Monday, July 19, 2010

Ewan McGregor + " The Ghost writer"

Usually I'm not attracted to guys who are way older than i am and especially ones that could be my father, like Ewan McGregor. I wouldn't say that i am sexually attracted to him, or in other words to shag me in his trailer on a movie set, but really like him as a person or some might say his on screen persona. He's like the perfect brit- witty, british accent, good looking and an awesome actor. Unfortunately he's married , but from the movies i have seen with him he has a very strong gay aura around him and if there is such a thing as gaydar mine is beeping quite hard. Maybe i was fooled by his play in the movie "I love you Philip Morris" where he plays a gay guy(he must be a very good actor to leave such a lasting impression)

His latest movies "The ghost writer" is AWESOME!!! It's directed by Roman Polanski and is a political thriller about the ex British prime minister and his memoirs. Ewan McGregor is the so called ghost writer and he gets himself into a big mess. Not to spoil it for anyone I'll just say that the movie has an interesting plot and a very unexpected end and just when you think you've seen the real end there's an even more unexpected end at the very end. (Wow lot's of "end"s in that sentence). If you're into that kind of stuff , you won't be disappointed by the movie. Only big problem i had with the movie was the obvious product placement, even implemented in the plot itself. All movie long i thought that Ewan McGregor was gay btw, before i wrote this post i found out he's actually married and so on.

All in all go Brits , love your accent, love your actors, love "Top Gear". You have some very attractive people and AWESOME accent (except Birmingham or Bolton, i don't remember, which have a very difficult accent to understand)

Have fun and be awesome!


  1. For Ewan you can start with 'Gregory's Girl'.

    Yeah, well, as a Brit and even English and even (sorry) a Brummy born and bred (but without either a Birmingham or Black Country accent - and they are different!) I reckon a Geordie is the hardest to understand if you're not from that part of the country (the North East around Tyneside).

    Mind you, Glaswegian and the old Ulster dialects are pretty tough also!

    I'll definitely have to see Ghost Writer though - thanks!

  2. I didn't see Ewan in "Gregory's girl".
    I don't have anything against people born there , it's just from personal experience i've found it harder to understand. Haven't heard of the other accent , but i reckon that Scotish and Irish is bloody nice too if not hard to understand too :P