Wednesday, May 26, 2010


This is going to be a quickie post just to share one pet peeves i have.

So today was quite the tiring day. I had to wake up way earlier than what i'm used to these few weeks. This was because i had to do work for the final project we have with my group mates. This meant staying at uni from 10 till half past 4. YAY 

So now we go to the pet peeves part. During one of the breaks we made we were talking about one guy from another class. He's very awful and we were like saying how awful he is and one of the girls said :" ... and i really think he's gay. " Of course i let it slide and there were some gay jokes. What really annoys me is how being gay was showed as being something negative. I really hate these gay jokes and can someone explain to me why being gay is ridiculed or something bad ?? 

Till next time :)


  1. Daniel I wish I knew the answer - not sure that these people realize how negative and degrading it really is.
    Have a great day Stef

  2. Perhaps it's because they're ignorant. My dad used to say all sorts of things about black people because he didn't know any and found them threatening. He did the same with gay people until about two years after I told him I was gay.

    So maybe its fear and/or ignorance of the unknown - but I also think that lots of people like to feel superior to someone else.

    Since most of us gay people are 'invisible' we're an easy target and folk never know when we're there to hear their 'jokes'. It's why it's good to be out so's most people won't say that stuff in front of us.

  3. @southern i guess they don't and it only speaks bad for them as people
    @micky i agree with you 100%. Ignorance and fear of the unknown and also stereotypes to some extent. As for being out that's not in my foreseeable plans and generally i don't like the whole idea of "coming out".

  4. It's because prejudices are most people's substitute for reason. Reason is too boring or simply too complex to a lot of people.

  5. You see you may always get your teeth kicked in but I hate lies so I gave up telling them about my sexuality. What really 'cured me' of lying about it was when I took a job working for a gay rights group here. There was no point in denying anything then!

  6. Micky after reading your comment yesterday i started watching "Coming out" videos on youtube and sure they are inspirational , but i don't know what saying a few words would change. Why take all the discomfort and possible hate just for a few words?