Thursday, May 27, 2010

Facts Facts Facts

So i see a trend here. My most commented, most requested and second most viewed post (for the previous facts post ) are my random facts posts. After such overwhelming pressure i'm going to write another one to please my readers. * I want to write a more serious post , but i don't know what to be for... tried writing a one for my family and past , but it was kind of long and i didn't know if it'd be even read(any ideas)*

Thanks to Micky i have a few questions. 

-What do you usually wear - like I mean clothes?

I wonder what else you could have meant by that , that you had to explain :P . So lets start from the bottoms up. I wear sneakers, which are semi sporty , semi official. I have a pair of running Adidas , a pair of leather Nike's and the newest ones are Porsche Design Adidas sneakers. The latter look very awesome but are probably the least comfy of the bunch. Going up now. When it's the season i wear tight jeans - not skinny tho . I like my bum in tight jeans. T-shirts and hoodies are dominated by a surfer theme. I love surfer fashion. Love Rip Curl, O'neil, Billabong and you get the point. I have a few shirts and an official coat if the need has it.Btw also loves Abercrombie and Fitch , but i've only had 2 things from em , back from when i was in the US. :( 

- And what would you wear if you could?

I really like skinny jeans, but i don't think i'll ever buy ones because i don't think i'd look good in such. I'd like to wear either beanies or the summer surfer hats. One of either i should get cuz my hair is going longer then ever (which is not that long) and i need something cool to keep it in place. Also i like the wide surfer sneakers , but i dunno how they were called. I like some of the bright t-shirts of the so called emos.

-And what do you wear in bed?

Boxers and a t-shirt.

Now for some facts.

  • I'd love to travel and i have already decided which countries i'd visit if I could do a tour around the world
  • I have trained tennis for 7 years. Love the sport!
  • If i could have one thing right here and now i'd choose having someone to love and cuddle 
  • When i was little i really liked to play with fire and still do to some extent.
  • I have a bigger brother
  • I love playing video games and i used to play a lot. Now i still love games but i have no motivation to play.
  • I love skinny guys or slightly muscled
  • Good hair is a big turn on for me. 
  • I prefer fruity cakes to chocolate ones
  • I'm not the biggest fan of heights, other fears i have are from snakes and spiders.
  • I don't have a high self-esteem
  • Sometimes i talk to myself.
  • I wish i could turn back time and change a bunch of stuff in my past
  • I have 227 songs on my phone.
  • When i was young i really wanted to do pottery, later on i wanted to do wooden figures
  • I used to draw decently good , but haven't tried in ages.
  • I don't like the question - What music do you like
  • In first grade all the girls in my class liked me. 

Now for a few pervy ones.

  • I trim my naughty parts and would expect when i'm with someone to do too
  • I have no idea if i'd be a top or bottom.
  • Most days i wank at least once , but once or twice a month i go crazy horny and that number goes way up

Last 5 facts.

  • I consider myself an extroverted introvert ... in other words i appear very open but i'm very closed(tho in Denmark i think i've gone to just an introvert).
  • When i open naughty sites i always use private mode on my browser
  • You probably didn't see that there is a full stop on every 2nd fact. 
  • I hate people using my computers
  • My parents live together but they haven't talk to each other in 10 years.

26 facts for your reading pleasure. Until next time :)


  1. Managed to read your post this morning Daniel but didn't have the time to comment - so now it's evening and the only thing awaiting me now is bed.
    The post you mentioned writing about your family and past would be quite interesting - if you think it would be to to long break it up into parts - that way it will also give you a few extra posts.
    Enjoyed the new random facts again - you must have been reading MB's posts - purvey things - it's actually quite sweet.
    Your right I didn't notice a full stop at the end of every 2nd fact - but now you mention it I do.
    Fire is fascinating and I think quite a few of us feel the same as you about it.
    Chocolate or fruity cake - I'll have both [please],
    Talk to myself - have been known to - seeing it's only my dog and I at home.
    loved sketching as a kid - but these days I rarely pick up a pencil - I tell myself I'll take it up again when I retire.
    Love to travel when the opportunity arises.

    Interesting reading again Daniel.
    Take care Stef

  2. 1. I love Porsche Design sneakers and my next pair of sneakers will probably be one of them
    2. I feel exactly the same about skinny jeans.

    Which are the countries you want to visit in the future?

    LOL at the introversion comment. :D

  3. @southern Damn i guess i shouldn't underestimate people on the internet. You are absolutely right , i had quite the inspiration and help from MB's 200 facts posts. I wouldn't have thought that someone would notice the similarity with a post from more than an year ago. But i guess MB is such a colossus here that people know his posts by heart. :) For the full stop think it was just a little experiment to see if people would actually notice that.

    @ Lunario - As i told you i wouldn't buy Porsche design sneakers again even tho they really look amazing. I think i'll write a post for the countries i want to visit if i could do a trip around the world cuz it's going to be quite big i think.

  4. You obviously hate music then.

    You could use semi-colons and then start each subsequent point with a lower case letter - that would be correct also.

    Pete wears boxers and a T in bed except when I really nag him because I don't.

    I know a lot of us would change things in our past if we could - it's not a perfect world and we're none of us perfect either.

  5. @ Micky I don't hate music at all. Just i consider myself a music whore and can never really explain what i really like. With over 4000 songs it really depends more on my mood than anything else.
    ps If you wonder how i answered to your comments right after you wrote em, i'm writing a post and my e-mail is open so i got notifications for those :P

  6. @ Pierre Ouu nooo i wanted to be unique :( Nahh just kidding , but it's kind of weird to have a clone and someone as awesome as me :P