Thursday, April 22, 2010

A bit of old news

So now it has been almost a week after the Icelandic volcano eruption and is now old news. It's old because most of the news sites or channels have milked the subject so much and were able to fill out so many pages with the situation,human tragedies and the immense losses of the aviation in Europe. I am not saying that what happened was good in anyway for whoever , but as always the news sites and papers were just waiting for something like that and exploit the misfortunes of the people.

Ok, why do I bring this up? Well a bit for selfish reasons :) . Except being a small rant on the News these days , it's also because I read a small part between the things mentioned above that there was a possibility the bigger volcano(Katla) to erupt as well anytime soon. That would make even greater havoc around here.(i dunno if they mentioned it to make a sensation or it's true) This bothers me because in the beginning of May I'll have to fly to London for my birthday to celebrate it with friends who study there. So if the worst case scenario from above happens I'd have quite the miserable 20th birthday :( . I have some friends that i could celebrate it here , but defo not such that i'd want to share this milestone in my life.

God i don't want to leave my teen years . I'm getting old and responsibilities keep piling up and it's not fun. Especially living on your own makes things that much better. I wish i could be 16-18 again. In my opinion those are the best years of anyones life, because you are big enough to have somewhat respected opinions on things , but also quite little real responsibilities.

Ok i finish of here for today and I hope i didn't bore you all to death. Also some feedback would be appreciated on the length of my post (longer VS shorter), also if what i write is boring or no and most importantly if you wish to know something you can ask . :)


  1. As far as the news are concerned, well, I think it's always that way. One topic is exhausted so much that nobody wants to hear anything about it, after a while. Then they move on to another one.

    When it comes to the aviation stop, one needs to keep in mind that planes do not just carry tourists around the world, but are also necessary to transport important things, for example medicine, organ donation etc.
    Many businesses rely on aviation as well, so a whole living can be down to it.


    Do you already live on your own, by the way?

    Talk to you soon,

  2. YESS !!! Sometimes the news are even more annoying when they have nothing interesting and just try to find a sensation with the most random things.

    Hmmm really haven't thought about the medicine and organ donations. My mistake.

    As for living alone it depends how you think of it. If you mean thousands of kilometers away from family and friends then yes. If it's like alone as in by myself , nahh with some roommates in an apartment.