Thursday, September 9, 2010

Student jobs

Since i've come back from my summer break i have been looking for a job. The only thing i've found for now is the one i mentioned in a previous blog posts. So naturally i'm getting a bit desperate for a bit of extra income, which would not be intended for me only. I don't think if i mentioned this before , but my father is a bit of a dick and he may give money to me and my bro , but my mom is left out cold. Since mid-global economic crisis her job is no more and i really want to help her out , but for now that's impossible. I've even been looking into sperm donor banks, which help to battle infertility(read use your stuff to make children around here,i'd guess) . I don't think i'll do anything like that , but it was a funny job add , which i couldn't help but click. :P

On an unrelated but kinda related topic i'm like super hyped to go to those student summer jobs in the USA. In economic terms , they are not that good , cuz you end up usually spending almost as much as you'd get. My reason for really wanting to do one is because of the experience itself. I have some friends who've done that and all are saying it was amazing and also i've been in the US and i can say i enjoyed it immensely. I know we Europeans tend to have a bad opinion on the US , but it's freaking awesome there. Also doing that i'd do one of the things I enjoy most in life and that is to travel. I've talked to mum about that and she's all like "Do it! It would be amazing!" and so on.

Also a great big thanks to Southern, Micky and Wellzy Boo for commenting on my last blog post, which was hard for me to write and getting your two cents is greatly appreciated.

Ok until next time. Thanks for dropping by!


  1. I would totally become a sperm donor, but they don't have a market in Ireland for donor sperm. So right now it is just going to waist.

    I recommend the experience in America, I doubt what you will get from it would have a monetary value.

  2. Daniel it's a very kind thought to want to help your mum.Do the school have a scheme to help students find work - sperm donor sounds interesting but I imagine it would not be steady work.
    Take care Stef

  3. @ Mind of Mine - Haha I guess Irish man can satisfy the needs of their women :P As for what i said it was a joke, i wouldn't want when i'm almost 40 to have kids popping out from nowhere and calling me dad :P.

    @ southern - As i said before that was a joke -for the sperm donor. Also mum was there for me when i was young , why not try to help her now.