Friday, May 21, 2010

Random Facts part 3

As i said in my previous post this would be a facts post since nothing that much of interest is happening here. 18 facts for your reading pleasure. 

  • First blog I found and started reading,as is the case with a lot of people, was mirrorboy's blog. After a few weeks of following i started from post 1 and have read all entries.
  • I shave around once a week- not cuz i'm lazy but because that's all i need
  • I didn't use to read books much , but now it's a totally different story
  • I prefer cold weather more than hot weather ,even tho not many things can beat a sunny day
  • I love dogs - would love to have a golden retriever 
  • For a guy student i can cook quite well
  • For the last 2 months i've become a bit of a running enthusiast 
  • I tend to keep small,sometime meaningless things as memories ( movie ticket,legoland and disneyland tickets from the US and lots and lots of other stuff from wherever and whenever)
  • My desk and my room at that matter are a mess
  • I love snow 
  • I had a pretty good childhood
  • Really want a new chair for staying in front of the laptop on the desk and also at least a 20'' monitor.
  • I have a trouble falling asleep at night. Could stay in bed for hours not being able to sleep.
  • Used to have very blond hair as a child , but not anymore.
  • Love traveling , but hate staying and waiting at airports 
  • By last measurements i weigh 71kg 
  • Love Ben & Jerry's ice-cream
  • All thru writing this post i was listening to Enigma ft Enya - Age Of Loneliness on Youtube 

This is all for this post. Have a nice weekend. :)


  1. Sorry Daniel found this post just before I hit the sack last night [actually early this morning]so Ithought it may be a better idea to leave a comment after a good nights sleep and a few wierd dreams [can't rememer any of them].
    I love the random facts post - gives us a chance to get to know you just a bit better.
    I'd like to say mirror boy was the first journal blog I checked out, but it was one that really showed me answers to questions I'd often asked myself and like you I had a read of the whole blog - it made me realize that I really wasn't alone in things I went through - it is so easy to see why he had such a positave impact on so many people both young and old - he really is a very special person.
    Like you I don't shave often - but for me it is just being lazy and when you are out on the farm working with animals they don't care.
    That should give you an idea that I love animals which includes dogs - I have an old dog Sandy who is my best friend - she is rising 15 years old - had her mother who died a few years ago at 14.
    Interesting I had the same experience with books and am a very avid reader.
    Funny I want a new chair to - am getting a really nice one next week - can't wait.
    Love music heaps and Enya is high on my list.
    Love travelling.
    Hve never had Ben and Jerry's icecream but would love to try it - makes my mouth water thinking about it.
    Anyway enough of my rambling - have a great week end.
    Regards Stef

  2. Thank you for commenting yet again :) For me random posts are the easy way out of trying to think of a good post, but i'm glad you like them.
    I'm jealous of your new chair :) Mine is awful with a capital AWFUL. Also you should try Ben & Jerry's , it's a bit more expensive than the other ice-creams but it's so so so worth it. Cookie dough and Chocolate macadam are amazing tho henestly i have only tried only 3 of the flavors so i might be surprised.
    Thanks again for commenting :)

  3. I always love "Random Facts" posts. There's no better way to put simple, general but still interesting information into words. :)

  4. Have you tried Ben & Jerry's 'fish food' ice cream?
    Do you know - many gay guys love cooking? What do you cook?
    If you're not from Denmark, where are you from? And where's home? And, if you want to tell us (or did I miss it?) who's at home?
    And yes, Denmark is famously dead expensive and, actually, London is expensive compared to where most of the rest of us live in England. It's all relative, of course.
    BTW your English is a million times better than my Danish, which is limited to pastries.
    The Former Bitch is pissed off that you'd prefer a golden retriever!
    Is your birthday really in May too?

  5. @Micky - First of all hi and thanks for commenting. I haven't tried the "fish food" flavor , didn't it existed until yesterday i saw it on their site. I imagine fresh minced fish and put into ice-cream form and normally seen like that it sound yucky.
    I've heard of the thing that gay people can cook. As for what i cook it's basically what i've seen my mum do and a cake or two.
    For anonymity's sake i prefer to keep that my little secret at least on the blog. :) Home is where i grew up and at home are friends and family , tho nothing else , no boyfriend etc.
    As for London if you've read some of my other posts you'd see i love it there expensive or not. Haven't really been further away from London and the "shire" i stayed in so i cannot compare with the rest of the UK.
    Don't think my danish is any good. It's pretty rudimentary, some phrases and words i could use in a shop :P.
    Golden retrievers RULE !!
    and yes my birthday is in the beginning of May. :)
    Have a nice day.