Saturday, September 18, 2010

Germany trip

I've probably mentioned before that Denmark is not the cheapest country in the world , or in other words it's very expensive to live in. Go high standards :P It's so much that it would be cheaper for me and a few friends to do a shopping trip, for some stuff, to Germany and buy them from there. It's around 350 km-ish round trip and it's still going probably to be cheaper. For me tho it's mostly the road trip that i would enjoy more. Also it would help me check one more country in my list of countries i've visited. It would be way better if that list was been and explored , but for now it'd work. I'm prolly not the only one on this , but if i had the money i'd do a trip around the world , enduring all the flights and inconveniences , just for the experience to see the world. Also one year of traveling sounds AMAZING.

In other news, uni has been on it's way for some time now. Nothing really interesting to note there, just a lot of booooring classes that I don't like. Tho we do have Spanish and that's fun and it's actually fun to be the best in class. Also there we watched the Spanish movie by Guilermo Del Torro "Pan's labyrinth" , awarded with 3 oscars, and that it was quite the amazing movie. If you haven't seen it and you like a bit of fiction , then i highly recommend it! It has a very interesting dualistic nature to it - showing both a very real world during Franko Spain and at the same time a fictionous world , which is very different and impossible to explain without spoilers.

As for the rest of my world - well nothing really different or more exciting than before. Ok now i'll be off and do myself a favor and undo the mistake i'm guilty of - haven't watched "The Godfather" *gasp* i know i know :D Ok see you guys :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Student jobs

Since i've come back from my summer break i have been looking for a job. The only thing i've found for now is the one i mentioned in a previous blog posts. So naturally i'm getting a bit desperate for a bit of extra income, which would not be intended for me only. I don't think if i mentioned this before , but my father is a bit of a dick and he may give money to me and my bro , but my mom is left out cold. Since mid-global economic crisis her job is no more and i really want to help her out , but for now that's impossible. I've even been looking into sperm donor banks, which help to battle infertility(read use your stuff to make children around here,i'd guess) . I don't think i'll do anything like that , but it was a funny job add , which i couldn't help but click. :P

On an unrelated but kinda related topic i'm like super hyped to go to those student summer jobs in the USA. In economic terms , they are not that good , cuz you end up usually spending almost as much as you'd get. My reason for really wanting to do one is because of the experience itself. I have some friends who've done that and all are saying it was amazing and also i've been in the US and i can say i enjoyed it immensely. I know we Europeans tend to have a bad opinion on the US , but it's freaking awesome there. Also doing that i'd do one of the things I enjoy most in life and that is to travel. I've talked to mum about that and she's all like "Do it! It would be amazing!" and so on.

Also a great big thanks to Southern, Micky and Wellzy Boo for commenting on my last blog post, which was hard for me to write and getting your two cents is greatly appreciated.

Ok until next time. Thanks for dropping by!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Life changing

Hello guys !

This thought has been bugging me for maybe a few months now and i have told only a very unselect few and by that i mean i've told only a few people i mostly don't know much. This is because i find it easier sometimes to share things i see as big in my life,even tho they probably aren't as important as i might think. So you'd be one of the first, who matter in someway, what has been dwelling in my head for a while now.

I have a growing displeasure for the programme i chose in uni and what i'm studying at the moment. Don't get me wrong it's very prospective and so on , which is the reason i tried to push on. But  the thing is that i'm not cut out for all that BS and i don't think that there's any point in trying to push on for something i don't like at all and with which i'd be unhappy with in the end. It's a bummer that this would end up costing me 2 years of my life, cuz  i didn't change after the first year. Now when i see what i'd actually have to do i'm more confident than ever that this is not for me. Also the lecturer in our main subject is mediocre at best so that's another thing against all this.

This brings out another question, if i change what am i going to change to. Well that's a good one and i have no real answer to it right now. I have a few ideas here and there, but nothing solid at all in the moment. The problem also is that i'm unsure if i want to stay in the same uni at all cuz of the small town and not top notch uni. This gives me  either the option to go to a bigger uni/city in a place kinda near by and still live where i live atm , so there wouldn't be that major of a life change. Tho i've also had an idea in my head to maybe go to the UK and all but that's way far fetched and i need to make a serious amount of cash to do such a change,me thinks. But who knows.

So if there's still people reading this , I'd be quite grateful for some wise words or something. For that thanks in advance :P

Ok see you guys :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

"... like a crazy paparazzi dude ... "

Hey there dear readers !!! ... Wait , what - there isn't anyone left. That's kinda bad i'd guess. To be honest i really just forgot about posting on here and yeah . Opppsie :( I hope you're not going to all hate me for doing that.

Since the 21st ,when apparently i last posted, there have been just a few things that are actually blog worthy. Interesting enough is that all of them actually happened during this week.

- the first and most important one is that i actually got to meet one online friend with which i have talked for more than an year and a half. I could say that it was quite awesome to actually meet him and show him around here. The best part was that he's also gay and we could perv on the good looking blondies on the streets. I was kinda nervous about the whole meeting thing but it turned out to be really good. It was really sweet of him to make this detour before he went back home across the world. Ou and as i've mentioned here i really love photography and he has my dream camera a Canon 7D and when with him i was like a crazy paparazzi dude :P aka his camera was mainly in me and i was taking photos as crazy.

- second would be that i started uni again and I see that as something objectivly good but i'm so used to my lazy ways from the summer that it's just hard to have to do stuff yet again :(. So it's a bummer but meh , somebody has to do it *rolls eyes*

- I don't know if i mentioned this before here. I had one roommate that i couldn't stand at all and he was stupid and annoying , but to my immense pleasure he had to move so that makes me quite content with how things turned out.

In an unrelated note - I saw my stat thingy and apparently for a blog that hasn't been updated for awhile in some days i get high-ish traffic and that's mostly from porn blogs. I don't know what's that all about. I wen't into one or two and they weren't linking to me , so that's kinda weird.

This is all from me for now. I'd try to update you all more often, but when nothing that interesting happens it's a bit pointless isn't it.

Bye guys :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

First day of work

Just a quick update here cuz i cannot think of a proper length post.

I should feel lucky enough that my first working day of my life has been put of until when i'm 20 years old. I wouldn't say that it is because i'm lazy, which i am, but the income i've got from my father if not enough it has been sufficient for an acceptably livable life.

My first day of work was basically what i expected + a lot more rain. My workplace was "cleaning after" a major concert of a world famous band. This involved lots of heavy lifting (and muscle fatigue for 2 days), then some more lifting to help a forklift to get out of one stupid situation it got itself into , then lots and lots of cleaning after the inconsiderate and littering Danes from the night before. This was all performed under very heavy rain and resulted in my feet swimming in water. Was worth it tho , for little more than 15 euros/hour. Go very high standards in Denmark!!  Tho there was only work for 4 hours :(

This is all for today. Have fun and be happy :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Greatest party of awesomeness ever !!!

Hello guys(and gals) !

Best party experience EVER!!! I'm quite sure i posted in an older post that i'm going to be at one party/concert/awesomeness where one of the best DJ's in the world would play. I had relatively high hopes for that- forst because he's my favorite DJ ever and because last summer i was at a similar one , with an equally famous DJ and it was quite good. Was I in for a surprise tho!!!

This party defines the word -EPIC- and not in the now mainstream way. It's was without a doubt an amazing show with the greatest laser and light effects and the greatest atmosphere one could ever hope for. No wonder that DJ's is so highly sought after and had millions and millions of fans around the world. With 10-12 000 people it wasn't the biggest thing ever, but so much people that are mesmerized so well make for an utterly electrifying place to be.  The DJ himself said that the party was way above average and you could see that he was also enjoying himself. I'll defo go to another one of his gigs , if possible. In short it was great, the music amazing, lighting effects wonderful and all that put into an epic epicness thing!!!

Also i'm again in Denmark now and it's raining a lot and around 12-15 colder than where i was. :( On an upside tho thanks to me being a very good person and helping an old guy thru 2 airports i was awarded by his daughter , free train ticket in first class to my town. If you do good , good comes back at you. :)

Hope you're having an amazing time!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

It's good to be a man

.... in Turkey.

It's really amazing how people from different countries can have such different views of the world and different way of thinking than what i'm used to. When i went to Denmark i cannot say that there was a very big culture shock and people were not the same but mostly similar. In Turkey however people see the world in such a different way , so it was a very good opportunity to see how a Muslim country makes out of the world. 

First of all Turkey was quite amazing! The country itself is quite interesting and the cities(not Istanbul) had a very vintage look-like you're back 30 or 40 years. People are extremely polite which i didn't really expect, to such a point that they can get far out of their way just to help you. Men are mostly smartly dressed with shirts and trousers, but at least for my taste they were not at all appealing. Some women however were actually following the muslim ideas and were mostly covered. It was really weird to see women in 35+ degrees with trousers, sweaters, with their traditional headcloths and on top of that a raincoat. Those women weren't that much but still was crazy.

The most interesting part is the position of a man in society. For example we were in a kebab place and it was me( a guy) and 3 women,at the time, and the guy was calling me "the chief  or "the boss" and whenever he asked about something he was addressing me and waiting for me to answer ,listening to me. He wasn't disrespecting women at all,he was quite polite even, but in their culture the man is,as the guy said, the boss and he's looked as the head of the family with no questions asked. I actually liked that , it was a weird ego boost type of thing.

Istanbul on the other hand is very modern and a giant piece of city. 5th largest in population terms according to wikipedia- 12.8 million people. It's incredibly beautiful and just a proper treat to see. A must see in my opinion. Also was in the Asian part of the city so i can say now that i have been in Asia aswell. Went over the Bosphorus which was smaller than what i expected, but still amazingly breathtaking. A thing that i saw was the large amount of mosques there, at one point when we were going on the freeway i started counting them and for 5 km there were at least 15 , but i stopped counting cuz it was close to impossible to count the hundreds of mosques out there.

Overall it was an amazing holiday and would defo go another time if the opportunity arises. I had a blast tho very soon i'll have to go back again to depressing Denmark. :(

I hope you're all good and have a great day/night/week :)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

High life and Playboy

Hello there blog readers,

My days have been quite fine since the last time i blogged. There hasn't been anything major or mega interesting , but just small things that make life a bit more interesting. Like a few days ago I was at a disco with my best friend and we had a grand all time. More interesting was that i met with the owner of the national airlines company, who actually had my best friends phone number, but i didn't go deeper into how on Earth she knew him(i've learnt not to ask about some of her iffy acquaintances :P ) . From what you can learn from a person at a disco ,I thought he was a genuinely nice guy and very down to earth. Of course he had 2 bodyguards, but that is expected from someone with so much money. Ouu and his female friend was a Playmate from Playboy 2009, so now i can say that i know a so called "bunny" :P Honestly tho she was dumb as a brick and excluding her face she was quite beautiful. So can i say that i was part of the elite for a few hours?

In the next week or so, the plans are not entirely sure, I'm going to visit Istanbul(both Asian and European part). From people i have heard that it's one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Also it would be the first time i'll be in Asia so that makes me quite excited. It's also always nice to visit a new country, a new continent and new religion.

Hope you're all doing good.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Small break

Don't get me wrong here i like blogging , because that fills out some need for self expression of a part of me that usually doesn't get mentioned in your regular conversation. This is both awesome and in a way releaving to share things with someone.

Now with the whole crush scenario i think i need a real break from blogging, because this place kind of reminds me of the whole ridiculous situation. It was ridiculous, because after sometime of daily talking online and a bad day on my part everything ended abruptly with " You'll have to suffer the consequences of your actions" and " I have to go now. Bye". I still had some hope that we could talk again , but now i see that he has unfollowed and deleted my blog from his.

So i'll take a breather until i need it.

Before that i want to plug one blogger. He's been around since May and he's a future lawyer. At the same time he's quite fun to read and really horny all the time. I'll like if you go and say hi to him and show him some love. Asch92

Ps. People in real life also have bad days and can also be downers and in the future when you have a bf or a friend next to you and he/she feels bad are you also going to tell him the next day that he/she has to suffer the consequences? (yeah that was directly aimed at you not my readers)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Ewan McGregor + " The Ghost writer"

Usually I'm not attracted to guys who are way older than i am and especially ones that could be my father, like Ewan McGregor. I wouldn't say that i am sexually attracted to him, or in other words to shag me in his trailer on a movie set, but really like him as a person or some might say his on screen persona. He's like the perfect brit- witty, british accent, good looking and an awesome actor. Unfortunately he's married , but from the movies i have seen with him he has a very strong gay aura around him and if there is such a thing as gaydar mine is beeping quite hard. Maybe i was fooled by his play in the movie "I love you Philip Morris" where he plays a gay guy(he must be a very good actor to leave such a lasting impression)

His latest movies "The ghost writer" is AWESOME!!! It's directed by Roman Polanski and is a political thriller about the ex British prime minister and his memoirs. Ewan McGregor is the so called ghost writer and he gets himself into a big mess. Not to spoil it for anyone I'll just say that the movie has an interesting plot and a very unexpected end and just when you think you've seen the real end there's an even more unexpected end at the very end. (Wow lot's of "end"s in that sentence). If you're into that kind of stuff , you won't be disappointed by the movie. Only big problem i had with the movie was the obvious product placement, even implemented in the plot itself. All movie long i thought that Ewan McGregor was gay btw, before i wrote this post i found out he's actually married and so on.

All in all go Brits , love your accent, love your actors, love "Top Gear". You have some very attractive people and AWESOME accent (except Birmingham or Bolton, i don't remember, which have a very difficult accent to understand)

Have fun and be awesome!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Technical difficulties. *Updated

*This post was updated with a few more things added. Also i fixed some mistakes in my writing, i guess i should proof read my posts before i post them*

Sorry for my melodramatic post from yesterday. That's all well and truly gone. It's quite awesome that i had a precognition or something of the sorts and backed up the blog that same morning, before all went down. This means that everything is where it is supposed to be, except for the post that triggered all this and the melodramatic post.

The reason for me deleting the blog,and all, was the whole crush thing. I guess I totally jinxed that one, didn't I? In short after the several day high of my 1st crush post and the good reception of the whole thing by the "crush", things kind of went down hill. Yesterday i was a bit down and he said we need to talk and he said that he wanted things to be just as they were and nothing to change. Even tho that was working for me before , I got extremely upset about that and blew things out of proportions( mind you i never said anything bad to him i just had severely deteriorated communication skills[aka didn't talk much]) After we stopped talking i deleted my blog in a burst of upsetness , even tho looking from now that didn't make much sense. Same night we talked and i was going the "it's all my fault" way and it ended with him saying i must figure out myself and me going to sleep before 10pm. Today we talked again and i get the whole Freudian talk that my actions from yesterday reveal things about me (that apparently he doesn't want to have anything in common with-that's how i saw it) and that i have to suffer the consequences of my actions. I don't like that but if he feels like that and wants no contact with me , than that's what i'll do. So i deleted his MSN from my Yahoo(that could sound so pervy if in the right mindset) so i don't get tempted into bothering him.

After this little episode i'll continue my posting when i have something to say. I hope you don't think i'm crazy and see that everything was all due to normal emotions. We're all human and as i like to say "Shit happens".

On an unrelated note i changed my layout (yet again) i'd appreciate some feedback if you like it or not. *edit* hmm apparently the background doesn't appear every time, odd. It would be cool if you guys get the symbolic meaning of the space man in the new header.

Hope you're doing ok and have fun guys(and also gals if there are any reading the blog)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Almost coming out

As you might know the only people who actually know about my sexuality are you my readers. Or in other words I haven't really had any desire to tell anyone, either because i thought it was pointless or just didn't want to share this with anyone in real life.

This almost changed in the same day as the one my last post talks about. Earlier that day me and a group of friends went to the beach in a place they just opened so we decided to check it out.  After that me , two girls and 2 guys decided that we didn't feel much like going home so I said why not go to that resort. Since my car is quite nice(for someone my age) the girls said dibs to being in my car and the 2 guys went into the other guys car. So long story short 6 people went with 2 cars. One of the guys i've mentioned to the 2 girls that i have a super strong feeling that he is gay and one of the girls* said she thought the same.  * That girl is probably the only one that i could have complete faith in telling her that part of me , because i know she's that awesome and i've told her some stuff  about me no one ever knew before and she has been reliable.

So we go to the resort and we all just walk around for a few hours and i have some sneak peeks at some of the very good looking foreign guys there. I stay there thinking how awesome it could be to actually tell the above mentioned girl about how i feel and have a sort of coming out or just telling someone irl. So we get back in the city and after some time we decide to go home and i drive the 2 girls home. At the end i was left with the same girl alone in my car driving her to her place. My mind was shouting for me to just tell her and get it off my chest. On a stop light i even said "i gotta tell you something" and when she said "what?" i chickened out and made a funny comment that let my statement slip. I was also thinking how immensely awkward that convo would be so i said nothing.  Next time i get alone time with her i have no idea what could happen.

Just to add a little flair to this post i'd add this photo that screams complete awesomeness
 Click to enlarge. Source
This is it for today. Have fun and have a great day!!

Ps. I wonder how i almost came out when i was so against the idea just a month ago 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Can't get away from them ?!?!

Yesterday was a pretty rainy, thunderstormy day YAY !

The uncooperative weather didn't stop me and some friends to go to one of the major beach resorts in my country. It's close enough so we went there for a walk and to see how the tourism is this year. Apparently the people there have changed a lot and one giant chunk of the people there were.... *undramatic music*  ... you guessed it Danes. It was really fun to see so much here and for the first time to be on the other side of the language barrier. Most people there were my age and i can say that there were some very hot ones !!

The title shouldn't imply that i don't like em or anything , but that even when i'm home and way away from Denmark i cannot not hear the Danish language :P  A curious thing was that here they were way more party oriented and crazy then in their home country(well who isn't on a holiday). If i have any Danish readers i'd be very curious to know what was that dance in one restaurant where all people (all Danes) went on the tables and were dancing to a house/dance type music which from what i understood was telling the days from Sunday to friday. ( i would guess the text was saying what they should do , but my Danish is very basic so i didn't understand almost anything).

Also today i reached 2000 page views so if you want something special just say in the comments, if like always nothing pops up i'd continue with my routine, i guess. By special i mean a dedicated post to something or most of the stuff that have been done in the other blogs.

Oh no... a crush

This ain't good! As the title says i've developed a crush on someone. He's soo amazing and so smart at the same time. I think i can talk with him for hours on end for everything imaginable and i dare say we have quite a bit in common. I often find how he sees some stuff in life very refreshing and cute. If there was No such thing as time i think we could always find something interesting to chat about. BUT unfortunately i don't get to talk to him nearly as much as i could hope for and that's sad, because he often finds other stuff to do. Tho that can be a good thing, because when he comes online it always puts a smile on my face and most of the crap in life goes way back into my mind. (I know what you'd say having an online crush is pathetic, sad, stupid , pointless, bad, wrong or whatever , but my mind has been won apparently). Tho i'd probably not do anything about that because i value him as a friend and i wouldn't want to loose that! It would be bad if he sees my crush as a bad thing and not a BIG compliment to his personality and him as a person. Life is a cruel mistress :(

Have fun guys and see you next time.

Ps. Wow 2 post in less than 24 hours :O

Monday, July 12, 2010

Cool and weird dream

Last night after the really disappointing end to the World Cup i wasn't really feeling like sleeping, so i stated later then i usually do. During that time i chatted with mister Spastic Fantastic about the most random of topics which was: "how weird one should be to be a bear wrestler?". So that was fun but the more interesting followed in the dreams i had.

One dream in particular stood out from the rest and was vivid and cool enough for me to remember it very well even hours after i woke up. The dream in itself starts with me being in a small restaurant thingy , sitting in a booth and next to me sits the most amazing boy one could ever imagine ,like he came out directly from my head :P , but he was actually one i have seen around the web before. As one might realize by now we were on a date and everything was so amazingly vivid that i couldn't be more sure that we were actually there. It was so awesome to hug and go all lovey-dovey on him (there was actually no kissing or naughty touching) and it felt so refreshingly AMAZING!!! Also he had the most amazing white shirt one could ever had!!! .

Then things started to go all weird and i saw one guy from uni sitting with some Japanese guys and him looking quite worried. He was looking over his shoulder and being all nervous. I tell my date that i know him and i acknowledge the guy by saying hi from a distance. Then the guy goes somewhere and after some minutes the Japanese guys come to me (they were wearing suits and dark glasses *suspicious* ) and want to fight me because i apparently overheard something i shouldn't have. And all i was doing was cuddling into my date :P So i just stand up and say ok we fight then, and things get all slow-mo on me and i'm crazy fast like a ninja and get 2 people down and i wake up.

I so wish the lovey-dovey stuff had continued and i never woke up :(

On a totally unrelated note i'm wondering how this blog became from a daily thing to a twice a week kind of thing. I do apologize to someone who might actually miss my regular postings. I don't know why it's like that now , it's not like i'm super mega busy or anything. Oops sorry was think out loud/in writing.

As for me i'm basically driving north and south in a perimeter of 100 km for the last few days just to change the scenery. That's fun , but nothing that major really to blog about , just hanging around and keeping myself busy i guess.  At nights i'm either chatting with one of the two people i met on blogger , or i can be outside bumming around :P

That's it i hope you all have a great time.
See ya.

Friday, July 9, 2010

I need You

That was it, 2 weeks of feeling good with myself and my life. Two weeks was the time my mind was overwhelmed by the sudden change of coming back home and keeping busy with friends. Now i feel as shit and alone as before. Life seems unbearable, because there's no person that would share a hug,a walk in the park while holding hands, a person to just be with and to have a mutual love with. Why is this so hard to accomplish? I think of love as oxygen,something you need to survive, and now i'm slowly suffocating.Or in other words just barely having enough will to live thru such dreadful days like this.

Sorry for the downer post. With this i don't want pity or ways to stay positive or clichés that life will get better. I know it won't and life would never turn around and show me it's lovely side. Being alone for your whole life sounds like heaps of fun. I just need to vent i guess.

ps. I have a most probably bad feeling about something, but i would see how that works out and might mention it or make a post of it later on in the summer.  

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Less gay?

This post is a reply to Micky's comment on my last post. On that post i mentioned that recently  " i feel less gay for some reason. That's a bit strange."

First i guess i should explain one thing so things are clearer. In the header, under the name of the blog, it states that i'm Bi and i stand by that statement. One might ask why i refer to myself as gay in most posts. A big reason for this confusion is that for sometime now i'm almost exclusively attracted by guys, tho in the future i'd love to have a family and kids , so i'm keeping a mental barrier and saying i'm Bi(if that makes sense). So how would one feel less gay then? It's not like i'm starting to look after more girls, than guys it's just i don't look as much after guys.  Also maybe because i'm busier i don't think as much about how i'd like a bf(as in boyfriend not best friend) and a relationship. I'd guess i made little, to no sense , but i hope at least 1 person got what i mean. (if there is such a person please be a good sport and explain it to others in a comment :P )

On the other hand how can one look at this photo and not have a mental meltdown and a cute overload!!!

I guess with this answer i just put more confusion , rather than explaining. Meh.
For no reason i'll add this artsy video of this song i like.

Moon Theory from Miami Horror on Vimeo.

Also a big Thanks for reading my blog. A special thanks to all who comment , because your comments enrich my life with all your different perspectives and points of views.Thanks :)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Guys vs Guys

I have the good opportunity to live in 2 places during the year which are in two different parts of a continent. So this gives me the chance to see guys that are so much different and of course compare. This would be my comparison :)

The people who are following my blog for some time will know that i find Danes very hot, because they are mostly blond and i have a strong attraction to blonds. This is important because hair can be a very big turn on for me. But while most of them are blond and hot , they are also similar in a way and there is no diversity. There is the odd one that is different, but it's mostly a case of more of the same. This came to mind when i came back home again and saw the immense diversity in hair,skin,style etc etc . It could be that i'm in a place with several times more people in it but still. If you ask which is best , i'd say the one i might have :P So no real winners or losers here just an observations i wanted to share with you.


On a World Cup note, I can say that i'm so pumped that the Netherlands qualified for the semi finals. Quite pissed that Argentina lost to Germany, cuz i really liked the Argentinians play and have always had a dislike for the German football team (sorry Lunario). If Holland looses to Germany i'll throw my TV out of the window !!!
Also being where i am now is keeping me busy most of the time so that's good and quite the improvement over before. Strange tho that i feel less gay for some
reason. That's a bit strange.

Well yeah. See you all next time.

ps. I hope i don't get hate for the World Cup personal opinion about Germany

Friday, July 2, 2010

Hey there :)

Hello there blogworld :) Hope you haven't forgot about me :P

The last week or so some more interesting stuff have happened. First of all I did the almost 24 hour journey across a continent. It was quite boring and tiring, because i had to take a train,a bus and 2 planes. At least i had a laugh with one guy on the train. Ouu and yes satisfied a 2 month long craving i had for donuts.

First thing i did when i came back was to have a haircut, because I looked like Yeti on a bad hair day :P Now it's shorter :( , but definitely way better looking and dare i say even a tad cute. Tho i still have a dream to have a hair such as the one on the HOT stuff from the photo below.

Also I forgot how awesome it was to have a car for yourself and have the freedom to go wherever as long as you have money for petrol. Since the car had half a tank of petrol i have been going like crazy and had some fun aswell :) Also have been going out with friends , no major party or anything but still fun to just hang around.

Recently i heard that purple is a very stereotypical color for gays to wear. Is that true? If yes , yesterday i bought me shorts with purple and combined it with a white t-shirt with a bit of purple to match. Also bought too expensive but very awesome Nike flip flops. In other words i'm happy :)

Ok this is all for now. Hope you're all doing good. Bye!

ps I have one post that i think you'll find interesting son expect that.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Done!!! Yes! Summer vacation !!

What is this sound ? Hmmm ... I think it's freedom for the next several weeks!!!! I thought this time would never come, now all i need is the end of the weekend to come and get on the plane and fly off to a better place.

Today was probably one of the hottest and humid-est days in Denmark i have experienced by far. The thermometer on the gas station showed it was 27 Degrees , this is close to the end of the world for this part of the world. Of course in such an awesome weather i had to stay in uni and wait for the exam to come and go. For this oral exam i wanted to look swanky and had jeans and a long sleeve shirt, yeaaah i was dying on my way to uni.

Some may be interested in how the exam went. First of all the group decided to meet 2 and a half hours before the examination.Big mistake it was just plain going on our nerves when doing nothing and getting a bit stressed out. Finally exam time came , we did our presentation and then went one by one to be asked questions on the 60 page project. I was third to go in and was happy with how it went. The result, hmmm well can be seen from 2 different angles. First angle- got the highest grade of the group and this means a higher grade than the girl that was PMS-ing on me one day(if you remember that incident) and also was told that i have a good knowledge etc. Second angle- i think i deserved more and am blaming it on our group being last and the examinators being cranky. So all in all i'm happy about it.

A few days from now i'm going home then i'll really be HAPPY !!! So see ya next time i have something remotely interesting happening over here. :)

ps. I'm at 1500 page views, at 2000 or 20 followers i'm thinking of doing something more interesting, any ideas what?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sad and a change ... ouu and "fag"

Today has been one of those bipolar days i guess. First it was filled with quite the amazing relief you get after finishing your most hated exam. That for me is math and even tho i have a feeling that i won't pass , i love the idea of not worrying about that for at least a month,until results come out. I had the "almost there" smile on my face after going out of the wretched room :P . For some reason tho in mid afternoon i started feeling really sad.Why? No reason, no idea just so . Isn't that just lovely,

In other news i think i'll stop this (almost)daily blogging, because i feel like my posts are way too boring. It's likee just putting out new posts that are totally lacking in any blogging value. This means i'd probably write whenever something interesting happens, which would probably lead to a more sporadic posting. I hope that this would make for a slight improvement in the read-ability of whatever this is.

Hoping that i didn't just loose your time for absolutely nothing , i'll add this photo of the mega cute actor from "Eragon" :

and a gay themed comic:

Btw today on my exam papers i saw written "Fag" , which in Danish apparently means "Course". How random.
Ok i'll sign off here and do little cuz i'm quite tired(bad nights sleep + early exam = zZZz)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

2 down and a party

First of all i want to say hi to my newest follower Anton from Anton's Haus. He's more interesting than me so go and check his blog :)
What was yesterday hmmmm .... ? *dramatic music in the background*

Yesterday was an ok day. Woke up quite early because i had to go to my second exam. How was the exam you might ask, well it wasn't bad , but i forgot my calculator. This meant i had to do all the calculations the old fashioned way*rolls eyes* , which lead to some very approximate values at places. But overall i'm glad it's over and second one is down for the count and 2 more to go.

After that i went to the shop and was very excited that i was doing the last shopping in Denmark for the summer. I hope what i got will last me the needed week and a bit. If not i'd be pissed :P Of course as always i just had to get distracted and buy some totally unnecessary stuff. Worst of all tho was that my favorite Dutch tomatoes are no more and are replaced by smaller and less tasty Danish ones ARGG. (little rant here) Had a very hard time to steer away from the Ben and Jerry's ice creams ,but i succeeded in not buying( very good but too expensive).

After that was watching the World Cup and finally we got some more interesting games. I loved the Serbian win over Germany. I love it when underdogs win and especially in such a big tournament. During the England game when going to the kitchen one of the roommates asked if i wanted to drink with them and i said why not. So me the roommates and 2 other people (they were only at one point) were drinking and watching the game , after that more alcohol was bought( five points of pure awesomeness to whoever actually remembers from one of my facts posts which is my drink of choice). Since all winter i have drunk several times and in the last months just when in London i got quite tipsy. But overall it was quite fun to do some fun drunk activities like going in the middle of the night to the only working thing in the town-the shell gas station some way away. It was also cool cuz for the first time in quite some time all the roommates were doing something together -partying- and twas fun.

Usually in the morning i'm quite ok , but i guess i've lost my training and this morning was a hard one. Let's say i emptied the contents of my stomach twice and was dizzy for quite some time. But a shower and an amazing wank later on in the day fixed me for good :) This means i either have to stop drinking or drink more often to get back in gear :P Any suggestions which of the above ways should i go to tackle this problem. While writing this post there was one amazing rainbow.
Love the hair !!!
Ok guys these are my last two days. So see ya and have fun.

ps. If you want to ask something or would like me to write about some particular topic you can always write it in the comments

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hot Danes, Aj and death

So i give myself this small break after the Argentina-Korea game and write this post(and after study my bum off for tomorrows exam).

Since i'm going to leave Denmark soon i had to go and return the mobile Internet usb stick, which i haven't used in a few months, and that meant going to the "mall". I say mall but for me this is want a miniature scale model of a mall would look like. :P So i took the 2 minute walk to the center of town and into the mall. God damn i forgot how hot Danes actually are , like :OOOO Hottie next to a hottie , i hate them all :) Was feeling a bit too adventurous so i bumped(unintentionally *angel face*) into the bum of one ,ooops sorry was what i said but i wasn't sorry :P.

 Btw wouldn't mind having him next to me when i wake up :P

Just now i saw that one of the longest standing members of blogland and a very interesting blogger imo is saying goodbye to us. Aj's Ramblings would be missed i think by a lot of us, but i'm really glad that he found someone who he loves and who loves him , and so i wish him all the best in life.


Now the death part of the title. First of all it's not a person who is a relative,friend or whatever close to me i'm talking , it's of a material thing. Like wtf?! the laptop i'm writing on is just about 1 year old and it has a very annoying problem. Some 6 months ago the original hard drive died on me and i lost lot's of stuff and couldn't return it even after some geeky attempts at doing so. That was frustrating , because i lost stuff and also the warranty was such that i was forced to buy a new hdd myself or send the laptop back home and get it back whenever they felt it was ready (cuz the international warranty sucks ARSE). So as i needed the laptop for uni and everything else i bought a new one. Now some six months later it appears that this hard drive is showing the same symptoms as the other one before it died(even got the blue screen of death today). Here i must say that i'm super careful with my lappy and has never been dropped or mistreated in any way. But alas this things a bitch. If someone has any brilliant idea as to why this is happening please comment. If i loose my stuff again i'd be pissed. (for now i cannot bring the hdd back for warranty because i need the laptop working so i could study for exams *rolls eyes*)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

One down , more to go :(

So first exam is already over. I'm thinking that i did good enough even tho our kind of bitchy teacher(btw she's exactly what some would call MILF) basically made an exam that had little to do with what we actually do in the lectures.On each exercise i had to stay for an unreasonably long time just to see what the hell is wanted from me.But yeah i guess in a month,or so, i'd know :)

Since this is a short, boring post i'll add a pic. Isn't the one on the right just mega huggable. But i wouldn't say no to either of em :P

Ok now i'll switch to the window with Brazil and North Korea. Go Brazil :) ok see you guys.

Monday, June 14, 2010

World cup and exam

As most of you probably know the World Cup in South Africa is now well on it's way. Before it actually begun i had some serious doubts if the stability of the country as a whole could pose a problem for having a normal and safe tournament. For now it has been quite well. I've watched most of the games and could say that for now it's not THE most interesting World cups , but there is still lots of time for things to become more interesting. I could say i'm not the most avid of football fans but big tournaments like this or Champions league or Euro cup i watch. If you're curious i'm rooting for the Netherlands and Brazil. But probably as always the Netherlands would have some amazing first games and then do nothing(even tho the first game against Denmark was worse then expected). Was really disappointed by the German win over Australia tho!!!

Ou btw if you're from the US i was talking about what you call soccer. :P

Exam ! Tomorrow i have my first exam which is YAY :P I'm cautiously optimistic about this exam , tho am quite afraid about the next 2. They're going to be kind of hit or miss , i feel. Well i guess i'd know after several weeks. And lastly i have an oral exam on the project i was talking before. I'm confident there it'd be ok , because one of the things i'm really good at is remembering big chunks of information. Well to be honest i have one more exam after that but i have a ticket to go home 2 days before that and i'll just skip that one and go to reexamination in autumn.

This is it i guess. I hope you liked the vids from yesterday. I sure as hell did. But yeah see you guys!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Preguntas Hermosas

... No, it's not another question post, come onnn didn't you have enough of those already :P This is an animation which i found infinitely beautiful.

Preguntas Hermosas from Süperfad on Vimeo.

This one on the other hand is about kind of a grim topic, but shown in a very engaging and comedic way. It's called "La dama i la muerte". It was also nominated for OSCAR for a short animation.

La dama y la muerte from Derecho a Morir Dignamente on Vimeo.

I hope you enjoyed these Spanish animated vids :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Can't wait to go home !!!

As the title suggests i really can't wait to go home !!! Being away from my old life and living in Denmark for 10 months, with the exception of Christmas holidays, has had it's ups and downs. But as most people living abroad will tell you, living alone in a foreign country can become very tedious and annoying. For the last few months for me it has been  boring, uneventful and lonely. That's why i'm so hyped that there is a bit more than 2 weeks and i'll be back, for more than a month, in my old life. What awaits me there is friends, family, nightlife, beach and all in all a more exciting life(for a week now i miss quite a lot the drunk nights :P ). In other words i'll go into a "haven't seen life in a while" mode which will consist of as much out time as possible, drinking like there's no tomorrow aka fun times, CANNOT WAIT !!! Who knows something like this could happen ---------------------------->
Or why not  

One can dream *angel face*              
This i hope will in turn make for more interesting posts in the near future.  Seriously the boringness here is at an all time high. Having to read school books doesn't help much either :P So expect that :)

Weird thing happened to me last night. When i  decided to go to sleep the minute i way down i started dreaming and a few seconds later(or it felt as long) i was wide awake. This continued happening for probably 10 minutes(or more , have no idea) with very very short dream periods and waking ups. If somebody can explain that please do , i'll be grateful.

I mentioned in my last post that i was very close to 1000 views. Well i reached that and now am at 1083(i'm geeky and i like numbers). I want to thank each and every one for the input you've had, without you blogging wouldn't have been so enjoyable and fun to do. All of your comments are like freshly baked cookies for me , so enjoyable and AWESOME. And i like cookies ;) In other news i have a new blog look and i like it very much, what do you think? I was wondering if i should use this one or another one , but with the rain outside i decided this one would fit better.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

That feels SO good!

Ok seriously, this title sounds like i'm being blowed while i'm writing this :P That would be so awesome if it was actually happening. (I usually write my blog post and then write a title , but now i know what i want to talk to so yeah ! )Sorry for misleading you that something mega interesting could be happening in my part of the world.

I have mentioned before that i had a big project to do for uni. Guess what today me and my group we actually finished the damn thing and printed and handed it in. This meant that i had to wake up at 6:30 am , be at uni at 8am and finally leave at around 5pm. I can honestly say that i'm blind now, over SIX hours of proof reading the almost 60 pages and clearing all the punctuation or whatever else non native English speakers might have. Having to do on the effin monitor really made me blind and exhausted as hell. But my point was that when we printed the copies we needed we had mostly black and white but also a few color pages. When i was putting them into the project it felt SO good-total relaxation as near to nirvana that one can get(while not being in bed or in a swanky restaurant) . I know that now i'll have to endure 3 more exams and oral examination on the project but finishing that thing made all the group smile and be happy!!! (Funny fact: because of this project i was very close to have to fist fight for the first time in 10 years with someone totally unrelated to the project :P )

Another thing that i would like to write about today is that i'm getting a little frustrated. Why does every time when i put either more effort or am just more passionate about one post i write is not really appreciated. Of course tho the fact or question post always get all the attention. In other blog news by tomorrow i'll probably have a 1000 views (since i put the counter thingy) which is cool to see people interested in my boring life. I'm quite positive that in the summer i'll have WAY WAY more to report so stay tuned for that.

Just a quick thought. I love reading blogs and have some that I viist on a regular basis. Tho i've seen that when some of the bloggers get supper happy in life (and keep blogging) i get down, cuz i'm a selfish prick i guess. Like my all time favorite blogger  Daily Dan is in the perfect situation now with a BF and everything and when i read his posts i get jealous and meh. But don't get me wrong i'm very happy for him !!!

So yeah this is for today. Bye
ps. if you'd like (for some reason) to talk to me you can always ask for my msg-ers.
pps. Just had to post this D'aaaaw pic                  source here

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

WTF?! Retards

Ok seriously, when i saw this my first reaction was what the hell. Some people i guess would never get it and be close minded, hypocritical bigots!!! I don't know if this is some American church group or just a group of people connected by their hate of gays, but making this vid is just showing their stupidity.

Of course they had to put every cliché available in the book. I can only say that some people are just retards!!!


ps. If you want to do this --->

you're going to do it whatever anyone says. :P

pps. (some hours later) I'm really curious as to what you guys think about this vid.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Questions - lot's of them

1. What was the highlight of your week? - Studying + doing nothing , you tell me :)
2. Whose car were you in last? - I don't remember
3. When is the next time you will kiss someone? - Good question, anyone wants to volunteer ?
4. What color shirt are you wearing? - Black and grey
5. How long is your hair? - Very little bellow my eyebrow
6. Are you good looking?I wouldn't say so , but you never know i might be amazing :P
7. Last movie you watched? - Valhalla Rising - danish movie about vikings , very brutal beginning btw
8. Who were you with?- Myself….lonely existence.
9. Last thing you ate? - Salad
10. Last thing you drank? - Tea
11. When was the last time you had your heart broken? -This question makes it look like this happens all the time *rolls eyes*
12. Are you happy right now? - Could be better tbh
13. What color are your eyes? - Blue
14. Do you have any pets? - Would really love to have a dog -_-
15. Favorite Vacation? - Skiing
16. What do you dislike currently?  - The heat from the laptop on my stomach
17. What are you listening to? - A very awesome song
18. If you could have one thing right now what would it be? - Relationship and cuddles
19. What is your favorite scent? Rain
20. Last time you went swimming in a pool? - NFI
21. Where was the last place you bought something? - At Løvberg , had a sudden craving for something sweet
22. How do you feel about your hair right now?- It’s a mess
23. Myspace or facebook?- Facebook, but i hate both
24. How fast have you driven a car? - i don't want cops after me now , but very illegal speeds
25. Have you ever smoked? - Have taken 2 puffs(right word? ) while drunk , but am a non-smoker all the WAY !!
26. What type of boy or girl do you usually fall over? - Look at my previous posts
27. Do you have any hidden talents? - Nah
28. Dream Job? -  Something that would give me a normal living
29. Are you an only child or do you have siblings? - Have a bro
30. What was the first thing you thought when you woke up? - 7:30 arggggg
31. Do you drink? - Yes but recently have been slacking :P
32. Do you have any children? - Ohhh yes , so many that i lost count 
33. Who has the same birthday as you? - George Clooney if i'm correct
34. Ever met anyone famous before? - Steven Segal
35. Do you want to be famous one day? -  I think it's overrated
36. Ever been out of the country? - Currently am and yes
37. Could you handle being in the military? - I wouldn't want to have anything to do with them
38. Who are you thinking about right now? - One special boy that hates me :(
39. How many piercings do you have? - 15 mostly on my face, *rolls eyes* [i hope you know that i'm kidding]
40. Do you like rollercoasters? A lot!
41. Have you ever been to disneyland or world? Yep.
42. What’s the stupidest thing you ever did with your cell phone? - Well last one i broke somehow when drunk and the one before i threw at a wall
43. Do you wish you could move? - YESSS!!!!
44. What is your dream car? - Look at this post (my 3rd post :P )
45. Are you happy with your life? - Could be better

Wow originally it was 90 question , but now you get 45 :P

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Update and blah

Sorry for not posting for a few days. I could come up with the generic excuse and say that life is hectic now and that i don't have time. But i'll be a little bit more honest and would give you real reasons. For some time now i have very big mood swings, ranging from very good moods when i talk to my few new online friends to extremely bad moods in the other times. This has of course made me a bit more apathetic about my blog and about life in general. On top of that one very good online friend , that has been there for me for a long time and also in my lowest of lows, is now going to be offline for the summer and that really is big bummer. It's awful cuz he's been keeping me sane and grounded when i go low.

This is not to say that i don't like my blog and my readers. Each and every comment i get is really awesome and am really amazed at the amount of readers i get. It's all greatly appreciated. Thank you guys.

As for me i don't really have no idea what i'm doing with my life right now. I'm waiting for the exams to pass and get back home for the summer. There at least i have friends so i'm imagining it being way better than it is here.

I should finish this downer post. So expect a normal post soon.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Yay finished :) and lovely Frenchie :(

Yay after a week of working on this project i have finished my part and now i can par... hmmm wait ... have to study for the other exams :( And here i was getting excited. Especially having to study about one subject that i have no idea as to what is going on there would be even more exciting. Serves me right for paying attention and sometimes missing those lectures altogether. There's a little challenge for me i guess.

In other news since semester 1 i met with one incredibly cute French guy and all thru that semester i met him either at parties at out place or somewhere else. I had a major crush on him(and not only cuz at one party i saw his bum) , but unfortunately after i moved after 1st semester and other circumstances i haven't seen much of him. So today while staying at the canteen for lunch i like see him and we small talk for a bit and i get a crushing news. His exams are soon and after that he'll be going to France (and he was an exchange student for a year). So yeah sad ending to a great adventure(well the adventure was only in my head but yer).

This is getting ridiculous. I feel like i'm pregnant at times. I have mood slings all thru the day that range from being in a very uplifted mood to being very moody , then to apathy and then again happy and then go in a hole. Like seriously WT*?! I guess i should eat chocolate to cheat my brain into feeling awesome. Any other suggestions?

This is all for now. See ya next time.
*note to self- think of one good way to finish your blog posts and random lame ones* 

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

End of semester joys

I guess everyone who has been at school or university knows about the end of the year/semester joys. In short all the exams and big projects are put together in one amazingly excruciating month. This usually tends to be a bit of a stressful time for most people i must say. So as most students now i'm under the stress and am currently making a big a*s project with a group of 3 other people. Of course i'm not the only one that is under stress and today one of my group mates decided to go all PMS-y on me because she didn't like the phrasing of one sentence on my part of the project. I of course was the smarter one and gently explained what i meant and that she is being a bit foolish to act out over one sentence (while my brain was screaming :"Suck me you b***h"). It also made me appreciate that i like guys and not having to endure such crap in the event i have a bf.

This leads to me going to uni from 9 or 10 am and coming back at some random time and having to skip running for the day. Also today i worked on the project until 9 pm (just before i started writing this blog post[yeah i'm that commited to you guys :P ]).

I want to say how much i hate grocery shopping. It's not because of the usual reasons but because i always end up buying stuff that i really don't need. One of the things that i bought today and was totally useless was professional grade whitening tooth paste. Why the hell would i need that? Because it was discounted of course and i felt the immediate need to buy it. Damn you in store advertising/marketing. I'm always amazed at how such a simple thing can manipulate us so well.

The bad thing is that most of the times the stupid and useless thing we buy tends to be junk food. Tho thanks to my firm policy on eating healthy i don't easily fall victim to junk food manipulation.

Damn this good weather! Coming back from uni there were so many hotties in summer gear that i was hoping one would come to me and embrace me. It was so bad that while mentally falling totally inlove with one piece of heaven guy (and probably starring like an idiot) i could have been hit by a car , if it wasn't for the polite driver stopping and letting me pass.

You can stop reading here , because what follows is some geeky info. Thanks to putting a stat counter on the blog i see how many people actually stop by and watch my blog. Most visitors i have from Denmark- 29.8% , but that's more me watching my blog,comments and answering to comments. So the real leader is the United Kingdom with 20.4% of my viewership. Next in line are people coming from the USA with 15% . Funny thing about those is that it's mostly people stumbling on the blog and not returning. 3rd would be people comming from Australia with 13.4%. Then Canada with 7.8% and the interesting thing is that it's almost entirely by one person who regularly comes and visits. I'm curious as to who that is so i'd appreciate if you comment :) . Then it's Germany with 6.4% .  The most interesting views i've had are 2 views in 2 days from the US navy stationed somewhere in the Atlantic ocean near Africa.

So this is for today guys. See ya next time.
ps i know how my blog would never go mainstream(not that i'm aiming at that) , because not many people would ever go into the trouble of reading such long posts.

Monday, May 31, 2010

What keeps you here? + song

Today i was browsing around the blogosphere and was reading random post from various blogs. While reading the posts i was clicking on the plugs to other blogs and what i noticed and found interesting was that around 90% of the blogs were either deleted or long forgotten. I'm thinking if this writing online is just a phase in some people's life and it's just a way to fill some void in their life. Are a lot of the gay blogs just a place that many people express their frustration and when something good (as getting a bf) happens they no longer need to write to people they don't know. You can see it everywhere - most bloggers stop blogging after 6 months or max an year. Or maybe i should ask people who have had their blogs for a long time - What keeps you writing your life's on a regular basis for such a long time?

Yeah just a thought i had today.

In other news i want : 

I feel like :

That's all for tonight folks. See ya next time :)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Coming out

As the title says the idea of "coming out" has been a lot in my head recently. It's not really because i feel the need to do it , but because of a few other things. Tho before that i want to quote a few points from the "Coming out tips" post from this site  i found very funny. 

... 2. Never come out in a moving vehicle. ... 8. Be sober! ...

16. If your audience had that deer in the headlights look, don’t make any quick moves. 17. Breathe. (seriously)

I started thinking about this for a few reasons. First was Micky's comment on a post from a few days ago. The second thing were the videos of people's coming out stories on Youtube , posted on the same site as the quote from above. 

Most of the videos had a very positive note to them. It was how guys came out to their friends and family and how this was such a relief and everything was such so much better.  Micky's point of view(for my post) was that the coming out thing would be good just because people would not throw stupid, juvenile and infuriating gay jokes in my presence.  

I personally don't think that a few words said to your family and friends can make such a big positive change. I'm actually thinking that doing so would bring far more down sides thanks to the ignorant and rudimentary thinking of some people.  It could alienate friends and make some people be aggressive to you just because you are different. It can also be bad for my future career. I also don't like the notion of "coming out" , because i see it in a way as me coming to you and explaining myself as different from the norms that someone has set. I should be able to go hand in hand with the person i love and that shouldn't be a problem. Maybe i'm too idealistic i don't know. 

This is not to say that i think people shouldn't come out. On the opposite , gays fighting for their freedom of speech and ability to express themselves as they wish. I think this has lead to making our society a bit more accepting. 

But i guess maybe i'm scared of change or some could call me gutless , but i don't plan to go and tell everyone that i like guys. It's probably the way i am i don't know and just wouldn't see myself any happier if i did it. 

Tho if i get a boyfriend i can rethink my way of thinking. So guys i'm single :P just phone me and we can think of something :P 

Friday, May 28, 2010

Around the world trip !!

*Caution very long post

Come one, come all you're about to embark on a fictional journey around the world. Please put on your seat belts and get your survival gear because we are going to pass thru some wild places. This journey is going to start in dear old Europe and take us more than 42 000 km across the globe. We are going to visit 5 different continents and the best part of everything is this is an all expense trip , courtesy of our sponsors. (editor: we don't have any sponsors)

Our journey begins from dear old Denmark. Our first flight takes us to Copenhagen (København), we are going to stay at this destination 4 days. Why do we come here, because as you might know from a previous post of mine I really like the historical and modern ambient of this great city. So i made this selfish decision to bring you all my readers first here. Our next flight would take us to the city of Stockholm. We would stay a few days here and explore this very interesting in my opinion destination. (And here we're doing some perving on the beautiful blond hotties). Next we leave Scandinavia and fly off to Prague(Praha, Czech Republic) , because by many accounts this is one of the most beautiful old cities in Europe. We have a few sightseeing days and we fly out to Italy and do a quick tour in Rome, Milano and fly for some beach action to Sardinia.  We don't stay too long because oour next destination is the wonderfully amazing Costa del Sol in Spain.  There we stay for a week , because it's that awesome!!! After our healthy doze of tan and vitamin D we go to Barcelona and Madrid , because we are awesome like that and we need to practice our Spanish a bit more. Then we fly off to Paris , because what trip would be complete without a stay there.  Our next destination would take us to the Alps in Switzerland and eat chocolate and fondue till our arteries clog. We also ride cows or whatever people there do :P. After that we fly out to Amsterdam , not because we are pot heads or enjoy legal prostitution , but because we can enjoy just the awesomeness of the city :) . Now we'll leave continental Europe and go to London , because you guys know that i love that city. We stay there some time and we make a quick tour around Britain visiting Glasgow and Dublin in the process.

 Now it's time to leave Europe and visit the Big Apple where people are said to be rude and not seeing in what an amazing city they live in. After being dragged by our asses to leave we fly out to Miami , because we want to party and work on our tan some more. Having some great time we fly out to Montreal , because Canada is an infinitely interesting destination in my opinion. Then we fly for a quick visit to Toronto and then Vancouver. Then we fly south somewhere in the woods in Oregon and have a bit of a break in some wooden lodges.  Having rested a bit we go further down into the city of San Francisco , just cuz our sponsors pay :P . Then we fly off to the Hollywood mecca Los Angeles. We try and be a cast to a movie , because we're that special and everyone wants us in their movies. Then we fly off to one of my all time favorite places in the world - the beach of San Diego. There we stay at a beach villa and admire all the skater cuties and just sink into the atmosphere.

We are suddenly flying of to South America and directly in Brazil. We bum around the beaches in Sao Paulo. The we fly off and enjoy if we're lucky the carnival in Rio de Janeiro . The we all fly off to Buenos Aires , just because i'm curious to see what it is there and for the same reason we also go to Santiago in Chile. This post is getting way long so i'm going to go fast thru the next ones.

We fly off to New Zealand , because it looked really awesome in Lord of the Rings and then we fly to another close to my heart country Australia. There we visit Sydney and stay longer in Melbourne(sorry Perth we're going to skip you :( ) Then we fly off to Thailand and again not because of the prostitution (thai massages) , but because it's super interesting country. Then we fly to Japan because it's so much different from anything else. Then we go to my TOP destination i want to go on holiday Mauritius!!! There we stay quite long and after that you readers of my fictional journey go home. 

I hope you liked my journey and hope you also lived thru my little fantasy. Thanks for reading. 

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Facts Facts Facts

So i see a trend here. My most commented, most requested and second most viewed post (for the previous facts post ) are my random facts posts. After such overwhelming pressure i'm going to write another one to please my readers. * I want to write a more serious post , but i don't know what to be for... tried writing a one for my family and past , but it was kind of long and i didn't know if it'd be even read(any ideas)*

Thanks to Micky i have a few questions. 

-What do you usually wear - like I mean clothes?

I wonder what else you could have meant by that , that you had to explain :P . So lets start from the bottoms up. I wear sneakers, which are semi sporty , semi official. I have a pair of running Adidas , a pair of leather Nike's and the newest ones are Porsche Design Adidas sneakers. The latter look very awesome but are probably the least comfy of the bunch. Going up now. When it's the season i wear tight jeans - not skinny tho . I like my bum in tight jeans. T-shirts and hoodies are dominated by a surfer theme. I love surfer fashion. Love Rip Curl, O'neil, Billabong and you get the point. I have a few shirts and an official coat if the need has it.Btw also loves Abercrombie and Fitch , but i've only had 2 things from em , back from when i was in the US. :( 

- And what would you wear if you could?

I really like skinny jeans, but i don't think i'll ever buy ones because i don't think i'd look good in such. I'd like to wear either beanies or the summer surfer hats. One of either i should get cuz my hair is going longer then ever (which is not that long) and i need something cool to keep it in place. Also i like the wide surfer sneakers , but i dunno how they were called. I like some of the bright t-shirts of the so called emos.

-And what do you wear in bed?

Boxers and a t-shirt.

Now for some facts.

  • I'd love to travel and i have already decided which countries i'd visit if I could do a tour around the world
  • I have trained tennis for 7 years. Love the sport!
  • If i could have one thing right here and now i'd choose having someone to love and cuddle 
  • When i was little i really liked to play with fire and still do to some extent.
  • I have a bigger brother
  • I love playing video games and i used to play a lot. Now i still love games but i have no motivation to play.
  • I love skinny guys or slightly muscled
  • Good hair is a big turn on for me. 
  • I prefer fruity cakes to chocolate ones
  • I'm not the biggest fan of heights, other fears i have are from snakes and spiders.
  • I don't have a high self-esteem
  • Sometimes i talk to myself.
  • I wish i could turn back time and change a bunch of stuff in my past
  • I have 227 songs on my phone.
  • When i was young i really wanted to do pottery, later on i wanted to do wooden figures
  • I used to draw decently good , but haven't tried in ages.
  • I don't like the question - What music do you like
  • In first grade all the girls in my class liked me. 

Now for a few pervy ones.

  • I trim my naughty parts and would expect when i'm with someone to do too
  • I have no idea if i'd be a top or bottom.
  • Most days i wank at least once , but once or twice a month i go crazy horny and that number goes way up

Last 5 facts.

  • I consider myself an extroverted introvert ... in other words i appear very open but i'm very closed(tho in Denmark i think i've gone to just an introvert).
  • When i open naughty sites i always use private mode on my browser
  • You probably didn't see that there is a full stop on every 2nd fact. 
  • I hate people using my computers
  • My parents live together but they haven't talk to each other in 10 years.

26 facts for your reading pleasure. Until next time :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


This is going to be a quickie post just to share one pet peeves i have.

So today was quite the tiring day. I had to wake up way earlier than what i'm used to these few weeks. This was because i had to do work for the final project we have with my group mates. This meant staying at uni from 10 till half past 4. YAY 

So now we go to the pet peeves part. During one of the breaks we made we were talking about one guy from another class. He's very awful and we were like saying how awful he is and one of the girls said :" ... and i really think he's gay. " Of course i let it slide and there were some gay jokes. What really annoys me is how being gay was showed as being something negative. I really hate these gay jokes and can someone explain to me why being gay is ridiculed or something bad ?? 

Till next time :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A day in my life

Hello Blogworld !!

Compared to yesterdays gloomy mood today i'm quite better. It's not like something amazing or different happened , but i guess i just woke up on the right side of my bed this time. So today i went out running (as most days for the last almost 2 months). It was quite windy , but all in all it was good. Tho i think in the near future i'd have to invest into new headphones cuz mine are getting quite awful ( a metallic mesh rubbing against your ear for 40 minutes is not what i call good experience). It would be so amazingly better if i had some cute skinny guy keeping me company *falls into amazing daydreams*. Ahhhh well. 

Also i'm quite excited , because one of the two books i ordered on Amazon decided to arrive. I'm excited cuz after watching "A christmas carol" got a big desire to get something from Dickens. I really liked the movie (animation ftw :P ) so now i own "David Copperfield" i hope i like it :) Also if you are vaguely interested , the other book is "Brave new world" by Aldous Huxley , which was highly recommended to me by Lunario. 

After these two unexciting things i made lunch. Until now nothing really remotely blog worthy happened, just bumming around. 

Today i had a milestone for the blog. 10 followers !!! That's exciting :) It's not like i want to make a mega blog empire with millions of followers , but it's still nice to see that are interested enough to follow and spend a few minutes of their day to read about my monotonous and boring life. Also i've said it before (tho nobody took the challenge) and i'll say it again if you have some questions that you want an answer to , you can post them in a comment. Also idea about posts are welcome. 

This is all from me today. See you next time. 

Monday, May 24, 2010

Happiness is just a dream :(

I know this is a place where i should write about  my life but until now (with exception of one post) it just didn't feel quite right to write about the bad times in my life when i feel down, depressed or just totally alone. This is just me i guess- never really talking or sharing my problems with people and just pretend i'm happy and OK. That is i guess the reason for my more seldom posts here cuz i don't feel comfortable troubling you with my whining. But yeah i will in very short vent out my feelings.  I really feel like in in a very big hole with  no real chance of something good ever happening to me. Sometimes it really feels like something has conspired against me to make me miserable. God i feel alone and maaan i hate being like that. I guess i should stop my whining . Baah i really hate life at times.

ps. I put one of those counter thingies and it turns out that either more people than i thought are reading the blog or someone is watching it lots of times (staaaalkers :P )

But yeah , bye  

Friday, May 21, 2010

Random Facts part 3

As i said in my previous post this would be a facts post since nothing that much of interest is happening here. 18 facts for your reading pleasure. 

  • First blog I found and started reading,as is the case with a lot of people, was mirrorboy's blog. After a few weeks of following i started from post 1 and have read all entries.
  • I shave around once a week- not cuz i'm lazy but because that's all i need
  • I didn't use to read books much , but now it's a totally different story
  • I prefer cold weather more than hot weather ,even tho not many things can beat a sunny day
  • I love dogs - would love to have a golden retriever 
  • For a guy student i can cook quite well
  • For the last 2 months i've become a bit of a running enthusiast 
  • I tend to keep small,sometime meaningless things as memories ( movie ticket,legoland and disneyland tickets from the US and lots and lots of other stuff from wherever and whenever)
  • My desk and my room at that matter are a mess
  • I love snow 
  • I had a pretty good childhood
  • Really want a new chair for staying in front of the laptop on the desk and also at least a 20'' monitor.
  • I have a trouble falling asleep at night. Could stay in bed for hours not being able to sleep.
  • Used to have very blond hair as a child , but not anymore.
  • Love traveling , but hate staying and waiting at airports 
  • By last measurements i weigh 71kg 
  • Love Ben & Jerry's ice-cream
  • All thru writing this post i was listening to Enigma ft Enya - Age Of Loneliness on Youtube 

This is all for this post. Have a nice weekend. :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Orgasmic ...

First i would like to say sorry for the lack of updates for the last days. It has just been a very uneventful and quite the downer time for me so i decided not to document that on this here blog. All has to be about the beauty of life and a happy written form of ones life. Erm not exactly , but it would damn well be nice if my life was so awesome that i'd have only amazing stuff to post about.

So today the weather here was truly orgasmic!!! 22 degrees all the sun one might want (excluding the 20 minute torrential rain during the afternoon). This really works wonders on a persons mood and attitude towards life.Also got to wear my favorite A&F shorts which was awesome. 

Today was my last day at uni , lecture wise, and i have a bit less than a month until my first exam. YAAAY ... Damn i'd have to find something to do , a trip to somewhere anyone , ANYONE ... Would be cool to just go somewhere even if it's for just a day. Diversity would serve me well. Someone might say :" Use that time for studying!" and i'll reply that i'd leave that for June. Let future me worry about that crap. 

One interesting thing kinda happened to me a few days ago. If you've read my previous posts you'd know that i consider Danes as quite the cold people. So ,with that knowledge, I was walking a few days ago in the center of town(or as i call it The village) and  there are 2 girls one of which shout out to me:"Hey do you speak English?" and i say yes and one of the danish girls asks me for my facebook and i think what the heck and after some small talk i wrote it on one of the girls phones. So that was a bit of a weird moment and also a self-esteem boost. Unfortunately of all the things i could do i think i wrote my name wrong , yeah you'd think for 20 years i can spell my name in more than one language, but apparently i can't :P .  

This is for now. Next post might be again mainly pointless facts. Or just maybe something ground breaking happens and i have something really awesome to post about. Until next time. 

ps I never know how to end these posts. I always write something different that turns out to be awkward :( 

pps i just thought how in new blogs people say that they haven't posted in awhile and that's like a few days. In more established blogs when bloggers don't post and apologize for that it's usually for missing 2 weeks, 1 month or more. 

Saturday, May 15, 2010


*While writing this , the post turned into quite the silly thing :P

It has probably been said a million times , but i'll say it again - Dreams are weird !!

I'm the type of person who dreams all the time and I have the distinct pleasure to remember a lot of them. This can be quite nice, because it's quite awesome to see what your brain can invent, but also at times can make me think - Am I such a twisted/weird/lonely/sad/crazy (not all at ones :P ) person that i can come up with some of the stuff in my dreams.  Also at some rare occasions i realize that i am dreaming and can manipulate my dreams, which is enormously satisfying and cool. 

I'd like to share some of the more notable dreams i can remember just for the fun of it with you my dear readers. * Just a little explanation- since my so called love life has never been that successful ,my dreams are mostly around the hope of something good happening(which is actually how i manage to live thru the hard days. Tho the dreams that are to follow are just plain weird or crazy or just epic. If someone reading this has an idea what is wrong with me just from my dreams that are to follow please write a comment. :P

So one dream i remember is quite epic - it begins with me being a general of somekind and having an epic sword battle in one enormous tower. After some battling my armies win and i tell my people to make the tower even bigger and right then i'm i guess transported into a spaceship. In that spaceship there are like tunnels filled with lava looking thing , but then some baby blue matter starts to fight the lava and deep in my mind i know that if the blue thingy wins things are going to get horribly wrong. So of course the blue matter takes over and right there i travel exactly 2 years and 11 days into the future. After i do that everything is in black and white and i'm in a post apocalyptic version of my home city. There i'm also like quite ripped and i think to myself : "Damn this fighting has really made me look awesome". So i'm at one place where i used to go to the gym some 2 years ago(in real life) and i begin walking to my home. There i meet one friend and he gives me a ride for like one bus stop and there are like 2 gigantic sprockets and they are the only things in color - bright red. Then i hear a formula 1 commentary saying that if the sprockets connect Luis Hamilton would win . Here dream ends . Weird eh?

Another dream i had recently was from that hope kind i mentioned above. So again it was black and white for some reason. So it starts with me in the town i'm now and i decide to take the train and go to Germany because i HAVE to meet someone. Then i think damn the volcano ash i cannot use the trains so i'd have to steal a bike and meet the person i have to meet.  I start pedaling and after some time i meet Sandra Bullock who tells me that it's all a lie and the person i have to meet does not exist and i should just drop it. I say No no no i'll go to Switzerland then there i'll meet him. Then like on the border with Germany i meet Rowan Atkinson (aka Mister Bean) and he says Go dude , but you have to go to Italy. There i grab a ride and I think how awesome my life would be with this person i have to meet (and i have no idea who it is) and like midway on my trip i woke up. Props for me for going on :P

So yeah ... this is more different than my previous posts and is kind of silly actually. I really hope that you like this post and that i put a smile on your face while reading my silliness .

So until next time. Bye.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Template

I decided to change the black on black on black template, because it was way too depressing looking. This new one has a more fresh and maritime look. I really haven't seen lots of people using it so my blog might stand out from the others in someway. Also these colors are more in tune with the upcoming summer. 

Also i'd like to get some feedback from the people reading this. I tend to write my posts either long or medium long. So i want to know if you, my readers, like it or would like something shorterPS. Or maybe you want something else, some questions you want answered, or some topics in particular to talk about.  This would be helpful also because my life ain't exactly all that super interesting so i'd have something to write about.

Ps If you think my blog is boring why are you even reading?? :P

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thoughts on Denmark

Now is the time!!! I had an overwhelmingly high demand for this post to appear here., over one person wanted me to write about this topic. Today i'll share my thoughts on Denmark - the good, the bad and whatever is on my mind. 

The holiday spirit is still here with me even tho i'm back to my mundane living in chilly Denmark and again having to do work for uni. So where do i start from .... First of all i should mention that i come from a more warm blooded country , so the first and most evident gripe i have about this country is it's weather. For mid-May having the temperature stay at 10-15 degrees for me is way out of the ordinary. This is something you get used to , but you don't get used to all the rain. Rain, rain , rain and then some. It was especially bad during the autumn where it was raining all day. If i remember correctly we had a sunny day once or twice for all of November. 

Another thing i don't like is the people here. I don't know if it's the culture, the way of thinking , but Danes are very, very cold people. Don't get me wrong here, if you ask them something or need something they'll most probably go out of their way to help you. So they are polite , but even when you have to work with them they keep to themselves, stay in their own danish groups and are generally not very communicative. In shops you'll see the cashiers smiling and on the street if you meet somebodies glance they could smile at you. Tho they are almost scared of foreigners, they don't like us and it shows. Also after 8 pm especially on a work day you cannot see almost anyone on the streets, it's deserted. I have been told tho that this is more like a central, northern European thing and not exclusive to Denmark. If they're not students they also rarely go out on weekend nights. Biggest problem i have tho is that it's extremely expensive. It's probably 2 times, or more, more expensive then from my country. It's ridiculous, in the UK it was cheaper for me if i should make a comparison.Also a person from Germany who came here also confirmed it's way more expensive. 

On the other side of things is that in Denmark people pay very high taxes which go to good use. Like my university is free for me as an EU resident. Also very good thing is that they have free medical care and everything seems to be quite clean and organized. Another thing i enjoy, most of the times, is the very relaxed way of living. People here are never in a hurry and this makes for an almost sleepy environment. A big thumbs up also from me is that Denmark is one of the most accepting countries in the world for gay rights. Here you can legally have a same sec marriage, if you want to adopt you have the same rights as a straight couple. Also there are lots and lots of beautiful blond people here, tho it's sad they are very nationalistic and from what i've heard they seldom date people from other countries. Also i like the fashion of saggers here and how they sag low :P .I give them high praise also for their dedication to a green future. I also like that most people speak English and a lot of them have a good level of it. 

I find weird their closed off market. No i don't say there is anything bad in selling danish goods for cheaper than the comparable foreign goods- they boost their own economy. What strikes me weird is that many brands that i was accustomed to see are missing from the danish supermarket. For example you cannot find Becks (beer), or Milka (chocolate), or Head & Shoulders (shampoo) , or Blend-a-med (toothpaste) and many more little examples like this.  It's also funny how they can easily pay for overpriced goods , but if they bring the price of coffee at uni by 1 or 2 krone you'll be hearing about it a lot :P.

Ok this is all i can think of now cuz this post took me around an hour and a half and i don't want to think any longer. I'd love to hear your input. Would be really interesting to hear from Daniel , as a fellow also living in Scandinavia, and Lunario, to see if there are that big differences in culture between 2 neighboring countries. Everyone else's point of view would also be really interesting for me aswell. 

See ya. Until we meet again. :)