Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Small break

Don't get me wrong here i like blogging , because that fills out some need for self expression of a part of me that usually doesn't get mentioned in your regular conversation. This is both awesome and in a way releaving to share things with someone.

Now with the whole crush scenario i think i need a real break from blogging, because this place kind of reminds me of the whole ridiculous situation. It was ridiculous, because after sometime of daily talking online and a bad day on my part everything ended abruptly with " You'll have to suffer the consequences of your actions" and " I have to go now. Bye". I still had some hope that we could talk again , but now i see that he has unfollowed and deleted my blog from his.

So i'll take a breather until i need it.

Before that i want to plug one blogger. He's been around since May and he's a future lawyer. At the same time he's quite fun to read and really horny all the time. I'll like if you go and say hi to him and show him some love. Asch92

Ps. People in real life also have bad days and can also be downers and in the future when you have a bf or a friend next to you and he/she feels bad are you also going to tell him the next day that he/she has to suffer the consequences? (yeah that was directly aimed at you not my readers)


  1. Hey Dan, sorry things turned out so bad with your crush :(
    talk to you when you get back :)

  2. Daniel hope a break will help sort out your mind and refresh you a bit - it certainly has been a kick in the guts for you.
    Take care Stef
    ps thanks for Ashes link, had a quick look - of to bed, early morning tommorow - will have a better look next visit.