Friday, April 30, 2010

Can't be stuffed

I really can't be stuffed to write a blog post now. With my readership being probably non-existent i kind of see it as a bit pointless. So i'll just gay up my blog a bit with a few good looking people.

Yes i have a thing for long hair!!!

... and a BIG thing for blond hair!!!

... but sometimes you're just perfect !!!

That's all.

ps Why do they photoshop themselves as much ?? :O 

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Excited + pics post

I'm getting quite excited now , because my birthday is just around the corner now !! This is exciting for a few reasons. First - come oooon it's my birthday , who doesn't get at least a bit excited about their day of birth. At the same time it's also a milestone 2 centuries on this Earth. Second- i'll meet and be with my best friend and another friend in London for a few days on my BD. 3rd reason would be that i'll go to London(for the second time) which is my favorite city of all (but on that a bit later) .Last but not least would be that i'll move a bit from this small town i'm in and would have some well deserved fun(i hope).

Now i'll say a bit why i love London as much. This city is just amazing in my opinion. First there is the fact that it has 13 million people-to compare that is 2 and 1/3 more people than Denmark. It's so amazing how so many people could live in such an area. Then there is the city itself. It's old looking , but at the same time it has such a modern image. Now this of course is my view as a tourist being in this great city only for 1 day. In that day when i was IN London (not only being close to it) me and my friends did quite the big walk around the central parts of the city. We visited the main things such as Big Ben, London Eye, the Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly circus, National gallery and other stuff and parks. I'd guess we walked more than 25km that day. I also had the most amazing sushi while there. So my views are based on probably the best central parts. Unfortunately due to a hard drive failure short after that trip i currently have pics only from my phone.

When now i've started to tell you about my favorite cities i'd finish my top 3. But since i cannot say which one i like more i'd put both in 2nd place. So 2nd place goes to San Diego and Copenhagen.

First starting with Copenhagen. I really liked this city because it's really the most beautiful old city i have ever seen. Everything in the city is so brilliantly old and so freaking cool. The opera there was really a thing that stood out. I could easily compare it with the Sydney opera(which i've only seen in photos) and i don't think i'm exaggerating here. The symbol of Copenhagen "The mermaid" wasn't really all that spectacular in my opinion. The old harbor is really a thing od beauty especially in the night. Too expensive as most of Denmark but still worth at least walking thru it. Main street was awesome. It's not the beauty of it but it's enormous diversity that really struck me. You could find everything and everyone there. The amount of places you could go in the center was amazing. The night life wasn't also half bad. Due to the same reason as above the pics i'll post are from my phone and not much from Copenhagen but you'll get a bonus from the castle of Hamlet.

Last but not least is San Diego. This was the first place i've gone abroad. It was a love from first sight. Everything was so big, so American and beautiful in a very modern (skyscraper-y way). Maybe the best thing was that i was there for 4 days and one of which was 4th of July. That wasn't the best, the absolute best was we staying at a villa a few steps away from the beach. I can say that the fireworks were quite amazing. The beach atmosphere was totally bad ass. There were people partying everywhere , lots of hawt people and the idea of living next to the beach appeals to me quite much. Also as a European in the USA most stuff were very cheap for me. One day if i ever get enough money I'd definitely consider buying a place there . IT WAS THAT AWESOME!!! I know we Europeans tend to have lot's of assumptions for americans but where i was they were quite awesome people.

I hope you guys liked the post and if you did you can comment.
ps. Pics kinda went where ever they wanted. So there's 5 photos each from each city . 1st set of London , 2nd Copenhagen, 3rd San Diego

pps If i could choose in which of these cities i'd live , i'll choose San Diego!!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Facts #2 , Uninspiring day

This beautifully sunny day has turned out to be quite an unpleasant one. I'm nowhere near to claim the crown for worst day ever , but it still was quite of a downer day. There is nothing in particular that made this one different than any other day tho. I guess i just woke up on the wrong side of the bed(not literally because that would involve destroying a wall in the process) and everything has been so gloomy in my world. Even the run in the morning was full of apathy and was just a mechanical movement of my body parts. This of course wasn't helped by the happy couples walking in the park holding hands and being all cute and in love. And the rest of the day was filled with nothingness and desire to do nothing whatsoever.

On a different more positive note i'd like to announce that thanks to my 1st ever "10 random facts about me" i talked with my first person from Blogger. I must say that he is quite awesome and that his knowledge of English(for a non-native speaker) is frightening. I'm looking forward to possibly meeting more of you guys from the amazing community on Blogger.

I guess this were the only semi-interesting things in my day today. Just to make this post to a decent size i'd again write a few random facts:

1st I really like watching Discovery on TV

2nd I prefer boxer briefs

3rd I love love LOVE Bengal tigers

4th I'd love to have a Golden retriever

5th I don't smoke , never will

6th Have a very big scare of heights

7th I have a thing for boys and wavey hair

8th Was going to write about World Cup 2010 in South Africa and how i thing the civil unrest and overall situation there makes it very unsuitable for such an event. BUUUT decided not to bore you!

9th I cannot live without my watch

10th I cannot fall asleep if i'm not on my belly and facing right

These were a bit more random. So this is all i have for you today :)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Random facts and ramblings

Today has been quite the amazing day weather wise- sunny and kinda warm (12 degrees). This is a good break from the PMS-ing weather recently. For the last several days it managed to go from 15C to snowing, raining and having a hailstorm. This meant that going running in that weather was playing a hit or miss game, which I won 3:1. That basically means i got rained only once.

For the last 3 weeks i've become a bit of a running junkie. It all started with me getting sick of the winter warmth material that i gathered from Christmas all the way until the end of winter. So I started running in a park. At least it begun like that- after week 1 passed i got quite hooked at it , because after running i feel a bit of a high and that feels awesome.So i started with barely doing 20 minutes of non stop running to 40 minutes to 1 hour of running a day. I never thought running as an entertaining thing but now i'm a junkie wanting more and more each day. It's a win-win situation , because that "warmth material" mentioned above is going away and i have something to do outdoors in this lovely weather. Ouu and i get tired enough so i don't stay a few hours in bed until i fall asleep.

Something else that has been on my mind recently is that i'm starting to forget Spanish. I was never the best at it but studying it in high school for 5 years as a first foreign language has made my level at a level that i can understand what i read , but not as good with talking or writing in it. I guess i'll have to work out something to practise that cuz it's quite valuable to know Spanish especially if i want to go to South America, California or Spain.

On a different note the last comment i got was just before i started writing and it said something about "marketing" my blog. This made me thing of what i'm doing here with this blog. Is it a desire to get a big readership and blog for relevant things for the community and the world? Or do i want to have a small readership in which i could blog about what excites me here and now? Or maybe a hybrid of both. I dunno , guess time would tell.

Just for fun i'll add 10 random facts regarding me :

1st I'm a big car enthusiast and am interested in lotsa of things car related.

2nd Dream cars that i would like to own and live on a daily basis - VW Scirroco R (sex on wheels) and Audi A5/S5/RS5 ... All time dream machine Porsche 911 turbo

3rd Favorite sport to watch - Formula 1

4th Favorite sport to play - tennis

5th When i don't have to go to uni i always wake up at either 9:23 or 10:11 (no alarm just me being crazy)

6th Dream place to go to - Melbourne, Australia

7th I'm kind of a geek for computer stuff and seriously dislike the Apple brand.

8th My favorite clothing brand this year is Rip Curl

9th Favorite fruits are strawberries and kiwi

10th When i drink my preferred alcohol is vodka (clean)

This has become quite the long post so see ya next time.

PS. If you want to know something just ask in the comments and i'll respond there or if it's something big i'll write in a blog post.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Weekend once again

I don't really know why , but time is really flying all the time for me. This 1st year of me being a student is 3/4 of the way over and it was just like yesterday when I landed on Copenhagen airport and had no idea how i had to get to my dorm room. Didn't really know what to expect from this country, student life and my soon to be new roommates. In short what happened was that 1st semester was awesome and 2nd one was more like a depressing mess. And here we come to the 23rd of April and my 3rd blog post.

It's again the weekend and it will pass quite quickly and then another week will pass fast enough not to remember anything and so on until summer. For many people weekends are the best thing ever invented , but for me most of the times they are borrrrrring as hell. As opposed to the weekends in my 1st semester when i was out almost every Friday and/or Saturday , this semester I've probably gone out no more than a few times. It's not only not going out at night , but the fact that i have nothing to do here that makes it boring . My plans would be me going for a run in the morning, cooking something to eat for the day and rest of the time just loosing my time on the Internet looking at whatever mediocre(at best) things i can find. These would be Saturday and Sunday for me. Highlights may be if somebody remembers to chat to me or i take the initiative and talk to someone.

On a different note that free time has made go more into book reading. Yeah i know a young-ish person reading long formed narratives ,aka novels and books, in the Internet age :O I'm quite excited to read books because frankly there are so many awesome ones out there. So many in fact that i have no idea what to get. Last book i read was "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy which talks about a post apocalyptic scenario and the journey of a guy and his kid. I really enjoyed the book and really disliked the movie based on it. Now i'm reading "black house" by Stephen King and Peter Straub and i kinda stuck at one place and haven't read for awhile.

Ok this is all for now and i hope i didn't bore you my one and only reader. Yes mister Lunario i'm talking to you :P

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A bit of old news

So now it has been almost a week after the Icelandic volcano eruption and is now old news. It's old because most of the news sites or channels have milked the subject so much and were able to fill out so many pages with the situation,human tragedies and the immense losses of the aviation in Europe. I am not saying that what happened was good in anyway for whoever , but as always the news sites and papers were just waiting for something like that and exploit the misfortunes of the people.

Ok, why do I bring this up? Well a bit for selfish reasons :) . Except being a small rant on the News these days , it's also because I read a small part between the things mentioned above that there was a possibility the bigger volcano(Katla) to erupt as well anytime soon. That would make even greater havoc around here.(i dunno if they mentioned it to make a sensation or it's true) This bothers me because in the beginning of May I'll have to fly to London for my birthday to celebrate it with friends who study there. So if the worst case scenario from above happens I'd have quite the miserable 20th birthday :( . I have some friends that i could celebrate it here , but defo not such that i'd want to share this milestone in my life.

God i don't want to leave my teen years . I'm getting old and responsibilities keep piling up and it's not fun. Especially living on your own makes things that much better. I wish i could be 16-18 again. In my opinion those are the best years of anyones life, because you are big enough to have somewhat respected opinions on things , but also quite little real responsibilities.

Ok i finish of here for today and I hope i didn't bore you all to death. Also some feedback would be appreciated on the length of my post (longer VS shorter), also if what i write is boring or no and most importantly if you wish to know something you can ask . :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hello blog world

Hello Blogworld. You can call me Daniel, even tho that's not my name but have been called like that in the past. This is at the same time very new but also familiar , because I have followed some blogs for around a year now. These introductions tend to be quite awkward so I'll try to keep it short and interesting.
So who am I? I am in my last teen year :( and am currently living in Denmark(hence the title of the blog). I'm a first year student and will say it's not what i expected. Especially living away from home and friends. I'm 1.8 meters tall (5'11'' for my possible American readers) brown hair and blue eyes.I consider myself BI but more interested in guys at this stage of my life.
I started this blog because i've seen how many amazing people there are on blogger. Inspirational blogs have been Daily Dan (my favorite) , Mirrorboy , Landyn and Lunario. I quite enjoy other blogs which I'll link to in the sidebar thingy.
I guess this is OK for now. I'd make a proper post soon.Would really enjoy if this actually gets some readers so i can meet at least one or two great people in the Blogger community.
ps. English ain't my native language so bear with me :)