Saturday, April 24, 2010

Random facts and ramblings

Today has been quite the amazing day weather wise- sunny and kinda warm (12 degrees). This is a good break from the PMS-ing weather recently. For the last several days it managed to go from 15C to snowing, raining and having a hailstorm. This meant that going running in that weather was playing a hit or miss game, which I won 3:1. That basically means i got rained only once.

For the last 3 weeks i've become a bit of a running junkie. It all started with me getting sick of the winter warmth material that i gathered from Christmas all the way until the end of winter. So I started running in a park. At least it begun like that- after week 1 passed i got quite hooked at it , because after running i feel a bit of a high and that feels awesome.So i started with barely doing 20 minutes of non stop running to 40 minutes to 1 hour of running a day. I never thought running as an entertaining thing but now i'm a junkie wanting more and more each day. It's a win-win situation , because that "warmth material" mentioned above is going away and i have something to do outdoors in this lovely weather. Ouu and i get tired enough so i don't stay a few hours in bed until i fall asleep.

Something else that has been on my mind recently is that i'm starting to forget Spanish. I was never the best at it but studying it in high school for 5 years as a first foreign language has made my level at a level that i can understand what i read , but not as good with talking or writing in it. I guess i'll have to work out something to practise that cuz it's quite valuable to know Spanish especially if i want to go to South America, California or Spain.

On a different note the last comment i got was just before i started writing and it said something about "marketing" my blog. This made me thing of what i'm doing here with this blog. Is it a desire to get a big readership and blog for relevant things for the community and the world? Or do i want to have a small readership in which i could blog about what excites me here and now? Or maybe a hybrid of both. I dunno , guess time would tell.

Just for fun i'll add 10 random facts regarding me :

1st I'm a big car enthusiast and am interested in lotsa of things car related.

2nd Dream cars that i would like to own and live on a daily basis - VW Scirroco R (sex on wheels) and Audi A5/S5/RS5 ... All time dream machine Porsche 911 turbo

3rd Favorite sport to watch - Formula 1

4th Favorite sport to play - tennis

5th When i don't have to go to uni i always wake up at either 9:23 or 10:11 (no alarm just me being crazy)

6th Dream place to go to - Melbourne, Australia

7th I'm kind of a geek for computer stuff and seriously dislike the Apple brand.

8th My favorite clothing brand this year is Rip Curl

9th Favorite fruits are strawberries and kiwi

10th When i drink my preferred alcohol is vodka (clean)

This has become quite the long post so see ya next time.

PS. If you want to know something just ask in the comments and i'll respond there or if it's something big i'll write in a blog post.


  1. As you probably know, I go running from time to time as well. Not as much as you do, however. Therefor I cycle a lot. :)

    When I started my blog, I wanted to get as many readers and comments as possible.
    After a while, I noticed that a "small" readership is definitely not worse than a big one. Of course, in a way it would be cool to get more than 500 hits per day, but in the end it also entails a lot of obligations and perhaps restrictions.

    As I read through the list of facts, I noticed that we have a lot in common. I'm into cars as well (especially German cars :D), watch F1, like Tennis, wake up between 9 and 10 if I don't set the alarm, would like to go to Melbourne one day (albeit it's not the ultimate "dream place"... but one of them, I don't like apple either, and I love strawberries and kiwis :D

    It would be interesting to know what you study at uni. :)

  2. "
    2nd Dream cars that i would like to own and live on a daily basis - VW Scirroco R (sex on wheels) and Audi A5/S5/RS5 ... All time dream machine Porsche 911 turbo"

    I think we just became best friends haha. I LOVE those cars. I was so bummed that they didn't import the scirocco over here in the US...I want one so badly.

    Take care man, hope all is well. Thanks for following my blog also - it's nice to see when people care/follow along :)

    -Landyn xx

  3. I have a bike here but i bought it so cheap that it's pretty crap and i think if I ride on anything different than asphalt i'd have to go home on foot :P

    as for readership i guess when ya have a bigger audience you have a better chance to meet someone worthwhile. Of course if lots of people read your blog it shows also that you are in a way interesting
    and that's a bit of self-esteem boost. :)

    As for the facts and the similarities .. hmm that's cool :) I guess we'd have to talk on something different than blogger comments sometime then :)

  4. Haha @Landyn thanks for reading my blog. The Scirrocco is just amazing and if you have seen the "R" version you'd have really hated Europe :)

    It's really quite awesome that 2 of the people's blogs i really liked actually take the time to comment. Thanks very MUCH guys , it means a lot!

  5. Why is everybody so crazy about the new scirocco? :P

    In my view, it looks like a Golf that has been squeezed from above. :P

    Got MSN? :)

  6. Best damn squished Golf ever :P

    Lunario i have yahoo and i'm quite sure that would work. Can i add you cuz yahoo is my private e-mail and don't want to post it here? :)

  7. Alright. I don't use Yahoo, but in case it is compatible to MSN, feel free to add me! :) You'll find my MSN address on my Blogger profile. :)