Thursday, June 24, 2010

Done!!! Yes! Summer vacation !!

What is this sound ? Hmmm ... I think it's freedom for the next several weeks!!!! I thought this time would never come, now all i need is the end of the weekend to come and get on the plane and fly off to a better place.

Today was probably one of the hottest and humid-est days in Denmark i have experienced by far. The thermometer on the gas station showed it was 27 Degrees , this is close to the end of the world for this part of the world. Of course in such an awesome weather i had to stay in uni and wait for the exam to come and go. For this oral exam i wanted to look swanky and had jeans and a long sleeve shirt, yeaaah i was dying on my way to uni.

Some may be interested in how the exam went. First of all the group decided to meet 2 and a half hours before the examination.Big mistake it was just plain going on our nerves when doing nothing and getting a bit stressed out. Finally exam time came , we did our presentation and then went one by one to be asked questions on the 60 page project. I was third to go in and was happy with how it went. The result, hmmm well can be seen from 2 different angles. First angle- got the highest grade of the group and this means a higher grade than the girl that was PMS-ing on me one day(if you remember that incident) and also was told that i have a good knowledge etc. Second angle- i think i deserved more and am blaming it on our group being last and the examinators being cranky. So all in all i'm happy about it.

A few days from now i'm going home then i'll really be HAPPY !!! So see ya next time i have something remotely interesting happening over here. :)

ps. I'm at 1500 page views, at 2000 or 20 followers i'm thinking of doing something more interesting, any ideas what?


  1. Daniel summer break is just about on top of you - I imagine you would be getting very excited to get home and see family and friends.
    Glad the presentation was at least satisfactory - it's always dificult when you have to work as a team - only take one person to drag it down.
    27 not bad on it's own but add the humidity and it def makes it very hard to bare.
    Well I have to rush of to work so have a great day.
    Regards Stef

  2. Ouu yeah beach and friends and late nights wooohooo!! Yes 27 is not bad ,from where i come we do have a few days in August that reach over 40C and with the added bonus of humidity, but for Denmark this is very very very hot!
    Have a nice time too