Thursday, September 2, 2010

"... like a crazy paparazzi dude ... "

Hey there dear readers !!! ... Wait , what - there isn't anyone left. That's kinda bad i'd guess. To be honest i really just forgot about posting on here and yeah . Opppsie :( I hope you're not going to all hate me for doing that.

Since the 21st ,when apparently i last posted, there have been just a few things that are actually blog worthy. Interesting enough is that all of them actually happened during this week.

- the first and most important one is that i actually got to meet one online friend with which i have talked for more than an year and a half. I could say that it was quite awesome to actually meet him and show him around here. The best part was that he's also gay and we could perv on the good looking blondies on the streets. I was kinda nervous about the whole meeting thing but it turned out to be really good. It was really sweet of him to make this detour before he went back home across the world. Ou and as i've mentioned here i really love photography and he has my dream camera a Canon 7D and when with him i was like a crazy paparazzi dude :P aka his camera was mainly in me and i was taking photos as crazy.

- second would be that i started uni again and I see that as something objectivly good but i'm so used to my lazy ways from the summer that it's just hard to have to do stuff yet again :(. So it's a bummer but meh , somebody has to do it *rolls eyes*

- I don't know if i mentioned this before here. I had one roommate that i couldn't stand at all and he was stupid and annoying , but to my immense pleasure he had to move so that makes me quite content with how things turned out.

In an unrelated note - I saw my stat thingy and apparently for a blog that hasn't been updated for awhile in some days i get high-ish traffic and that's mostly from porn blogs. I don't know what's that all about. I wen't into one or two and they weren't linking to me , so that's kinda weird.

This is all from me for now. I'd try to update you all more often, but when nothing that interesting happens it's a bit pointless isn't it.

Bye guys :)


  1. Isn't that good? A real life blogger in town and you have a great time showing him around and taking pictures together - oh and acting as your sounding-board for your views on guys you see!

    How refreshing - when there's angst on another blog about someone not seeming to be what they had claimed. So maybe you're the lucky one!

    Picture blogs do usually generate much more traffic than journals - after a hard day (sic) it's easier to look at pictures than read stuff. But quite how you get Visitors from blogs who don't link to you - well, that's some trick!

    Do you get a replacement roomie to make up for the guy who's left? or are you allowed to stay at just two?

  2. Ou yeah I also saw on Aaron's blog about the guy who turned out to be someone way different than what he claimed. That's always kind of a bummer , even tho i wouldn't know what his intentions could be.

    It's beyond me how they find their way here when i'm not linked or anything. Doesn't matter really , i was just curious. I guess my blog could be so enchanting that people just get drawn to it.

    As for the roomie problem , well after 1st semester me and 2 roomies moved out to a private place, not uni related, and after some time we needed another roommate so the rent is less and the awful one was what worked at the time. But now he's gone and i'm happy. :)

    I hope you're doing awesome and have fun :)