that he's also gay and we could perv on the good looking blondies on the streets. I was kinda nervous about the whole meeting thing but it turned out to be really good. It was really sweet of him to make this detour before he went back home across the world. Ou and as i've mentioned here i really love photography and he has my dream camera a Canon 7D and when with him i was like a crazy paparazzi dude :P aka his camera was mainly in me and i was taking photos as crazy.

- second would be that i started uni again and I see that as something objectivly good but i'm so used to my lazy ways from the summer that it's just hard to have to do stuff yet again :(. So it's a bummer but meh , somebody has to do it *rolls eyes*

- I don't know if i mentioned this before here. I had one roommate that i couldn't stand at all and he was stupid and annoying , but to my immense pleasure he had to move so that makes me quite content with how things turned out.

In an unrelated note - I saw my stat thingy and apparently for a blog that hasn't been updated for awhile in some days i get high-ish traffic and that's mostly from porn blogs. I don't know what's that all about. I wen't into one or two and they weren't linking to me , so that's kinda weird.

This is all from me for now. I'd try to update you all more often, but when nothing that interesting happens it's a bit pointless isn't it.

Bye guys :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

First day of work

Just a quick update here cuz i cannot think of a proper length post.

I should feel lucky enough that my first working day of my life has been put of until when i'm 20 years old. I wouldn't say that it is because i'm lazy, which i am, but the income i've got from my father if not enough it has been sufficient for an acceptably livable life.

My first day of work was basically what i expected + a lot more rain. My workplace was "cleaning after" a major concert of a world famous band. This involved lots of heavy lifting (and muscle fatigue for 2 days), then some more lifting to help a forklift to get out of one stupid situation it got itself into , then lots and lots of cleaning after the inconsiderate and littering Danes from the night before. This was all performed under very heavy rain and resulted in my feet swimming in water. Was worth it tho , for little more than 15 euros/hour. Go very high standards in Denmark!!  Tho there was only work for 4 hours :(

This is all for today. Have fun and be happy :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Greatest party of awesomeness ever !!!

Hello guys(and gals) !

Best party experience EVER!!! I'm quite sure i posted in an older post that i'm going to be at one party/concert/awesomeness where one of the best DJ's in the world would play. I had relatively high hopes for that- forst because he's my favorite DJ ever and because last summer i was at a similar one , with an equally famous DJ and it was quite good. Was I in for a surprise tho!!!

This party defines the word -EPIC- and not in the now mainstream way. It's was without a doubt an amazing show with the greatest laser and light effects and the greatest atmosphere one could ever hope for. No wonder that DJ's is so highly sought after and had millions and millions of fans around the world. With 10-12 000 people it wasn't the biggest thing ever, but so much people that are mesmerized so well make for an utterly electrifying place to be.  The DJ himself said that the party was way above average and you could see that he was also enjoying himself. I'll defo go to another one of his gigs , if possible. In short it was great, the music amazing, lighting effects wonderful and all that put into an epic epicness thing!!!

Also i'm again in Denmark now and it's raining a lot and around 12-15 colder than where i was. :( On an upside tho thanks to me being a very good person and helping an old guy thru 2 airports i was awarded by his daughter , free train ticket in first class to my town. If you do good , good comes back at you. :)

Hope you're having an amazing time!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

It's good to be a man

.... in Turkey.

It's really amazing how people from different countries can have such different views of the world and different way of thinking than what i'm used to. When i went to Denmark i cannot say that there was a very big culture shock and people were not the same but mostly similar. In Turkey however people see the world in such a different way , so it was a very good opportunity to see how a Muslim country makes out of the world. 

First of all Turkey was quite amazing! The country itself is quite interesting and the cities(not Istanbul) had a very vintage look-like you're back 30 or 40 years. People are extremely polite which i didn't really expect, to such a point that they can get far out of their way just to help you. Men are mostly smartly dressed with shirts and trousers, but at least for my taste they were not at all appealing. Some women however were actually following the muslim ideas and were mostly covered. It was really weird to see women in 35+ degrees with trousers, sweaters, with their traditional headcloths and on top of that a raincoat. Those women weren't that much but still was crazy.

The most interesting part is the position of a man in society. For example we were in a kebab place and it was me( a guy) and 3 women,at the time, and the guy was calling me "the chief  or "the boss" and whenever he asked about something he was addressing me and waiting for me to answer ,listening to me. He wasn't disrespecting women at all,he was quite polite even, but in their culture the man is,as the guy said, the boss and he's looked as the head of the family with no questions asked. I actually liked that , it was a weird ego boost type of thing.

Istanbul on the other hand is very modern and a giant piece of city. 5th largest in population terms according to wikipedia- 12.8 million people. It's incredibly beautiful and just a proper treat to see. A must see in my opinion. Also was in the Asian part of the city so i can say now that i have been in Asia aswell. Went over the Bosphorus which was smaller than what i expected, but still amazingly breathtaking. A thing that i saw was the large amount of mosques there, at one point when we were going on the freeway i started counting them and for 5 km there were at least 15 , but i stopped counting cuz it was close to impossible to count the hundreds of mosques out there.

Overall it was an amazing holiday and would defo go another time if the opportunity arises. I had a blast tho very soon i'll have to go back again to depressing Denmark. :(

I hope you're all good and have a great day/night/week :)