Thursday, June 24, 2010

Done!!! Yes! Summer vacation !!

What is this sound ? Hmmm ... I think it's freedom for the next several weeks!!!! I thought this time would never come, now all i need is the end of the weekend to come and get on the plane and fly off to a better place.

Today was probably one of the hottest and humid-est days in Denmark i have experienced by far. The thermometer on the gas station showed it was 27 Degrees , this is close to the end of the world for this part of the world. Of course in such an awesome weather i had to stay in uni and wait for the exam to come and go. For this oral exam i wanted to look swanky and had jeans and a long sleeve shirt, yeaaah i was dying on my way to uni.

Some may be interested in how the exam went. First of all the group decided to meet 2 and a half hours before the examination.Big mistake it was just plain going on our nerves when doing nothing and getting a bit stressed out. Finally exam time came , we did our presentation and then went one by one to be asked questions on the 60 page project. I was third to go in and was happy with how it went. The result, hmmm well can be seen from 2 different angles. First angle- got the highest grade of the group and this means a higher grade than the girl that was PMS-ing on me one day(if you remember that incident) and also was told that i have a good knowledge etc. Second angle- i think i deserved more and am blaming it on our group being last and the examinators being cranky. So all in all i'm happy about it.

A few days from now i'm going home then i'll really be HAPPY !!! So see ya next time i have something remotely interesting happening over here. :)

ps. I'm at 1500 page views, at 2000 or 20 followers i'm thinking of doing something more interesting, any ideas what?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sad and a change ... ouu and "fag"

Today has been one of those bipolar days i guess. First it was filled with quite the amazing relief you get after finishing your most hated exam. That for me is math and even tho i have a feeling that i won't pass , i love the idea of not worrying about that for at least a month,until results come out. I had the "almost there" smile on my face after going out of the wretched room :P . For some reason tho in mid afternoon i started feeling really sad.Why? No reason, no idea just so . Isn't that just lovely,

In other news i think i'll stop this (almost)daily blogging, because i feel like my posts are way too boring. It's likee just putting out new posts that are totally lacking in any blogging value. This means i'd probably write whenever something interesting happens, which would probably lead to a more sporadic posting. I hope that this would make for a slight improvement in the read-ability of whatever this is.

Hoping that i didn't just loose your time for absolutely nothing , i'll add this photo of the mega cute actor from "Eragon" :

and a gay themed comic:

Btw today on my exam papers i saw written "Fag" , which in Danish apparently means "Course". How random.
Ok i'll sign off here and do little cuz i'm quite tired(bad nights sleep + early exam = zZZz)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

2 down and a party

First of all i want to say hi to my newest follower Anton from Anton's Haus. He's more interesting than me so go and check his blog :)
What was yesterday hmmmm .... ? *dramatic music in the background*

Yesterday was an ok day. Woke up quite early because i had to go to my second exam. How was the exam you might ask, well it wasn't bad , but i forgot my calculator. This meant i had to do all the calculations the old fashioned way*rolls eyes* , which lead to some very approximate values at places. But overall i'm glad it's over and second one is down for the count and 2 more to go.

After that i went to the shop and was very excited that i was doing the last shopping in Denmark for the summer. I hope what i got will last me the needed week and a bit. If not i'd be pissed :P Of course as always i just had to get distracted and buy some totally unnecessary stuff. Worst of all tho was that my favorite Dutch tomatoes are no more and are replaced by smaller and less tasty Danish ones ARGG. (little rant here) Had a very hard time to steer away from the Ben and Jerry's ice creams ,but i succeeded in not buying( very good but too expensive).

After that was watching the World Cup and finally we got some more interesting games. I loved the Serbian win over Germany. I love it when underdogs win and especially in such a big tournament. During the England game when going to the kitchen one of the roommates asked if i wanted to drink with them and i said why not. So me the roommates and 2 other people (they were only at one point) were drinking and watching the game , after that more alcohol was bought( five points of pure awesomeness to whoever actually remembers from one of my facts posts which is my drink of choice). Since all winter i have drunk several times and in the last months just when in London i got quite tipsy. But overall it was quite fun to do some fun drunk activities like going in the middle of the night to the only working thing in the town-the shell gas station some way away. It was also cool cuz for the first time in quite some time all the roommates were doing something together -partying- and twas fun.

Usually in the morning i'm quite ok , but i guess i've lost my training and this morning was a hard one. Let's say i emptied the contents of my stomach twice and was dizzy for quite some time. But a shower and an amazing wank later on in the day fixed me for good :) This means i either have to stop drinking or drink more often to get back in gear :P Any suggestions which of the above ways should i go to tackle this problem. While writing this post there was one amazing rainbow.
Love the hair !!!
Ok guys these are my last two days. So see ya and have fun.

ps. If you want to ask something or would like me to write about some particular topic you can always write it in the comments

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hot Danes, Aj and death

So i give myself this small break after the Argentina-Korea game and write this post(and after study my bum off for tomorrows exam).

Since i'm going to leave Denmark soon i had to go and return the mobile Internet usb stick, which i haven't used in a few months, and that meant going to the "mall". I say mall but for me this is want a miniature scale model of a mall would look like. :P So i took the 2 minute walk to the center of town and into the mall. God damn i forgot how hot Danes actually are , like :OOOO Hottie next to a hottie , i hate them all :) Was feeling a bit too adventurous so i bumped(unintentionally *angel face*) into the bum of one ,ooops sorry was what i said but i wasn't sorry :P.

 Btw wouldn't mind having him next to me when i wake up :P

Just now i saw that one of the longest standing members of blogland and a very interesting blogger imo is saying goodbye to us. Aj's Ramblings would be missed i think by a lot of us, but i'm really glad that he found someone who he loves and who loves him , and so i wish him all the best in life.


Now the death part of the title. First of all it's not a person who is a relative,friend or whatever close to me i'm talking , it's of a material thing. Like wtf?! the laptop i'm writing on is just about 1 year old and it has a very annoying problem. Some 6 months ago the original hard drive died on me and i lost lot's of stuff and couldn't return it even after some geeky attempts at doing so. That was frustrating , because i lost stuff and also the warranty was such that i was forced to buy a new hdd myself or send the laptop back home and get it back whenever they felt it was ready (cuz the international warranty sucks ARSE). So as i needed the laptop for uni and everything else i bought a new one. Now some six months later it appears that this hard drive is showing the same symptoms as the other one before it died(even got the blue screen of death today). Here i must say that i'm super careful with my lappy and has never been dropped or mistreated in any way. But alas this things a bitch. If someone has any brilliant idea as to why this is happening please comment. If i loose my stuff again i'd be pissed. (for now i cannot bring the hdd back for warranty because i need the laptop working so i could study for exams *rolls eyes*)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

One down , more to go :(

So first exam is already over. I'm thinking that i did good enough even tho our kind of bitchy teacher(btw she's exactly what some would call MILF) basically made an exam that had little to do with what we actually do in the lectures.On each exercise i had to stay for an unreasonably long time just to see what the hell is wanted from me.But yeah i guess in a month,or so, i'd know :)

Since this is a short, boring post i'll add a pic. Isn't the one on the right just mega huggable. But i wouldn't say no to either of em :P

Ok now i'll switch to the window with Brazil and North Korea. Go Brazil :) ok see you guys.

Monday, June 14, 2010

World cup and exam

As most of you probably know the World Cup in South Africa is now well on it's way. Before it actually begun i had some serious doubts if the stability of the country as a whole could pose a problem for having a normal and safe tournament. For now it has been quite well. I've watched most of the games and could say that for now it's not THE most interesting World cups , but there is still lots of time for things to become more interesting. I could say i'm not the most avid of football fans but big tournaments like this or Champions league or Euro cup i watch. If you're curious i'm rooting for the Netherlands and Brazil. But probably as always the Netherlands would have some amazing first games and then do nothing(even tho the first game against Denmark was worse then expected). Was really disappointed by the German win over Australia tho!!!

Ou btw if you're from the US i was talking about what you call soccer. :P

Exam ! Tomorrow i have my first exam which is YAY :P I'm cautiously optimistic about this exam , tho am quite afraid about the next 2. They're going to be kind of hit or miss , i feel. Well i guess i'd know after several weeks. And lastly i have an oral exam on the project i was talking before. I'm confident there it'd be ok , because one of the things i'm really good at is remembering big chunks of information. Well to be honest i have one more exam after that but i have a ticket to go home 2 days before that and i'll just skip that one and go to reexamination in autumn.

This is it i guess. I hope you liked the vids from yesterday. I sure as hell did. But yeah see you guys!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Preguntas Hermosas

... No, it's not another question post, come onnn didn't you have enough of those already :P This is an animation which i found infinitely beautiful.

Preguntas Hermosas from Süperfad on Vimeo.

This one on the other hand is about kind of a grim topic, but shown in a very engaging and comedic way. It's called "La dama i la muerte". It was also nominated for OSCAR for a short animation.

La dama y la muerte from Derecho a Morir Dignamente on Vimeo.

I hope you enjoyed these Spanish animated vids :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Can't wait to go home !!!

As the title suggests i really can't wait to go home !!! Being away from my old life and living in Denmark for 10 months, with the exception of Christmas holidays, has had it's ups and downs. But as most people living abroad will tell you, living alone in a foreign country can become very tedious and annoying. For the last few months for me it has been  boring, uneventful and lonely. That's why i'm so hyped that there is a bit more than 2 weeks and i'll be back, for more than a month, in my old life. What awaits me there is friends, family, nightlife, beach and all in all a more exciting life(for a week now i miss quite a lot the drunk nights :P ). In other words i'll go into a "haven't seen life in a while" mode which will consist of as much out time as possible, drinking like there's no tomorrow aka fun times, CANNOT WAIT !!! Who knows something like this could happen ---------------------------->
Or why not  

One can dream *angel face*              
This i hope will in turn make for more interesting posts in the near future.  Seriously the boringness here is at an all time high. Having to read school books doesn't help much either :P So expect that :)

Weird thing happened to me last night. When i  decided to go to sleep the minute i way down i started dreaming and a few seconds later(or it felt as long) i was wide awake. This continued happening for probably 10 minutes(or more , have no idea) with very very short dream periods and waking ups. If somebody can explain that please do , i'll be grateful.

I mentioned in my last post that i was very close to 1000 views. Well i reached that and now am at 1083(i'm geeky and i like numbers). I want to thank each and every one for the input you've had, without you blogging wouldn't have been so enjoyable and fun to do. All of your comments are like freshly baked cookies for me , so enjoyable and AWESOME. And i like cookies ;) In other news i have a new blog look and i like it very much, what do you think? I was wondering if i should use this one or another one , but with the rain outside i decided this one would fit better.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

That feels SO good!

Ok seriously, this title sounds like i'm being blowed while i'm writing this :P That would be so awesome if it was actually happening. (I usually write my blog post and then write a title , but now i know what i want to talk to so yeah ! )Sorry for misleading you that something mega interesting could be happening in my part of the world.

I have mentioned before that i had a big project to do for uni. Guess what today me and my group we actually finished the damn thing and printed and handed it in. This meant that i had to wake up at 6:30 am , be at uni at 8am and finally leave at around 5pm. I can honestly say that i'm blind now, over SIX hours of proof reading the almost 60 pages and clearing all the punctuation or whatever else non native English speakers might have. Having to do on the effin monitor really made me blind and exhausted as hell. But my point was that when we printed the copies we needed we had mostly black and white but also a few color pages. When i was putting them into the project it felt SO good-total relaxation as near to nirvana that one can get(while not being in bed or in a swanky restaurant) . I know that now i'll have to endure 3 more exams and oral examination on the project but finishing that thing made all the group smile and be happy!!! (Funny fact: because of this project i was very close to have to fist fight for the first time in 10 years with someone totally unrelated to the project :P )

Another thing that i would like to write about today is that i'm getting a little frustrated. Why does every time when i put either more effort or am just more passionate about one post i write is not really appreciated. Of course tho the fact or question post always get all the attention. In other blog news by tomorrow i'll probably have a 1000 views (since i put the counter thingy) which is cool to see people interested in my boring life. I'm quite positive that in the summer i'll have WAY WAY more to report so stay tuned for that.

Just a quick thought. I love reading blogs and have some that I viist on a regular basis. Tho i've seen that when some of the bloggers get supper happy in life (and keep blogging) i get down, cuz i'm a selfish prick i guess. Like my all time favorite blogger  Daily Dan is in the perfect situation now with a BF and everything and when i read his posts i get jealous and meh. But don't get me wrong i'm very happy for him !!!

So yeah this is for today. Bye
ps. if you'd like (for some reason) to talk to me you can always ask for my msg-ers.
pps. Just had to post this D'aaaaw pic                  source here

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

WTF?! Retards

Ok seriously, when i saw this my first reaction was what the hell. Some people i guess would never get it and be close minded, hypocritical bigots!!! I don't know if this is some American church group or just a group of people connected by their hate of gays, but making this vid is just showing their stupidity.

Of course they had to put every cliché available in the book. I can only say that some people are just retards!!!


ps. If you want to do this --->

you're going to do it whatever anyone says. :P

pps. (some hours later) I'm really curious as to what you guys think about this vid.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Questions - lot's of them

1. What was the highlight of your week? - Studying + doing nothing , you tell me :)
2. Whose car were you in last? - I don't remember
3. When is the next time you will kiss someone? - Good question, anyone wants to volunteer ?
4. What color shirt are you wearing? - Black and grey
5. How long is your hair? - Very little bellow my eyebrow
6. Are you good looking?I wouldn't say so , but you never know i might be amazing :P
7. Last movie you watched? - Valhalla Rising - danish movie about vikings , very brutal beginning btw
8. Who were you with?- Myself….lonely existence.
9. Last thing you ate? - Salad
10. Last thing you drank? - Tea
11. When was the last time you had your heart broken? -This question makes it look like this happens all the time *rolls eyes*
12. Are you happy right now? - Could be better tbh
13. What color are your eyes? - Blue
14. Do you have any pets? - Would really love to have a dog -_-
15. Favorite Vacation? - Skiing
16. What do you dislike currently?  - The heat from the laptop on my stomach
17. What are you listening to? - A very awesome song
18. If you could have one thing right now what would it be? - Relationship and cuddles
19. What is your favorite scent? Rain
20. Last time you went swimming in a pool? - NFI
21. Where was the last place you bought something? - At Løvberg , had a sudden craving for something sweet
22. How do you feel about your hair right now?- It’s a mess
23. Myspace or facebook?- Facebook, but i hate both
24. How fast have you driven a car? - i don't want cops after me now , but very illegal speeds
25. Have you ever smoked? - Have taken 2 puffs(right word? ) while drunk , but am a non-smoker all the WAY !!
26. What type of boy or girl do you usually fall over? - Look at my previous posts
27. Do you have any hidden talents? - Nah
28. Dream Job? -  Something that would give me a normal living
29. Are you an only child or do you have siblings? - Have a bro
30. What was the first thing you thought when you woke up? - 7:30 arggggg
31. Do you drink? - Yes but recently have been slacking :P
32. Do you have any children? - Ohhh yes , so many that i lost count 
33. Who has the same birthday as you? - George Clooney if i'm correct
34. Ever met anyone famous before? - Steven Segal
35. Do you want to be famous one day? -  I think it's overrated
36. Ever been out of the country? - Currently am and yes
37. Could you handle being in the military? - I wouldn't want to have anything to do with them
38. Who are you thinking about right now? - One special boy that hates me :(
39. How many piercings do you have? - 15 mostly on my face, *rolls eyes* [i hope you know that i'm kidding]
40. Do you like rollercoasters? A lot!
41. Have you ever been to disneyland or world? Yep.
42. What’s the stupidest thing you ever did with your cell phone? - Well last one i broke somehow when drunk and the one before i threw at a wall
43. Do you wish you could move? - YESSS!!!!
44. What is your dream car? - Look at this post (my 3rd post :P )
45. Are you happy with your life? - Could be better

Wow originally it was 90 question , but now you get 45 :P

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Update and blah

Sorry for not posting for a few days. I could come up with the generic excuse and say that life is hectic now and that i don't have time. But i'll be a little bit more honest and would give you real reasons. For some time now i have very big mood swings, ranging from very good moods when i talk to my few new online friends to extremely bad moods in the other times. This has of course made me a bit more apathetic about my blog and about life in general. On top of that one very good online friend , that has been there for me for a long time and also in my lowest of lows, is now going to be offline for the summer and that really is big bummer. It's awful cuz he's been keeping me sane and grounded when i go low.

This is not to say that i don't like my blog and my readers. Each and every comment i get is really awesome and am really amazed at the amount of readers i get. It's all greatly appreciated. Thank you guys.

As for me i don't really have no idea what i'm doing with my life right now. I'm waiting for the exams to pass and get back home for the summer. There at least i have friends so i'm imagining it being way better than it is here.

I should finish this downer post. So expect a normal post soon.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Yay finished :) and lovely Frenchie :(

Yay after a week of working on this project i have finished my part and now i can par... hmmm wait ... have to study for the other exams :( And here i was getting excited. Especially having to study about one subject that i have no idea as to what is going on there would be even more exciting. Serves me right for paying attention and sometimes missing those lectures altogether. There's a little challenge for me i guess.

In other news since semester 1 i met with one incredibly cute French guy and all thru that semester i met him either at parties at out place or somewhere else. I had a major crush on him(and not only cuz at one party i saw his bum) , but unfortunately after i moved after 1st semester and other circumstances i haven't seen much of him. So today while staying at the canteen for lunch i like see him and we small talk for a bit and i get a crushing news. His exams are soon and after that he'll be going to France (and he was an exchange student for a year). So yeah sad ending to a great adventure(well the adventure was only in my head but yer).

This is getting ridiculous. I feel like i'm pregnant at times. I have mood slings all thru the day that range from being in a very uplifted mood to being very moody , then to apathy and then again happy and then go in a hole. Like seriously WT*?! I guess i should eat chocolate to cheat my brain into feeling awesome. Any other suggestions?

This is all for now. See ya next time.
*note to self- think of one good way to finish your blog posts and random lame ones* 

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

End of semester joys

I guess everyone who has been at school or university knows about the end of the year/semester joys. In short all the exams and big projects are put together in one amazingly excruciating month. This usually tends to be a bit of a stressful time for most people i must say. So as most students now i'm under the stress and am currently making a big a*s project with a group of 3 other people. Of course i'm not the only one that is under stress and today one of my group mates decided to go all PMS-y on me because she didn't like the phrasing of one sentence on my part of the project. I of course was the smarter one and gently explained what i meant and that she is being a bit foolish to act out over one sentence (while my brain was screaming :"Suck me you b***h"). It also made me appreciate that i like guys and not having to endure such crap in the event i have a bf.

This leads to me going to uni from 9 or 10 am and coming back at some random time and having to skip running for the day. Also today i worked on the project until 9 pm (just before i started writing this blog post[yeah i'm that commited to you guys :P ]).

I want to say how much i hate grocery shopping. It's not because of the usual reasons but because i always end up buying stuff that i really don't need. One of the things that i bought today and was totally useless was professional grade whitening tooth paste. Why the hell would i need that? Because it was discounted of course and i felt the immediate need to buy it. Damn you in store advertising/marketing. I'm always amazed at how such a simple thing can manipulate us so well.

The bad thing is that most of the times the stupid and useless thing we buy tends to be junk food. Tho thanks to my firm policy on eating healthy i don't easily fall victim to junk food manipulation.

Damn this good weather! Coming back from uni there were so many hotties in summer gear that i was hoping one would come to me and embrace me. It was so bad that while mentally falling totally inlove with one piece of heaven guy (and probably starring like an idiot) i could have been hit by a car , if it wasn't for the polite driver stopping and letting me pass.

You can stop reading here , because what follows is some geeky info. Thanks to putting a stat counter on the blog i see how many people actually stop by and watch my blog. Most visitors i have from Denmark- 29.8% , but that's more me watching my blog,comments and answering to comments. So the real leader is the United Kingdom with 20.4% of my viewership. Next in line are people coming from the USA with 15% . Funny thing about those is that it's mostly people stumbling on the blog and not returning. 3rd would be people comming from Australia with 13.4%. Then Canada with 7.8% and the interesting thing is that it's almost entirely by one person who regularly comes and visits. I'm curious as to who that is so i'd appreciate if you comment :) . Then it's Germany with 6.4% .  The most interesting views i've had are 2 views in 2 days from the US navy stationed somewhere in the Atlantic ocean near Africa.

So this is for today guys. See ya next time.
ps i know how my blog would never go mainstream(not that i'm aiming at that) , because not many people would ever go into the trouble of reading such long posts.