Sunday, July 18, 2010

Technical difficulties. *Updated

*This post was updated with a few more things added. Also i fixed some mistakes in my writing, i guess i should proof read my posts before i post them*

Sorry for my melodramatic post from yesterday. That's all well and truly gone. It's quite awesome that i had a precognition or something of the sorts and backed up the blog that same morning, before all went down. This means that everything is where it is supposed to be, except for the post that triggered all this and the melodramatic post.

The reason for me deleting the blog,and all, was the whole crush thing. I guess I totally jinxed that one, didn't I? In short after the several day high of my 1st crush post and the good reception of the whole thing by the "crush", things kind of went down hill. Yesterday i was a bit down and he said we need to talk and he said that he wanted things to be just as they were and nothing to change. Even tho that was working for me before , I got extremely upset about that and blew things out of proportions( mind you i never said anything bad to him i just had severely deteriorated communication skills[aka didn't talk much]) After we stopped talking i deleted my blog in a burst of upsetness , even tho looking from now that didn't make much sense. Same night we talked and i was going the "it's all my fault" way and it ended with him saying i must figure out myself and me going to sleep before 10pm. Today we talked again and i get the whole Freudian talk that my actions from yesterday reveal things about me (that apparently he doesn't want to have anything in common with-that's how i saw it) and that i have to suffer the consequences of my actions. I don't like that but if he feels like that and wants no contact with me , than that's what i'll do. So i deleted his MSN from my Yahoo(that could sound so pervy if in the right mindset) so i don't get tempted into bothering him.

After this little episode i'll continue my posting when i have something to say. I hope you don't think i'm crazy and see that everything was all due to normal emotions. We're all human and as i like to say "Shit happens".

On an unrelated note i changed my layout (yet again) i'd appreciate some feedback if you like it or not. *edit* hmm apparently the background doesn't appear every time, odd. It would be cool if you guys get the symbolic meaning of the space man in the new header.

Hope you're doing ok and have fun guys(and also gals if there are any reading the blog)


  1. Daniel I am glad your still with us - would have really missed you.
    If it's any conselation you would not be alone - think just about all of us have chucked a wobbly when things seem to get to much for us.
    Usually after some time to gather our thoughts and things have settled a bit we start thinking a bit clearer again.
    Take care Stef

  2. ps I forgot to mention I do like the new layout - that little space man at the top is a bit wierd but.

  3. Hey I've been close to that delete-it-all place more than once. I don't know what keeps pushing me there... mood swings, hurtful comments and mails? Probably all and nothing at the same time.
    A break to think things over and have some distance to it all, that usually does the trick for me.

    As you just pointed out, we're only humans. What would we be without our empathy and emotions? Not much.

    Take care!


  4. @ Stef - Yeah i'm here, what i did was a bit too impulsive. But as said we're all people an we all make mistakes and we can all have a bad day and do stupid stuff ,even tho some people don't really understand that. Now i have a much clearer head and i hope the blog will flourish.
    The little space man has a symbolic meaning, being all alone and isolated from the world such as some gay's lives. I also envy him for being so isolated, at times i wish i live in a wooden house in the woods away from everyone and everything.

    @ Daniel - It's strange how people which are so different in age,upbringing and life can sometimes share a similar mindset from time to time. A break from everything would be so awesome to be honest.
    Without those things you mentioned we're not much at all and having the will to forgive certain flaws would be greatly appreciated at times.

  5. Mmmn. Steph and Daniel are both right methinks too. So now, it seems, we all understand that we're human beings and we have tantrums.

    We've all been with the 'delete it all and bugger off' syndrome but it's really best to try to find a nice, cute, pretty boy to allow his picture to be posted up to buy some time and just leave the blog alone for a few days.