Monday, May 31, 2010

What keeps you here? + song

Today i was browsing around the blogosphere and was reading random post from various blogs. While reading the posts i was clicking on the plugs to other blogs and what i noticed and found interesting was that around 90% of the blogs were either deleted or long forgotten. I'm thinking if this writing online is just a phase in some people's life and it's just a way to fill some void in their life. Are a lot of the gay blogs just a place that many people express their frustration and when something good (as getting a bf) happens they no longer need to write to people they don't know. You can see it everywhere - most bloggers stop blogging after 6 months or max an year. Or maybe i should ask people who have had their blogs for a long time - What keeps you writing your life's on a regular basis for such a long time?

Yeah just a thought i had today.

In other news i want : 

I feel like :

That's all for tonight folks. See ya next time :)


  1. Avery interesting observation Daniel - I suppose for some people the blog fills a hole for a time then they seem to find the need to get on with living - which I guess is fair enough.
    I did follow one of those blogs from that persons 1st post, we emailed, he was a very nice person then after almost a year he just stopped posting and mailing - the main thing that upset me was that nothing was said - no good bye or I am moving on which would at least give closure - but to just pull the plug with nothing said was a tad hurtfull.
    But saying that quite a few were kind enough to say good bye and it is hard not to wish them well and enjoy any happiness that they have found in life.
    I suppose we are all different and even sharing a small part of peoples lives is worthwhile even if only for a short period can have a good impact on our lives.
    It would be an interesting excercise to talk to some of the long time bloggers and see what it is that keeps them going.
    Love the pic - very heartwarming.
    Enjoyed the song - the singer has a very powerful voice.
    Have a great day.
    Regards Stef

  2. Mmn. I've had two or three blogs running for over a year now and def. one of the things which keeps me going is you and other bloggers like you who come along with blogs which are interesting to read and comment on.

    I've also been privileged to make a few friends in blog world - people who comment regularly an/or email. I guess it's that kinship which keeps some of us going!

  3. @ southern In my lurking time i also had a few bloggers that i was enjoying and they suddenly disappeared with little or no notice. This was disappointing , so i can imagine what it could have been for you when you were actually talking with the people. As for the song i was just a bit down and it kind of conveyed the mood. Also thank you very much for your comments , because usually they are there in the morning waiting for me when i check the blog.
    @ Micky First thanks for the compliment (i guess) on my blog :P seriously i don't know how you can keep 3 blogs for such a long time.But i guess it would also be cool in the future to look back on those. I dunno if i could endure as much :) . Also i want to thank you too for being such an awesome commenter.

  4. i agree with you Mickey and Southern,
    and whats sad to me is that you want to continue following theses peoples lives. like all the bloggers kind of lean on each other and talk to each other. were here for the ups and the downs.

    welcome to the world of blogland :)

  5. Well I think the purpose of blogging changes over time. In fact, to make the blog survive you must allow it to evolve. That's what has made me continue. Well there's on more thing... even more important; friends. Definitely friends.
    There's so much cool people out there, and the knowledge you're not alone in whatever situation your stuck in, it easily turns blogging into an addiction.


  6. @ Pierre it really is sad, because more or less you have some kind of a bond with these bloggers, if you follow them for longer. Thanks for the welcoming and it's cool to see another blogger that i have followed at times to swing by my lil blog. :) Appreciated

    @ Daniel Seriously ?! I was thinking about the lossing part , but not for a second did i think about this point of view. It's so obvious that you become friends with some of the bloggers and that keeps ya to some extent here. God how could I not think of something as obvious .