Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Excited + pics post

I'm getting quite excited now , because my birthday is just around the corner now !! This is exciting for a few reasons. First - come oooon it's my birthday , who doesn't get at least a bit excited about their day of birth. At the same time it's also a milestone 2 centuries on this Earth. Second- i'll meet and be with my best friend and another friend in London for a few days on my BD. 3rd reason would be that i'll go to London(for the second time) which is my favorite city of all (but on that a bit later) .Last but not least would be that i'll move a bit from this small town i'm in and would have some well deserved fun(i hope).

Now i'll say a bit why i love London as much. This city is just amazing in my opinion. First there is the fact that it has 13 million people-to compare that is 2 and 1/3 more people than Denmark. It's so amazing how so many people could live in such an area. Then there is the city itself. It's old looking , but at the same time it has such a modern image. Now this of course is my view as a tourist being in this great city only for 1 day. In that day when i was IN London (not only being close to it) me and my friends did quite the big walk around the central parts of the city. We visited the main things such as Big Ben, London Eye, the Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly circus, National gallery and other stuff and parks. I'd guess we walked more than 25km that day. I also had the most amazing sushi while there. So my views are based on probably the best central parts. Unfortunately due to a hard drive failure short after that trip i currently have pics only from my phone.

When now i've started to tell you about my favorite cities i'd finish my top 3. But since i cannot say which one i like more i'd put both in 2nd place. So 2nd place goes to San Diego and Copenhagen.

First starting with Copenhagen. I really liked this city because it's really the most beautiful old city i have ever seen. Everything in the city is so brilliantly old and so freaking cool. The opera there was really a thing that stood out. I could easily compare it with the Sydney opera(which i've only seen in photos) and i don't think i'm exaggerating here. The symbol of Copenhagen "The mermaid" wasn't really all that spectacular in my opinion. The old harbor is really a thing od beauty especially in the night. Too expensive as most of Denmark but still worth at least walking thru it. Main street was awesome. It's not the beauty of it but it's enormous diversity that really struck me. You could find everything and everyone there. The amount of places you could go in the center was amazing. The night life wasn't also half bad. Due to the same reason as above the pics i'll post are from my phone and not much from Copenhagen but you'll get a bonus from the castle of Hamlet.

Last but not least is San Diego. This was the first place i've gone abroad. It was a love from first sight. Everything was so big, so American and beautiful in a very modern (skyscraper-y way). Maybe the best thing was that i was there for 4 days and one of which was 4th of July. That wasn't the best, the absolute best was we staying at a villa a few steps away from the beach. I can say that the fireworks were quite amazing. The beach atmosphere was totally bad ass. There were people partying everywhere , lots of hawt people and the idea of living next to the beach appeals to me quite much. Also as a European in the USA most stuff were very cheap for me. One day if i ever get enough money I'd definitely consider buying a place there . IT WAS THAT AWESOME!!! I know we Europeans tend to have lot's of assumptions for americans but where i was they were quite awesome people.

I hope you guys liked the post and if you did you can comment.
ps. Pics kinda went where ever they wanted. So there's 5 photos each from each city . 1st set of London , 2nd Copenhagen, 3rd San Diego

pps If i could choose in which of these cities i'd live , i'll choose San Diego!!!


  1. I love London too..actually a lot...but I can't get excited about birthdays...not at my age, they are a reminder of how cruel Father Time can be...taking away what generous Mother Nature gave us.
    yours is a great it

  2. Two centuries on this earth?
    C'mon, then birthdays certainly aren't anything special to you, anymore. :P

    As far as the three cities are concerned, I have never been in any of them. However, apart from my strong interest in South & Central American countries, I would certainly like to go to Scandinavia, the US and perhaps London, one day. :)

    In any case, you have already been to a lot of interesting and far-away places in your life. :)

    I hope you'll enjoy your trip to London! :)

  3. Wow yeah centuries is a bit to much :P i meant decades :)

    Haven't really traveled all that much but when i have it has been to interesting places. I'd love to be able to travel all the time even tho flights are boring. I wish you to be able to go to the US it's definetly very interesting and different than the stereotypes we europeans have.