Sunday, July 4, 2010

Guys vs Guys

I have the good opportunity to live in 2 places during the year which are in two different parts of a continent. So this gives me the chance to see guys that are so much different and of course compare. This would be my comparison :)

The people who are following my blog for some time will know that i find Danes very hot, because they are mostly blond and i have a strong attraction to blonds. This is important because hair can be a very big turn on for me. But while most of them are blond and hot , they are also similar in a way and there is no diversity. There is the odd one that is different, but it's mostly a case of more of the same. This came to mind when i came back home again and saw the immense diversity in hair,skin,style etc etc . It could be that i'm in a place with several times more people in it but still. If you ask which is best , i'd say the one i might have :P So no real winners or losers here just an observations i wanted to share with you.


On a World Cup note, I can say that i'm so pumped that the Netherlands qualified for the semi finals. Quite pissed that Argentina lost to Germany, cuz i really liked the Argentinians play and have always had a dislike for the German football team (sorry Lunario). If Holland looses to Germany i'll throw my TV out of the window !!!
Also being where i am now is keeping me busy most of the time so that's good and quite the improvement over before. Strange tho that i feel less gay for some
reason. That's a bit strange.

Well yeah. See you all next time.

ps. I hope i don't get hate for the World Cup personal opinion about Germany


  1. Daniel sounds like home is a great advertisement for the saying - variety is the spice of life - althought I must admit having a soft spot for blonds to.
    No hate from me re the world cup - I'll just stand under your window and catch your TV when Germany wins the world cup.
    Regards Stef

  2. @ southern No they won't win!!! it would be an epic Netherlands win in the finals against Germany!! I don't believe it much myself but i'll be praying to the football gods for a miracle :P

  3. Being an Englishman and seeing how appallingly badly our team of old-age pensioners played, you're not going to get any hate mail from me about your World Cup hopes!

    Oh and, er, can one really feel more or less gay? I tend to think of being gay as a way of life - like being right handed or having blond hair (or not). Do tell us more!

  4. @ Micky - Well at least you had Rooney who's reasonably young, but yeah. You need something like the Germans team a complete overhaul of the team, but only with English players(not half the team to be from other countries).

    As for the second part i made a post for that. :)