Monday, May 3, 2010

Dream hobby !!

I'm probably milking it a bit to much , but i'll add one more post vaguely connected with my birthday. So as probably all of you i was having day dreams of what i would like to get as presents. Of course non of what I imagined for would happen , but still something is better than nothing. This comes to the main idea of this post. During those day dreams of what i want there was one thing that popped out. 

For like an year now i've been really excited about photography and would really want to have that as a hobby of some kind. But as most hobbies you need gear to get you started. What caught my eye is the Cannon 7d Dslr and since the moment i saw it i knew that would be perfect. It just seemed to be all i could ever want from a camera - has all the things one might need , but also be user friendly enough so i could actually use it's potential.  That would help me catch some of the beauty of the world and also my life as well.  For now this has been a love story with an unhappy ending, because that camera costs in excess of 1000 euros. This is a hell of a lot of money for anyone and 7 times that for a student. So for now i'm left only with my crappy phone camera. On the plus side tho that gives me one more dream to live for. 

I would also like to thank mister Lunario for being so awesome to talk to and for mentioning my blog in his last post. This practically doubled my followership :P

In other news while running today i had a small breakdown and threw my phone into a grass field. Why the phone you might ask, well because that was in my right hand. That resulted into me loosing the pointer/pen/thingy used for the touch screen. That was fun Arggg!

In last news tomorrow i have a freaking math exam for which i should be studying right now but instead i'm writing this blog post. 

That's all guys. Take care and until next time . 

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