Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Oh no... a crush

This ain't good! As the title says i've developed a crush on someone. He's soo amazing and so smart at the same time. I think i can talk with him for hours on end for everything imaginable and i dare say we have quite a bit in common. I often find how he sees some stuff in life very refreshing and cute. If there was No such thing as time i think we could always find something interesting to chat about. BUT unfortunately i don't get to talk to him nearly as much as i could hope for and that's sad, because he often finds other stuff to do. Tho that can be a good thing, because when he comes online it always puts a smile on my face and most of the crap in life goes way back into my mind. (I know what you'd say having an online crush is pathetic, sad, stupid , pointless, bad, wrong or whatever , but my mind has been won apparently). Tho i'd probably not do anything about that because i value him as a friend and i wouldn't want to loose that! It would be bad if he sees my crush as a bad thing and not a BIG compliment to his personality and him as a person. Life is a cruel mistress :(

Have fun guys and see you next time.

Ps. Wow 2 post in less than 24 hours :O


  1. Nothing wrong with having a crush. Try not to let yourself have unrealistic expectations. Just enjoy the contact.

  2. Daniel there is nothing wrong with having a crush - think we have all been down that road sometime in our lives - John hit the nail on the head with his comment.
    I'd be very surprised if that person knew he could not help but be flattered.
    Take care Stef

  3. I've nvr talked to online, how on earth can you have a crush on me?

    ROFL J/K aint nuthin wrong with an online crush i dont think.

    And ya like everyone else said, i reckon he'd be flattered rather than anythin else.


  4. @ naturgesetz - I'm not having high expectations, on the contrary i'm too pessimistic about the whole thing that my expectations are close to zero. So i'll enjoy the contact while it lasts. Thanks for commenting :)

    @ Stef - I'm pretty sure that the person might have an idea by now. But yeah i wouldn't repeat myself so the same thing from above applies here.

    @ Gabey - If you're as awesome as what i've said in my post then i must talk to you too :P or maybe your blog is so awesome that i didn't need the chat to crush over you. LOL But i must break it to you , you're ... *dramatic music* ... not the crush :P