Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Life changing

Hello guys !

This thought has been bugging me for maybe a few months now and i have told only a very unselect few and by that i mean i've told only a few people i mostly don't know much. This is because i find it easier sometimes to share things i see as big in my life,even tho they probably aren't as important as i might think. So you'd be one of the first, who matter in someway, what has been dwelling in my head for a while now.

I have a growing displeasure for the programme i chose in uni and what i'm studying at the moment. Don't get me wrong it's very prospective and so on , which is the reason i tried to push on. But  the thing is that i'm not cut out for all that BS and i don't think that there's any point in trying to push on for something i don't like at all and with which i'd be unhappy with in the end. It's a bummer that this would end up costing me 2 years of my life, cuz  i didn't change after the first year. Now when i see what i'd actually have to do i'm more confident than ever that this is not for me. Also the lecturer in our main subject is mediocre at best so that's another thing against all this.

This brings out another question, if i change what am i going to change to. Well that's a good one and i have no real answer to it right now. I have a few ideas here and there, but nothing solid at all in the moment. The problem also is that i'm unsure if i want to stay in the same uni at all cuz of the small town and not top notch uni. This gives me  either the option to go to a bigger uni/city in a place kinda near by and still live where i live atm , so there wouldn't be that major of a life change. Tho i've also had an idea in my head to maybe go to the UK and all but that's way far fetched and i need to make a serious amount of cash to do such a change,me thinks. But who knows.

So if there's still people reading this , I'd be quite grateful for some wise words or something. For that thanks in advance :P

Ok see you guys :)


  1. Daniel have had a few busy days so I just caught up on your blog.
    I'd have to agree with you that it seems a waste to be doing something that you feel is no benefit to you.It is however important to work out a direction you really want to take before changing horses in mid stream.
    Take care Stef

  2. Being in the UK you're very welcome to mail me (addy is on my Profile) - there may be more than one answer to your quandary.

  3. depending on what course you're doing now and what you "enjoy" to learn.
    You could always try for a commerce course and branch off into a field you prefer (o.O)
    lol, that is what im doing, but you should give some thought into what you want to study with passion.

  4. @ southern - I wouldn't say "no benefit" to me, but i will say that it's totally unfit for my way of studying, my ambitions and my future(if i want to be sane). The change seems inevitable imo, but yeah i'd defo benefit loads if i work out a new direction to my study life.

    @ micky - I was very intrigued by the mysteriousness of your comment and tried to send you an e-mail twice , but both times yahoo said it couldn't mail it.(i copied the one on your profile).

    @ wellzy boo - My current studies are in a whole different field so your way is a possible way to go too. Also there should be a balance between my passion/"what i enjoy learning" and a good future :P

    Thanks guys for commenting :)