Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Orgasmic ...

First i would like to say sorry for the lack of updates for the last days. It has just been a very uneventful and quite the downer time for me so i decided not to document that on this here blog. All has to be about the beauty of life and a happy written form of ones life. Erm not exactly , but it would damn well be nice if my life was so awesome that i'd have only amazing stuff to post about.

So today the weather here was truly orgasmic!!! 22 degrees all the sun one might want (excluding the 20 minute torrential rain during the afternoon). This really works wonders on a persons mood and attitude towards life.Also got to wear my favorite A&F shorts which was awesome. 

Today was my last day at uni , lecture wise, and i have a bit less than a month until my first exam. YAAAY ... Damn i'd have to find something to do , a trip to somewhere anyone , ANYONE ... Would be cool to just go somewhere even if it's for just a day. Diversity would serve me well. Someone might say :" Use that time for studying!" and i'll reply that i'd leave that for June. Let future me worry about that crap. 

One interesting thing kinda happened to me a few days ago. If you've read my previous posts you'd know that i consider Danes as quite the cold people. So ,with that knowledge, I was walking a few days ago in the center of town(or as i call it The village) and  there are 2 girls one of which shout out to me:"Hey do you speak English?" and i say yes and one of the danish girls asks me for my facebook and i think what the heck and after some small talk i wrote it on one of the girls phones. So that was a bit of a weird moment and also a self-esteem boost. Unfortunately of all the things i could do i think i wrote my name wrong , yeah you'd think for 20 years i can spell my name in more than one language, but apparently i can't :P .  

This is for now. Next post might be again mainly pointless facts. Or just maybe something ground breaking happens and i have something really awesome to post about. Until next time. 

ps I never know how to end these posts. I always write something different that turns out to be awkward :( 

pps i just thought how in new blogs people say that they haven't posted in awhile and that's like a few days. In more established blogs when bloggers don't post and apologize for that it's usually for missing 2 weeks, 1 month or more. 

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  1. Daniel I wish you luck with you upcomming exams - amazing what a bit of sunshine does for you mood.We are still quite lucky here, even though winter is almost on top of us our days have been very sunny - the nights are becomming a bit cooler but I suppose that is to be expected.
    Don't worry to much about your blogging, I for one am enjoying what you post - it's always good to hear how things are going - none of us are adventure heros with lives packed full of things to talk about - I suppose that's called real life. Any way as I have said before I haven't fallen asleep reading your posts yet - so that can only be good.
    Have a good one Stef
    ps we could do with a bit of your rain - things are just getting a bit dry again.