Friday, July 2, 2010

Hey there :)

Hello there blogworld :) Hope you haven't forgot about me :P

The last week or so some more interesting stuff have happened. First of all I did the almost 24 hour journey across a continent. It was quite boring and tiring, because i had to take a train,a bus and 2 planes. At least i had a laugh with one guy on the train. Ouu and yes satisfied a 2 month long craving i had for donuts.

First thing i did when i came back was to have a haircut, because I looked like Yeti on a bad hair day :P Now it's shorter :( , but definitely way better looking and dare i say even a tad cute. Tho i still have a dream to have a hair such as the one on the HOT stuff from the photo below.

Also I forgot how awesome it was to have a car for yourself and have the freedom to go wherever as long as you have money for petrol. Since the car had half a tank of petrol i have been going like crazy and had some fun aswell :) Also have been going out with friends , no major party or anything but still fun to just hang around.

Recently i heard that purple is a very stereotypical color for gays to wear. Is that true? If yes , yesterday i bought me shorts with purple and combined it with a white t-shirt with a bit of purple to match. Also bought too expensive but very awesome Nike flip flops. In other words i'm happy :)

Ok this is all for now. Hope you're all doing good. Bye!

ps I have one post that i think you'll find interesting son expect that.


  1. Daniel it's nice to hear from you. Glad you made it safe and sound.One of the things I enjoy when travelling is that it gives you a chance to meet people you otherwise would not normally meet.
    Having a car certainly gives you indepenance - here in country Aus it is almost essential because public transport is not as good as in the cities.
    Well I'm about to jump in my car for my one hour drive to work - it's nice quiet country roads - put on the heater and put in a nice cd and relax till I get there.
    Don't know fore sure if purple is a gay thing but I still have my purple[a very light purple] pants that I wore in the 70'S - don't know if I'd be game to wear them now.
    Anyway have a great day.
    Regards Stef
    ps love the pic

  2. The freedom of the open road! Wow! I remember when my friend got a car in our last year at school. He and I went all over the area where we lived - at a couple of hours of an evening twice a week! It was freedom though.

    Purple? Here it was the colour used by the Fair Votes marchers - pink is still the brave colour for boys to wear as shirts or trousers/pants - I'm no fashion queen though!

  3. @ Stef - Hmmm 70's purple pants, that sounds like something you should keep in your closet :P Who knows tho if you take them out you can bring back the 70's for all of us :)

    @Micky I was lucky enough to have a few month old cool car for my last year at high school and that was pimp:P I can definitely see what you mean :) And i guess if purple is actually gay , then i'm giving faint signals to the world about what i am :)