Friday, May 28, 2010

Around the world trip !!

*Caution very long post

Come one, come all you're about to embark on a fictional journey around the world. Please put on your seat belts and get your survival gear because we are going to pass thru some wild places. This journey is going to start in dear old Europe and take us more than 42 000 km across the globe. We are going to visit 5 different continents and the best part of everything is this is an all expense trip , courtesy of our sponsors. (editor: we don't have any sponsors)

Our journey begins from dear old Denmark. Our first flight takes us to Copenhagen (KĂžbenhavn), we are going to stay at this destination 4 days. Why do we come here, because as you might know from a previous post of mine I really like the historical and modern ambient of this great city. So i made this selfish decision to bring you all my readers first here. Our next flight would take us to the city of Stockholm. We would stay a few days here and explore this very interesting in my opinion destination. (And here we're doing some perving on the beautiful blond hotties). Next we leave Scandinavia and fly off to Prague(Praha, Czech Republic) , because by many accounts this is one of the most beautiful old cities in Europe. We have a few sightseeing days and we fly out to Italy and do a quick tour in Rome, Milano and fly for some beach action to Sardinia.  We don't stay too long because oour next destination is the wonderfully amazing Costa del Sol in Spain.  There we stay for a week , because it's that awesome!!! After our healthy doze of tan and vitamin D we go to Barcelona and Madrid , because we are awesome like that and we need to practice our Spanish a bit more. Then we fly off to Paris , because what trip would be complete without a stay there.  Our next destination would take us to the Alps in Switzerland and eat chocolate and fondue till our arteries clog. We also ride cows or whatever people there do :P. After that we fly out to Amsterdam , not because we are pot heads or enjoy legal prostitution , but because we can enjoy just the awesomeness of the city :) . Now we'll leave continental Europe and go to London , because you guys know that i love that city. We stay there some time and we make a quick tour around Britain visiting Glasgow and Dublin in the process.

 Now it's time to leave Europe and visit the Big Apple where people are said to be rude and not seeing in what an amazing city they live in. After being dragged by our asses to leave we fly out to Miami , because we want to party and work on our tan some more. Having some great time we fly out to Montreal , because Canada is an infinitely interesting destination in my opinion. Then we fly for a quick visit to Toronto and then Vancouver. Then we fly south somewhere in the woods in Oregon and have a bit of a break in some wooden lodges.  Having rested a bit we go further down into the city of San Francisco , just cuz our sponsors pay :P . Then we fly off to the Hollywood mecca Los Angeles. We try and be a cast to a movie , because we're that special and everyone wants us in their movies. Then we fly off to one of my all time favorite places in the world - the beach of San Diego. There we stay at a beach villa and admire all the skater cuties and just sink into the atmosphere.

We are suddenly flying of to South America and directly in Brazil. We bum around the beaches in Sao Paulo. The we fly off and enjoy if we're lucky the carnival in Rio de Janeiro . The we all fly off to Buenos Aires , just because i'm curious to see what it is there and for the same reason we also go to Santiago in Chile. This post is getting way long so i'm going to go fast thru the next ones.

We fly off to New Zealand , because it looked really awesome in Lord of the Rings and then we fly to another close to my heart country Australia. There we visit Sydney and stay longer in Melbourne(sorry Perth we're going to skip you :( ) Then we fly off to Thailand and again not because of the prostitution (thai massages) , but because it's super interesting country. Then we fly to Japan because it's so much different from anything else. Then we go to my TOP destination i want to go on holiday Mauritius!!! There we stay quite long and after that you readers of my fictional journey go home. 

I hope you liked my journey and hope you also lived thru my little fantasy. Thanks for reading. 


  1. Daniel a quick hello - enjoyed the trip - it will give me something to daydream about as I drive to work this morning [about an hour behind the wheel]. It's a quiet trip and daydreaming is one of my fav pass times.
    Been lucky enough to visit a few of the destinations on "YOUR JOURNEY " but there are some others there that I'd love to visit.
    Regards Stef

  2. Working on a Saturday ... that's just wrong :( I'm happy i gave you a bit of daydreaming material. I've also been lucky to visit a few of these places, but not nearly enough unfortunately.

  3. Nice journey. :) I'd love to visit most of those places, too (and some others), but if I had the choice between visiting all of visiting all those places for a few days, or a few of them for many months or years, I'd take the latter. :)

  4. Lunario i think we have to make a compromise then. Life is long enough so both things should be done. Have a trip around the world and then live for a few months or more in the places you liked most. How does that sound?