Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Template

I decided to change the black on black on black template, because it was way too depressing looking. This new one has a more fresh and maritime look. I really haven't seen lots of people using it so my blog might stand out from the others in someway. Also these colors are more in tune with the upcoming summer. 

Also i'd like to get some feedback from the people reading this. I tend to write my posts either long or medium long. So i want to know if you, my readers, like it or would like something shorterPS. Or maybe you want something else, some questions you want answered, or some topics in particular to talk about.  This would be helpful also because my life ain't exactly all that super interesting so i'd have something to write about.

Ps If you think my blog is boring why are you even reading?? :P


  1. Daniel I like it - it's easy to read and looks good.As for what you post it really is up to you - as a reader I always enjoy getting to know the person better - things you like, things you do and things you think about. How long or short you posts are depends on what you have to say - so far I haven't fallen asleep reading it yet hehe!!!! Love your ps - gave me a good giggle.
    Thanks for the kind response to my last comment - that is one thing I enjoy very much is a bit of interaction and it adds a nice personal touch. It's interesting that you chose Melbourne in your answer - I grew up in Melbourne but have lived in a number of different spots over the years but I now live in centeral Victoria in the middle of our major fruit growing area - and I love fruit yum.
    Regards Stef

  2. I like reading it also :) just got caught up on everything - been out and away form blogging for a while. For me, it comes in waves, like there will bet imes where I'm just to busy to blog, and others when I can sqeeze in a post or 2 every few days.

    But I hope you keep it up, I enjoy reading yours :)