Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hello blog world

Hello Blogworld. You can call me Daniel, even tho that's not my name but have been called like that in the past. This is at the same time very new but also familiar , because I have followed some blogs for around a year now. These introductions tend to be quite awkward so I'll try to keep it short and interesting.
So who am I? I am in my last teen year :( and am currently living in Denmark(hence the title of the blog). I'm a first year student and will say it's not what i expected. Especially living away from home and friends. I'm 1.8 meters tall (5'11'' for my possible American readers) brown hair and blue eyes.I consider myself BI but more interested in guys at this stage of my life.
I started this blog because i've seen how many amazing people there are on blogger. Inspirational blogs have been Daily Dan (my favorite) , Mirrorboy , Landyn and Lunario. I quite enjoy other blogs which I'll link to in the sidebar thingy.
I guess this is OK for now. I'd make a proper post soon.Would really enjoy if this actually gets some readers so i can meet at least one or two great people in the Blogger community.
ps. English ain't my native language so bear with me :)


  1. Hej! :)

    It's great you have started an own blog - you sound interesting!

    I'm going to follow you, from now on... In case you want me to link back to your blog on mine, just let me know. :)

    PS: I'm finally not the only one anymore who doesn't blog in his mother tongue, yay! :D


  2. Hey Lunario!! I'm quite suprised and pleased that someone who's blog I like wrote me a comment. If ya want to link to me I'd be quite honored :)
    I'll try to make this blog interesting(not only the 1st post :P )
    As for the English for me it's quite fun and btw you have quite amazing english.

  3. Alright, I added a link to the (left) sidebar on my blog. :)

    Thanks for the compliment on my English, but when I read your first post, I didn't realize at all that you are not a native speaker... so yours is quite good as well, I'd say. :)

    Talk to you soon,