Sunday, August 1, 2010

High life and Playboy

Hello there blog readers,

My days have been quite fine since the last time i blogged. There hasn't been anything major or mega interesting , but just small things that make life a bit more interesting. Like a few days ago I was at a disco with my best friend and we had a grand all time. More interesting was that i met with the owner of the national airlines company, who actually had my best friends phone number, but i didn't go deeper into how on Earth she knew him(i've learnt not to ask about some of her iffy acquaintances :P ) . From what you can learn from a person at a disco ,I thought he was a genuinely nice guy and very down to earth. Of course he had 2 bodyguards, but that is expected from someone with so much money. Ouu and his female friend was a Playmate from Playboy 2009, so now i can say that i know a so called "bunny" :P Honestly tho she was dumb as a brick and excluding her face she was quite beautiful. So can i say that i was part of the elite for a few hours?

In the next week or so, the plans are not entirely sure, I'm going to visit Istanbul(both Asian and European part). From people i have heard that it's one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Also it would be the first time i'll be in Asia so that makes me quite excited. It's also always nice to visit a new country, a new continent and new religion.

Hope you're all doing good.


  1. Daniel it's nice to hear from you and know your ok.
    Hobb nobbing with the elite eh. In my line of work I have worked for and met quite a number of wealthy people and on a whole have found a lot of them to be quite down to earth as well - I suppose it goes to show we are all human - some of us just a bit luckier than others.
    Istanbul sounds very interesting hope you enjoy your stay there - certainly be very interested to hear all about it.
    Regards Stef

  2. Istanbul counts as 'exotic' you know.

    You might meet James Bond or someone. His sort are always having adventures there.

    Bring us back some spices, will you?

  3. Well she was like that so she deserved it :P