Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Less gay?

This post is a reply to Micky's comment on my last post. On that post i mentioned that recently  " i feel less gay for some reason. That's a bit strange."

First i guess i should explain one thing so things are clearer. In the header, under the name of the blog, it states that i'm Bi and i stand by that statement. One might ask why i refer to myself as gay in most posts. A big reason for this confusion is that for sometime now i'm almost exclusively attracted by guys, tho in the future i'd love to have a family and kids , so i'm keeping a mental barrier and saying i'm Bi(if that makes sense). So how would one feel less gay then? It's not like i'm starting to look after more girls, than guys it's just i don't look as much after guys.  Also maybe because i'm busier i don't think as much about how i'd like a bf(as in boyfriend not best friend) and a relationship. I'd guess i made little, to no sense , but i hope at least 1 person got what i mean. (if there is such a person please be a good sport and explain it to others in a comment :P )

On the other hand how can one look at this photo and not have a mental meltdown and a cute overload!!!

I guess with this answer i just put more confusion , rather than explaining. Meh.
For no reason i'll add this artsy video of this song i like.

Moon Theory from Miami Horror on Vimeo.

Also a big Thanks for reading my blog. A special thanks to all who comment , because your comments enrich my life with all your different perspectives and points of views.Thanks :)


  1. Daniel nothing in life is black or white, just heaps of shades of grey.For me you are at a stage of life where you are still working things out and possibly just trying to come to grips with life.
    The not so gay feeling you mentioned you answered yourself - if your busy with other things it stands to reason you don't really have the time to worry one way or the other.
    Any how I hope your having a great time at home.
    Enjoyed your music post - have never heard it before. For me any thing that has a horse in it makes it just that bit better - so thanks.
    Hope this all doesn't sound to much like rambling.
    Take care Stef

  2. No matter if your idea of a "mental barrier" works out or not, in the end I think we should all remember Nietzsche's Serenity Prayer praising the "serenity to accept that which can not be changed". :)

  3. @ Stef - I liked the "heaps of shades of grey". It sounds so poetic in a way. Time at home is nice :) and i guess you're a bit obsessed with horses :P

    @ Lunario - If we could all accept ourselves the world would be a much nicer place, because people would be much more accepting,or at least i think so.
    As for if i accept myself or not that's a totally different question.

    Thanks for commenting guys :)

  4. Let's face it - it's just all jolly confusing! I reckon almost everyone in the world is bisexual or capable of behaving so. A small percentage are maybe totally gay and a bigger percentage are maybe totally het. So what?

    I fear societies' limitations and people's closed minds tend to push more of us into being pretty exclusively gay or else het in what we do.

    Mind you, there's plenty allow themselves to be 'pushed' into a heterosexual lifestyle and then find they have to suppress their gay feelings - or else 'cheat'.