Monday, May 31, 2010

What keeps you here? + song

Today i was browsing around the blogosphere and was reading random post from various blogs. While reading the posts i was clicking on the plugs to other blogs and what i noticed and found interesting was that around 90% of the blogs were either deleted or long forgotten. I'm thinking if this writing online is just a phase in some people's life and it's just a way to fill some void in their life. Are a lot of the gay blogs just a place that many people express their frustration and when something good (as getting a bf) happens they no longer need to write to people they don't know. You can see it everywhere - most bloggers stop blogging after 6 months or max an year. Or maybe i should ask people who have had their blogs for a long time - What keeps you writing your life's on a regular basis for such a long time?

Yeah just a thought i had today.

In other news i want : 

I feel like :

That's all for tonight folks. See ya next time :)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Coming out

As the title says the idea of "coming out" has been a lot in my head recently. It's not really because i feel the need to do it , but because of a few other things. Tho before that i want to quote a few points from the "Coming out tips" post from this site  i found very funny. 

... 2. Never come out in a moving vehicle. ... 8. Be sober! ...

16. If your audience had that deer in the headlights look, don’t make any quick moves. 17. Breathe. (seriously)

I started thinking about this for a few reasons. First was Micky's comment on a post from a few days ago. The second thing were the videos of people's coming out stories on Youtube , posted on the same site as the quote from above. 

Most of the videos had a very positive note to them. It was how guys came out to their friends and family and how this was such a relief and everything was such so much better.  Micky's point of view(for my post) was that the coming out thing would be good just because people would not throw stupid, juvenile and infuriating gay jokes in my presence.  

I personally don't think that a few words said to your family and friends can make such a big positive change. I'm actually thinking that doing so would bring far more down sides thanks to the ignorant and rudimentary thinking of some people.  It could alienate friends and make some people be aggressive to you just because you are different. It can also be bad for my future career. I also don't like the notion of "coming out" , because i see it in a way as me coming to you and explaining myself as different from the norms that someone has set. I should be able to go hand in hand with the person i love and that shouldn't be a problem. Maybe i'm too idealistic i don't know. 

This is not to say that i think people shouldn't come out. On the opposite , gays fighting for their freedom of speech and ability to express themselves as they wish. I think this has lead to making our society a bit more accepting. 

But i guess maybe i'm scared of change or some could call me gutless , but i don't plan to go and tell everyone that i like guys. It's probably the way i am i don't know and just wouldn't see myself any happier if i did it. 

Tho if i get a boyfriend i can rethink my way of thinking. So guys i'm single :P just phone me and we can think of something :P 

Friday, May 28, 2010

Around the world trip !!

*Caution very long post

Come one, come all you're about to embark on a fictional journey around the world. Please put on your seat belts and get your survival gear because we are going to pass thru some wild places. This journey is going to start in dear old Europe and take us more than 42 000 km across the globe. We are going to visit 5 different continents and the best part of everything is this is an all expense trip , courtesy of our sponsors. (editor: we don't have any sponsors)

Our journey begins from dear old Denmark. Our first flight takes us to Copenhagen (KĂžbenhavn), we are going to stay at this destination 4 days. Why do we come here, because as you might know from a previous post of mine I really like the historical and modern ambient of this great city. So i made this selfish decision to bring you all my readers first here. Our next flight would take us to the city of Stockholm. We would stay a few days here and explore this very interesting in my opinion destination. (And here we're doing some perving on the beautiful blond hotties). Next we leave Scandinavia and fly off to Prague(Praha, Czech Republic) , because by many accounts this is one of the most beautiful old cities in Europe. We have a few sightseeing days and we fly out to Italy and do a quick tour in Rome, Milano and fly for some beach action to Sardinia.  We don't stay too long because oour next destination is the wonderfully amazing Costa del Sol in Spain.  There we stay for a week , because it's that awesome!!! After our healthy doze of tan and vitamin D we go to Barcelona and Madrid , because we are awesome like that and we need to practice our Spanish a bit more. Then we fly off to Paris , because what trip would be complete without a stay there.  Our next destination would take us to the Alps in Switzerland and eat chocolate and fondue till our arteries clog. We also ride cows or whatever people there do :P. After that we fly out to Amsterdam , not because we are pot heads or enjoy legal prostitution , but because we can enjoy just the awesomeness of the city :) . Now we'll leave continental Europe and go to London , because you guys know that i love that city. We stay there some time and we make a quick tour around Britain visiting Glasgow and Dublin in the process.

 Now it's time to leave Europe and visit the Big Apple where people are said to be rude and not seeing in what an amazing city they live in. After being dragged by our asses to leave we fly out to Miami , because we want to party and work on our tan some more. Having some great time we fly out to Montreal , because Canada is an infinitely interesting destination in my opinion. Then we fly for a quick visit to Toronto and then Vancouver. Then we fly south somewhere in the woods in Oregon and have a bit of a break in some wooden lodges.  Having rested a bit we go further down into the city of San Francisco , just cuz our sponsors pay :P . Then we fly off to the Hollywood mecca Los Angeles. We try and be a cast to a movie , because we're that special and everyone wants us in their movies. Then we fly off to one of my all time favorite places in the world - the beach of San Diego. There we stay at a beach villa and admire all the skater cuties and just sink into the atmosphere.

We are suddenly flying of to South America and directly in Brazil. We bum around the beaches in Sao Paulo. The we fly off and enjoy if we're lucky the carnival in Rio de Janeiro . The we all fly off to Buenos Aires , just because i'm curious to see what it is there and for the same reason we also go to Santiago in Chile. This post is getting way long so i'm going to go fast thru the next ones.

We fly off to New Zealand , because it looked really awesome in Lord of the Rings and then we fly to another close to my heart country Australia. There we visit Sydney and stay longer in Melbourne(sorry Perth we're going to skip you :( ) Then we fly off to Thailand and again not because of the prostitution (thai massages) , but because it's super interesting country. Then we fly to Japan because it's so much different from anything else. Then we go to my TOP destination i want to go on holiday Mauritius!!! There we stay quite long and after that you readers of my fictional journey go home. 

I hope you liked my journey and hope you also lived thru my little fantasy. Thanks for reading. 

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Facts Facts Facts

So i see a trend here. My most commented, most requested and second most viewed post (for the previous facts post ) are my random facts posts. After such overwhelming pressure i'm going to write another one to please my readers. * I want to write a more serious post , but i don't know what to be for... tried writing a one for my family and past , but it was kind of long and i didn't know if it'd be even read(any ideas)*

Thanks to Micky i have a few questions. 

-What do you usually wear - like I mean clothes?

I wonder what else you could have meant by that , that you had to explain :P . So lets start from the bottoms up. I wear sneakers, which are semi sporty , semi official. I have a pair of running Adidas , a pair of leather Nike's and the newest ones are Porsche Design Adidas sneakers. The latter look very awesome but are probably the least comfy of the bunch. Going up now. When it's the season i wear tight jeans - not skinny tho . I like my bum in tight jeans. T-shirts and hoodies are dominated by a surfer theme. I love surfer fashion. Love Rip Curl, O'neil, Billabong and you get the point. I have a few shirts and an official coat if the need has it.Btw also loves Abercrombie and Fitch , but i've only had 2 things from em , back from when i was in the US. :( 

- And what would you wear if you could?

I really like skinny jeans, but i don't think i'll ever buy ones because i don't think i'd look good in such. I'd like to wear either beanies or the summer surfer hats. One of either i should get cuz my hair is going longer then ever (which is not that long) and i need something cool to keep it in place. Also i like the wide surfer sneakers , but i dunno how they were called. I like some of the bright t-shirts of the so called emos.

-And what do you wear in bed?

Boxers and a t-shirt.

Now for some facts.

  • I'd love to travel and i have already decided which countries i'd visit if I could do a tour around the world
  • I have trained tennis for 7 years. Love the sport!
  • If i could have one thing right here and now i'd choose having someone to love and cuddle 
  • When i was little i really liked to play with fire and still do to some extent.
  • I have a bigger brother
  • I love playing video games and i used to play a lot. Now i still love games but i have no motivation to play.
  • I love skinny guys or slightly muscled
  • Good hair is a big turn on for me. 
  • I prefer fruity cakes to chocolate ones
  • I'm not the biggest fan of heights, other fears i have are from snakes and spiders.
  • I don't have a high self-esteem
  • Sometimes i talk to myself.
  • I wish i could turn back time and change a bunch of stuff in my past
  • I have 227 songs on my phone.
  • When i was young i really wanted to do pottery, later on i wanted to do wooden figures
  • I used to draw decently good , but haven't tried in ages.
  • I don't like the question - What music do you like
  • In first grade all the girls in my class liked me. 

Now for a few pervy ones.

  • I trim my naughty parts and would expect when i'm with someone to do too
  • I have no idea if i'd be a top or bottom.
  • Most days i wank at least once , but once or twice a month i go crazy horny and that number goes way up

Last 5 facts.

  • I consider myself an extroverted introvert ... in other words i appear very open but i'm very closed(tho in Denmark i think i've gone to just an introvert).
  • When i open naughty sites i always use private mode on my browser
  • You probably didn't see that there is a full stop on every 2nd fact. 
  • I hate people using my computers
  • My parents live together but they haven't talk to each other in 10 years.

26 facts for your reading pleasure. Until next time :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


This is going to be a quickie post just to share one pet peeves i have.

So today was quite the tiring day. I had to wake up way earlier than what i'm used to these few weeks. This was because i had to do work for the final project we have with my group mates. This meant staying at uni from 10 till half past 4. YAY 

So now we go to the pet peeves part. During one of the breaks we made we were talking about one guy from another class. He's very awful and we were like saying how awful he is and one of the girls said :" ... and i really think he's gay. " Of course i let it slide and there were some gay jokes. What really annoys me is how being gay was showed as being something negative. I really hate these gay jokes and can someone explain to me why being gay is ridiculed or something bad ?? 

Till next time :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A day in my life

Hello Blogworld !!

Compared to yesterdays gloomy mood today i'm quite better. It's not like something amazing or different happened , but i guess i just woke up on the right side of my bed this time. So today i went out running (as most days for the last almost 2 months). It was quite windy , but all in all it was good. Tho i think in the near future i'd have to invest into new headphones cuz mine are getting quite awful ( a metallic mesh rubbing against your ear for 40 minutes is not what i call good experience). It would be so amazingly better if i had some cute skinny guy keeping me company *falls into amazing daydreams*. Ahhhh well. 

Also i'm quite excited , because one of the two books i ordered on Amazon decided to arrive. I'm excited cuz after watching "A christmas carol" got a big desire to get something from Dickens. I really liked the movie (animation ftw :P ) so now i own "David Copperfield" i hope i like it :) Also if you are vaguely interested , the other book is "Brave new world" by Aldous Huxley , which was highly recommended to me by Lunario. 

After these two unexciting things i made lunch. Until now nothing really remotely blog worthy happened, just bumming around. 

Today i had a milestone for the blog. 10 followers !!! That's exciting :) It's not like i want to make a mega blog empire with millions of followers , but it's still nice to see that are interested enough to follow and spend a few minutes of their day to read about my monotonous and boring life. Also i've said it before (tho nobody took the challenge) and i'll say it again if you have some questions that you want an answer to , you can post them in a comment. Also idea about posts are welcome. 

This is all from me today. See you next time. 

Monday, May 24, 2010

Happiness is just a dream :(

I know this is a place where i should write about  my life but until now (with exception of one post) it just didn't feel quite right to write about the bad times in my life when i feel down, depressed or just totally alone. This is just me i guess- never really talking or sharing my problems with people and just pretend i'm happy and OK. That is i guess the reason for my more seldom posts here cuz i don't feel comfortable troubling you with my whining. But yeah i will in very short vent out my feelings.  I really feel like in in a very big hole with  no real chance of something good ever happening to me. Sometimes it really feels like something has conspired against me to make me miserable. God i feel alone and maaan i hate being like that. I guess i should stop my whining . Baah i really hate life at times.

ps. I put one of those counter thingies and it turns out that either more people than i thought are reading the blog or someone is watching it lots of times (staaaalkers :P )

But yeah , bye  

Friday, May 21, 2010

Random Facts part 3

As i said in my previous post this would be a facts post since nothing that much of interest is happening here. 18 facts for your reading pleasure. 

  • First blog I found and started reading,as is the case with a lot of people, was mirrorboy's blog. After a few weeks of following i started from post 1 and have read all entries.
  • I shave around once a week- not cuz i'm lazy but because that's all i need
  • I didn't use to read books much , but now it's a totally different story
  • I prefer cold weather more than hot weather ,even tho not many things can beat a sunny day
  • I love dogs - would love to have a golden retriever 
  • For a guy student i can cook quite well
  • For the last 2 months i've become a bit of a running enthusiast 
  • I tend to keep small,sometime meaningless things as memories ( movie ticket,legoland and disneyland tickets from the US and lots and lots of other stuff from wherever and whenever)
  • My desk and my room at that matter are a mess
  • I love snow 
  • I had a pretty good childhood
  • Really want a new chair for staying in front of the laptop on the desk and also at least a 20'' monitor.
  • I have a trouble falling asleep at night. Could stay in bed for hours not being able to sleep.
  • Used to have very blond hair as a child , but not anymore.
  • Love traveling , but hate staying and waiting at airports 
  • By last measurements i weigh 71kg 
  • Love Ben & Jerry's ice-cream
  • All thru writing this post i was listening to Enigma ft Enya - Age Of Loneliness on Youtube 

This is all for this post. Have a nice weekend. :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Orgasmic ...

First i would like to say sorry for the lack of updates for the last days. It has just been a very uneventful and quite the downer time for me so i decided not to document that on this here blog. All has to be about the beauty of life and a happy written form of ones life. Erm not exactly , but it would damn well be nice if my life was so awesome that i'd have only amazing stuff to post about.

So today the weather here was truly orgasmic!!! 22 degrees all the sun one might want (excluding the 20 minute torrential rain during the afternoon). This really works wonders on a persons mood and attitude towards life.Also got to wear my favorite A&F shorts which was awesome. 

Today was my last day at uni , lecture wise, and i have a bit less than a month until my first exam. YAAAY ... Damn i'd have to find something to do , a trip to somewhere anyone , ANYONE ... Would be cool to just go somewhere even if it's for just a day. Diversity would serve me well. Someone might say :" Use that time for studying!" and i'll reply that i'd leave that for June. Let future me worry about that crap. 

One interesting thing kinda happened to me a few days ago. If you've read my previous posts you'd know that i consider Danes as quite the cold people. So ,with that knowledge, I was walking a few days ago in the center of town(or as i call it The village) and  there are 2 girls one of which shout out to me:"Hey do you speak English?" and i say yes and one of the danish girls asks me for my facebook and i think what the heck and after some small talk i wrote it on one of the girls phones. So that was a bit of a weird moment and also a self-esteem boost. Unfortunately of all the things i could do i think i wrote my name wrong , yeah you'd think for 20 years i can spell my name in more than one language, but apparently i can't :P .  

This is for now. Next post might be again mainly pointless facts. Or just maybe something ground breaking happens and i have something really awesome to post about. Until next time. 

ps I never know how to end these posts. I always write something different that turns out to be awkward :( 

pps i just thought how in new blogs people say that they haven't posted in awhile and that's like a few days. In more established blogs when bloggers don't post and apologize for that it's usually for missing 2 weeks, 1 month or more. 

Saturday, May 15, 2010


*While writing this , the post turned into quite the silly thing :P

It has probably been said a million times , but i'll say it again - Dreams are weird !!

I'm the type of person who dreams all the time and I have the distinct pleasure to remember a lot of them. This can be quite nice, because it's quite awesome to see what your brain can invent, but also at times can make me think - Am I such a twisted/weird/lonely/sad/crazy (not all at ones :P ) person that i can come up with some of the stuff in my dreams.  Also at some rare occasions i realize that i am dreaming and can manipulate my dreams, which is enormously satisfying and cool. 

I'd like to share some of the more notable dreams i can remember just for the fun of it with you my dear readers. * Just a little explanation- since my so called love life has never been that successful ,my dreams are mostly around the hope of something good happening(which is actually how i manage to live thru the hard days. Tho the dreams that are to follow are just plain weird or crazy or just epic. If someone reading this has an idea what is wrong with me just from my dreams that are to follow please write a comment. :P

So one dream i remember is quite epic - it begins with me being a general of somekind and having an epic sword battle in one enormous tower. After some battling my armies win and i tell my people to make the tower even bigger and right then i'm i guess transported into a spaceship. In that spaceship there are like tunnels filled with lava looking thing , but then some baby blue matter starts to fight the lava and deep in my mind i know that if the blue thingy wins things are going to get horribly wrong. So of course the blue matter takes over and right there i travel exactly 2 years and 11 days into the future. After i do that everything is in black and white and i'm in a post apocalyptic version of my home city. There i'm also like quite ripped and i think to myself : "Damn this fighting has really made me look awesome". So i'm at one place where i used to go to the gym some 2 years ago(in real life) and i begin walking to my home. There i meet one friend and he gives me a ride for like one bus stop and there are like 2 gigantic sprockets and they are the only things in color - bright red. Then i hear a formula 1 commentary saying that if the sprockets connect Luis Hamilton would win . Here dream ends . Weird eh?

Another dream i had recently was from that hope kind i mentioned above. So again it was black and white for some reason. So it starts with me in the town i'm now and i decide to take the train and go to Germany because i HAVE to meet someone. Then i think damn the volcano ash i cannot use the trains so i'd have to steal a bike and meet the person i have to meet.  I start pedaling and after some time i meet Sandra Bullock who tells me that it's all a lie and the person i have to meet does not exist and i should just drop it. I say No no no i'll go to Switzerland then there i'll meet him. Then like on the border with Germany i meet Rowan Atkinson (aka Mister Bean) and he says Go dude , but you have to go to Italy. There i grab a ride and I think how awesome my life would be with this person i have to meet (and i have no idea who it is) and like midway on my trip i woke up. Props for me for going on :P

So yeah ... this is more different than my previous posts and is kind of silly actually. I really hope that you like this post and that i put a smile on your face while reading my silliness .

So until next time. Bye.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Template

I decided to change the black on black on black template, because it was way too depressing looking. This new one has a more fresh and maritime look. I really haven't seen lots of people using it so my blog might stand out from the others in someway. Also these colors are more in tune with the upcoming summer. 

Also i'd like to get some feedback from the people reading this. I tend to write my posts either long or medium long. So i want to know if you, my readers, like it or would like something shorterPS. Or maybe you want something else, some questions you want answered, or some topics in particular to talk about.  This would be helpful also because my life ain't exactly all that super interesting so i'd have something to write about.

Ps If you think my blog is boring why are you even reading?? :P

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thoughts on Denmark

Now is the time!!! I had an overwhelmingly high demand for this post to appear here., over one person wanted me to write about this topic. Today i'll share my thoughts on Denmark - the good, the bad and whatever is on my mind. 

The holiday spirit is still here with me even tho i'm back to my mundane living in chilly Denmark and again having to do work for uni. So where do i start from .... First of all i should mention that i come from a more warm blooded country , so the first and most evident gripe i have about this country is it's weather. For mid-May having the temperature stay at 10-15 degrees for me is way out of the ordinary. This is something you get used to , but you don't get used to all the rain. Rain, rain , rain and then some. It was especially bad during the autumn where it was raining all day. If i remember correctly we had a sunny day once or twice for all of November. 

Another thing i don't like is the people here. I don't know if it's the culture, the way of thinking , but Danes are very, very cold people. Don't get me wrong here, if you ask them something or need something they'll most probably go out of their way to help you. So they are polite , but even when you have to work with them they keep to themselves, stay in their own danish groups and are generally not very communicative. In shops you'll see the cashiers smiling and on the street if you meet somebodies glance they could smile at you. Tho they are almost scared of foreigners, they don't like us and it shows. Also after 8 pm especially on a work day you cannot see almost anyone on the streets, it's deserted. I have been told tho that this is more like a central, northern European thing and not exclusive to Denmark. If they're not students they also rarely go out on weekend nights. Biggest problem i have tho is that it's extremely expensive. It's probably 2 times, or more, more expensive then from my country. It's ridiculous, in the UK it was cheaper for me if i should make a comparison.Also a person from Germany who came here also confirmed it's way more expensive. 

On the other side of things is that in Denmark people pay very high taxes which go to good use. Like my university is free for me as an EU resident. Also very good thing is that they have free medical care and everything seems to be quite clean and organized. Another thing i enjoy, most of the times, is the very relaxed way of living. People here are never in a hurry and this makes for an almost sleepy environment. A big thumbs up also from me is that Denmark is one of the most accepting countries in the world for gay rights. Here you can legally have a same sec marriage, if you want to adopt you have the same rights as a straight couple. Also there are lots and lots of beautiful blond people here, tho it's sad they are very nationalistic and from what i've heard they seldom date people from other countries. Also i like the fashion of saggers here and how they sag low :P .I give them high praise also for their dedication to a green future. I also like that most people speak English and a lot of them have a good level of it. 

I find weird their closed off market. No i don't say there is anything bad in selling danish goods for cheaper than the comparable foreign goods- they boost their own economy. What strikes me weird is that many brands that i was accustomed to see are missing from the danish supermarket. For example you cannot find Becks (beer), or Milka (chocolate), or Head & Shoulders (shampoo) , or Blend-a-med (toothpaste) and many more little examples like this.  It's also funny how they can easily pay for overpriced goods , but if they bring the price of coffee at uni by 1 or 2 krone you'll be hearing about it a lot :P.

Ok this is all i can think of now cuz this post took me around an hour and a half and i don't want to think any longer. I'd love to hear your input. Would be really interesting to hear from Daniel , as a fellow also living in Scandinavia, and Lunario, to see if there are that big differences in culture between 2 neighboring countries. Everyone else's point of view would also be really interesting for me aswell. 

See ya. Until we meet again. :) 

Monday, May 10, 2010

Great time

If you have missed my last post (written on a drunk head and me being frustrated) you wouldn't have a hard time believing me what an amazing time i had during my small vacation.  It was really great even if it wasn't some giant birthday with lots of people i know. I had the greatest and funniest cake , which was best suited for a person becoming 20yo. How did you guess that it was a Spongebob cake :O . That really cracked me up :) But the idea was very cool- even when i'm not a teenager anymore to preserve the kid in me. Awwhhh how sweet!!!

It was really nice to just get away from my everyday life and be crazy as the good old times. Of course not drinking for sometime made me get happier way faster and that made the night that much more fun. Fun thing was during that night one guy squeezed my ass during one bathroom break and i took it as a compliment :P

London was as magnificent as ever , the only bad thing was the gloomy weather. Of course when we were going back the sun decided to shine.

Overall very awesome time! 

So this is for today. Next time would be the post about my thoughts on Denmark which had showed some promise with one reader interested in seeing what i have to say.

Until next time. Bye 

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Vacation , break , birthday

This post was originally going to be about what i was thinking of Denmark, danish people and everything Denmark related i could think of. I thought this could be interesting to someone. For now i'm going to postpone this post for a later time.  It would probably come in a week or two if somebody is interested. 

My next proper post would probably come around Tuesday next week , but for now i cannot promise anything. It's not because i'd be all that super busy , but more like the dorms in which i'm going to be are probably the only ones in the world that don't have a wi-fi. It's a system in which you have to sign in each computer separately *rolls eyes* . In the library they also have some dedicated system *rolls eyes*^2 . Also for me it's very weird how developed countries are so unwilling to give you free wi-fi access in their cities. Back home in a big city you can always find free connections.

When i come back i'd love to see some comments and if i have new followers for some reason GREAT , if they also comment even GREATER !!!

Send some good thoughts to the plane so i'll have a safe flight tomorrow  :P See you when i see you :)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Dream hobby !!

I'm probably milking it a bit to much , but i'll add one more post vaguely connected with my birthday. So as probably all of you i was having day dreams of what i would like to get as presents. Of course non of what I imagined for would happen , but still something is better than nothing. This comes to the main idea of this post. During those day dreams of what i want there was one thing that popped out. 

For like an year now i've been really excited about photography and would really want to have that as a hobby of some kind. But as most hobbies you need gear to get you started. What caught my eye is the Cannon 7d Dslr and since the moment i saw it i knew that would be perfect. It just seemed to be all i could ever want from a camera - has all the things one might need , but also be user friendly enough so i could actually use it's potential.  That would help me catch some of the beauty of the world and also my life as well.  For now this has been a love story with an unhappy ending, because that camera costs in excess of 1000 euros. This is a hell of a lot of money for anyone and 7 times that for a student. So for now i'm left only with my crappy phone camera. On the plus side tho that gives me one more dream to live for. 

I would also like to thank mister Lunario for being so awesome to talk to and for mentioning my blog in his last post. This practically doubled my followership :P

In other news while running today i had a small breakdown and threw my phone into a grass field. Why the phone you might ask, well because that was in my right hand. That resulted into me loosing the pointer/pen/thingy used for the touch screen. That was fun Arggg!

In last news tomorrow i have a freaking math exam for which i should be studying right now but instead i'm writing this blog post. 

That's all guys. Take care and until next time . 

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Year in review

People usually think about what they have accomplished just before New Year. I never do that, said moment for me comes just before my birthdays. It's always nice to think about the year that passed , because you remember some fond memories and also if you're in a downer period you tend to see your life for what it is in general and not your current moods(if that makes sense). Even if it's not the best of years you see that it was not all bad.

This sunny day gave me the perfect opportunity to remember what the period 2009/2010 has given me. I can say that it certainly was full of changes and new experiences that deeply changed my life.  So now I'm going to try and remember some of the more notable experiences in my last teen year. The following is in no way,shape or form organized by importance or by anything else.

- The beginning of this year was filled with great joys. The first big change was me graduating High school  and having quite an awesome prom. This also made me wear a suit for the first time in my life and it suits me . :P

- Finishing school and being accepted in my current university made my summer carefree and left me with tons of free time and some interesting things to do. Since i had a car that i could use all the time me and my friends did some very pointless but fun little trips to near and not as near places.  Most notable thing of the summer should be going to the "Tiesto" concert which made for an enjoying drive and quite the awesome concert. Between these times of excitement i had loads of free time of doing nothing.

- Summer passed so fast and the inevitable huge change in my life came. Having to move become a student in a different country leaving behind family,friends and almost everything from my previous 19 years. So i started living and studying in this foreign land , with different culture , language i didn't know etc. My roommates turned out to be quite cool and the place i stayed was also quite awesome. 1st semester overall was quite good . It was my first time to go to London and Copenhagen , both trips i enjoy quite a lot. .

- Winter came Christmas at home and then again Denmark. 2nd semester started some of the roommates i liked went back home and also i changed the place i live. This made it a not very enjoyable 2nd part of my 1st year as a student. Quite the lonely times and desperation at times with an unusually cold winter with lots of snow which i enjoyed until it became tiresome. Nothing really noteworthy in that time happened as far as I'm concerned. 

This has been an overview of my past year. I'm probably forgetting something but yeah. So now we have another year to go in which no one knows what would happen. I'm hoping in this future year i might find someone who could keep me warm in my bed and just someone that i could hold hands with and just be all cute. :) 

That's all for today.