Monday, July 12, 2010

Cool and weird dream

Last night after the really disappointing end to the World Cup i wasn't really feeling like sleeping, so i stated later then i usually do. During that time i chatted with mister Spastic Fantastic about the most random of topics which was: "how weird one should be to be a bear wrestler?". So that was fun but the more interesting followed in the dreams i had.

One dream in particular stood out from the rest and was vivid and cool enough for me to remember it very well even hours after i woke up. The dream in itself starts with me being in a small restaurant thingy , sitting in a booth and next to me sits the most amazing boy one could ever imagine ,like he came out directly from my head :P , but he was actually one i have seen around the web before. As one might realize by now we were on a date and everything was so amazingly vivid that i couldn't be more sure that we were actually there. It was so awesome to hug and go all lovey-dovey on him (there was actually no kissing or naughty touching) and it felt so refreshingly AMAZING!!! Also he had the most amazing white shirt one could ever had!!! .

Then things started to go all weird and i saw one guy from uni sitting with some Japanese guys and him looking quite worried. He was looking over his shoulder and being all nervous. I tell my date that i know him and i acknowledge the guy by saying hi from a distance. Then the guy goes somewhere and after some minutes the Japanese guys come to me (they were wearing suits and dark glasses *suspicious* ) and want to fight me because i apparently overheard something i shouldn't have. And all i was doing was cuddling into my date :P So i just stand up and say ok we fight then, and things get all slow-mo on me and i'm crazy fast like a ninja and get 2 people down and i wake up.

I so wish the lovey-dovey stuff had continued and i never woke up :(

On a totally unrelated note i'm wondering how this blog became from a daily thing to a twice a week kind of thing. I do apologize to someone who might actually miss my regular postings. I don't know why it's like that now , it's not like i'm super mega busy or anything. Oops sorry was think out loud/in writing.

As for me i'm basically driving north and south in a perimeter of 100 km for the last few days just to change the scenery. That's fun , but nothing that major really to blog about , just hanging around and keeping myself busy i guess.  At nights i'm either chatting with one of the two people i met on blogger , or i can be outside bumming around :P

That's it i hope you all have a great time.
See ya.


  1. Daniel what a bummer of an ending to your dream - think you might have to work oon a re-run and try not to wake up - at least till the good parts are finished.
    As for the blogging - don't worry - you write, I read.
    Have fun Stef

  2. With my pseudo-Freudian hat on: you must feel really oppressed and guilty about being gay because in your dream you are punished for doing nothing but loving this very cute boy.

    So there!

    Anyway as you may know, I too was pissed off with World Cup. Not only did the England team of pensioners perform abysmally but the wrong team then won the cup. Ugh!

  3. I always love having dreams that have a certain sexual or romantic touch. Too bad they don't occur that often... ;)

    Don't worry about your amount of posts. When you don't have anything to say or don't know what to blog about, it's better to wait till you have an idea instead of writing short or fiddling posts.

  4. @ Stef - Oh yes the end of the dream was dreadful!! When i woke up i would have given everything in the world just to do a "re-run". Thanks for reading :)

    @ Micky - I haven't really seen it from that angle. It could make sense and if it is like that , damn!!! stupid mind !!! I just wanted some huggles :P As for the World Cup i commented on the post over at your blog :) .

    @ Lunario - For me they also come very seldom which is a big pity. As said in my post it was strange that it was devoid of any sexual intentions at all. The amazing vividness and the romantic atmosphere, coupled with the shared love is what made this dream so special for me.