Thursday, July 15, 2010

Almost coming out

As you might know the only people who actually know about my sexuality are you my readers. Or in other words I haven't really had any desire to tell anyone, either because i thought it was pointless or just didn't want to share this with anyone in real life.

This almost changed in the same day as the one my last post talks about. Earlier that day me and a group of friends went to the beach in a place they just opened so we decided to check it out.  After that me , two girls and 2 guys decided that we didn't feel much like going home so I said why not go to that resort. Since my car is quite nice(for someone my age) the girls said dibs to being in my car and the 2 guys went into the other guys car. So long story short 6 people went with 2 cars. One of the guys i've mentioned to the 2 girls that i have a super strong feeling that he is gay and one of the girls* said she thought the same.  * That girl is probably the only one that i could have complete faith in telling her that part of me , because i know she's that awesome and i've told her some stuff  about me no one ever knew before and she has been reliable.

So we go to the resort and we all just walk around for a few hours and i have some sneak peeks at some of the very good looking foreign guys there. I stay there thinking how awesome it could be to actually tell the above mentioned girl about how i feel and have a sort of coming out or just telling someone irl. So we get back in the city and after some time we decide to go home and i drive the 2 girls home. At the end i was left with the same girl alone in my car driving her to her place. My mind was shouting for me to just tell her and get it off my chest. On a stop light i even said "i gotta tell you something" and when she said "what?" i chickened out and made a funny comment that let my statement slip. I was also thinking how immensely awkward that convo would be so i said nothing.  Next time i get alone time with her i have no idea what could happen.

Just to add a little flair to this post i'd add this photo that screams complete awesomeness
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This is it for today. Have fun and have a great day!!

Ps. I wonder how i almost came out when i was so against the idea just a month ago 


  1. Daniel comming out really is a very personal thing that only you can decide - I will say your friend sounds like she most is likely a good starting point - most girls seem to be more understanding and easier to talk to - prob because there are never any ultirier motives.
    I personaly only ever came out to a number of close friends and will say the first step is always the hardest but then it does get easier.
    Love the pic - awsome is a nice word for it - it certainly would be a great way to celebrate xmas.
    Thanks for your kind words in your previous comment - the vid post idea is to find a song that you really like - or one that expresses how you feel that day and share it with us.
    Kindest regards Stef

  2. It's great that you're thinking about coming out.

    But, as Stef wisely says, 'In your own time!'

    Certainly it's better to start by telling someone you think is going to be OK with the news - that way you at least have one person to talk to about it if it turns out to be more difficult with someone else later on.

    It should make life easier and better in the end!

  3. @ Stef - Apparently I think it would be worthwhile to tell someone. If i do it , she'd be the first one to know because i know how awesome she is. Defo the photo shows a perfect if not strictly traditional way of celebrating Christmas.

    @ Micky - It would be nice to share it , but i can't imagine how extremely awkward i'd feel telling the first time , let alone talk about it later :P I guess i wouldn't know if i don't do it eh?

    Have a great time !

  4. Yeah, and Daniel - remember that I and loads and loads of 'out' guys have all been through it too. It's kind of like part of the Rites of Passage for a gay guy.

    If you want to talk about it there's several bloggers who've done it recently - and it's something I'm always willing to try to help with by offering support when the time comes