Saturday, August 21, 2010

First day of work

Just a quick update here cuz i cannot think of a proper length post.

I should feel lucky enough that my first working day of my life has been put of until when i'm 20 years old. I wouldn't say that it is because i'm lazy, which i am, but the income i've got from my father if not enough it has been sufficient for an acceptably livable life.

My first day of work was basically what i expected + a lot more rain. My workplace was "cleaning after" a major concert of a world famous band. This involved lots of heavy lifting (and muscle fatigue for 2 days), then some more lifting to help a forklift to get out of one stupid situation it got itself into , then lots and lots of cleaning after the inconsiderate and littering Danes from the night before. This was all performed under very heavy rain and resulted in my feet swimming in water. Was worth it tho , for little more than 15 euros/hour. Go very high standards in Denmark!!  Tho there was only work for 4 hours :(

This is all for today. Have fun and be happy :)


  1. Haha my first job ever was a cleaner at the big sports stadium in my town. It rained, I was constantly abused for not working hard enough and my body ached for days. I never went back.

  2. My first ever job was in the basement of a book store, sorting all incoming deliveries. After that summer I had a totally different view on arranging boxes rationally... and aching arms!

    Have fun :)


  3. Nice to have you back Daniel - a little bit more wealthy and more experienced.
    My first paid work was carting hay - got enough money to buy the first 3 beatle albums and 2 45's. My old man flipped when he found out what I did with the money.
    Regards Stef

  4. @ Billy - I guess some things just don't change all that much over time. Only thing was that I wasn't abused for slacking, I was doing everything no questions asked :P

    @ Daniel - At least you got some long term knowledge from that work :P . If you need to move houses you'd be like a ninja with the boxes :D

    @ southern - I have always been experienced(said the cocky twat) :P You found a good way to spend your earnings eh. What's a 45 btw? I will use the money for something more rational like surviving :P