Saturday, September 18, 2010

Germany trip

I've probably mentioned before that Denmark is not the cheapest country in the world , or in other words it's very expensive to live in. Go high standards :P It's so much that it would be cheaper for me and a few friends to do a shopping trip, for some stuff, to Germany and buy them from there. It's around 350 km-ish round trip and it's still going probably to be cheaper. For me tho it's mostly the road trip that i would enjoy more. Also it would help me check one more country in my list of countries i've visited. It would be way better if that list was been and explored , but for now it'd work. I'm prolly not the only one on this , but if i had the money i'd do a trip around the world , enduring all the flights and inconveniences , just for the experience to see the world. Also one year of traveling sounds AMAZING.

In other news, uni has been on it's way for some time now. Nothing really interesting to note there, just a lot of booooring classes that I don't like. Tho we do have Spanish and that's fun and it's actually fun to be the best in class. Also there we watched the Spanish movie by Guilermo Del Torro "Pan's labyrinth" , awarded with 3 oscars, and that it was quite the amazing movie. If you haven't seen it and you like a bit of fiction , then i highly recommend it! It has a very interesting dualistic nature to it - showing both a very real world during Franko Spain and at the same time a fictionous world , which is very different and impossible to explain without spoilers.

As for the rest of my world - well nothing really different or more exciting than before. Ok now i'll be off and do myself a favor and undo the mistake i'm guilty of - haven't watched "The Godfather" *gasp* i know i know :D Ok see you guys :)

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  1. I understand that the idea of travelling to shop in a nearby country where stuff is cheaper is not that uncommon. It used to be the case that people went from England to France to bring cheap wine and beer back coz our tax on alcohol is pretty huge compared to theirs.

    People from many countries say the UK is expensive but I found Norway very pricey some while ago. I suppose it's all relative.