Saturday, May 15, 2010


*While writing this , the post turned into quite the silly thing :P

It has probably been said a million times , but i'll say it again - Dreams are weird !!

I'm the type of person who dreams all the time and I have the distinct pleasure to remember a lot of them. This can be quite nice, because it's quite awesome to see what your brain can invent, but also at times can make me think - Am I such a twisted/weird/lonely/sad/crazy (not all at ones :P ) person that i can come up with some of the stuff in my dreams.  Also at some rare occasions i realize that i am dreaming and can manipulate my dreams, which is enormously satisfying and cool. 

I'd like to share some of the more notable dreams i can remember just for the fun of it with you my dear readers. * Just a little explanation- since my so called love life has never been that successful ,my dreams are mostly around the hope of something good happening(which is actually how i manage to live thru the hard days. Tho the dreams that are to follow are just plain weird or crazy or just epic. If someone reading this has an idea what is wrong with me just from my dreams that are to follow please write a comment. :P

So one dream i remember is quite epic - it begins with me being a general of somekind and having an epic sword battle in one enormous tower. After some battling my armies win and i tell my people to make the tower even bigger and right then i'm i guess transported into a spaceship. In that spaceship there are like tunnels filled with lava looking thing , but then some baby blue matter starts to fight the lava and deep in my mind i know that if the blue thingy wins things are going to get horribly wrong. So of course the blue matter takes over and right there i travel exactly 2 years and 11 days into the future. After i do that everything is in black and white and i'm in a post apocalyptic version of my home city. There i'm also like quite ripped and i think to myself : "Damn this fighting has really made me look awesome". So i'm at one place where i used to go to the gym some 2 years ago(in real life) and i begin walking to my home. There i meet one friend and he gives me a ride for like one bus stop and there are like 2 gigantic sprockets and they are the only things in color - bright red. Then i hear a formula 1 commentary saying that if the sprockets connect Luis Hamilton would win . Here dream ends . Weird eh?

Another dream i had recently was from that hope kind i mentioned above. So again it was black and white for some reason. So it starts with me in the town i'm now and i decide to take the train and go to Germany because i HAVE to meet someone. Then i think damn the volcano ash i cannot use the trains so i'd have to steal a bike and meet the person i have to meet.  I start pedaling and after some time i meet Sandra Bullock who tells me that it's all a lie and the person i have to meet does not exist and i should just drop it. I say No no no i'll go to Switzerland then there i'll meet him. Then like on the border with Germany i meet Rowan Atkinson (aka Mister Bean) and he says Go dude , but you have to go to Italy. There i grab a ride and I think how awesome my life would be with this person i have to meet (and i have no idea who it is) and like midway on my trip i woke up. Props for me for going on :P

So yeah ... this is more different than my previous posts and is kind of silly actually. I really hope that you like this post and that i put a smile on your face while reading my silliness .

So until next time. Bye.



  1. Daniel I really enjoyed this post - most of the words you have written could very easily come out of my own mouth - obviously the dreams are different, but they are wierd, sometimes vivid and if I partly wake up and rememder and enjoy the dream I can continue it like a seriel and at certain times I can manipulate a dream. So either we are both crazy or that's just the way it is.
    Have a great weekend.
    Regards Stef

  2. Ouuu how i'd love to be able to continue a dream i woke up from , because the worst part of a good dream is that most of the time you wake up at the best part. Also i can make an educated guess that maybe we are both a tad crazy :P
    You have a nice rest of the weekend aswell :P Thanks for commenting :)

  3. hmmm, it isn't going to happen in the cold, white north. Love will only be found when you get back down to the sun-drenched land you belong in.

  4. wow too bad i have to live in the cold,white north some 10 and a half months a year then :(