Sunday, May 2, 2010

Year in review

People usually think about what they have accomplished just before New Year. I never do that, said moment for me comes just before my birthdays. It's always nice to think about the year that passed , because you remember some fond memories and also if you're in a downer period you tend to see your life for what it is in general and not your current moods(if that makes sense). Even if it's not the best of years you see that it was not all bad.

This sunny day gave me the perfect opportunity to remember what the period 2009/2010 has given me. I can say that it certainly was full of changes and new experiences that deeply changed my life.  So now I'm going to try and remember some of the more notable experiences in my last teen year. The following is in no way,shape or form organized by importance or by anything else.

- The beginning of this year was filled with great joys. The first big change was me graduating High school  and having quite an awesome prom. This also made me wear a suit for the first time in my life and it suits me . :P

- Finishing school and being accepted in my current university made my summer carefree and left me with tons of free time and some interesting things to do. Since i had a car that i could use all the time me and my friends did some very pointless but fun little trips to near and not as near places.  Most notable thing of the summer should be going to the "Tiesto" concert which made for an enjoying drive and quite the awesome concert. Between these times of excitement i had loads of free time of doing nothing.

- Summer passed so fast and the inevitable huge change in my life came. Having to move become a student in a different country leaving behind family,friends and almost everything from my previous 19 years. So i started living and studying in this foreign land , with different culture , language i didn't know etc. My roommates turned out to be quite cool and the place i stayed was also quite awesome. 1st semester overall was quite good . It was my first time to go to London and Copenhagen , both trips i enjoy quite a lot. .

- Winter came Christmas at home and then again Denmark. 2nd semester started some of the roommates i liked went back home and also i changed the place i live. This made it a not very enjoyable 2nd part of my 1st year as a student. Quite the lonely times and desperation at times with an unusually cold winter with lots of snow which i enjoyed until it became tiresome. Nothing really noteworthy in that time happened as far as I'm concerned. 

This has been an overview of my past year. I'm probably forgetting something but yeah. So now we have another year to go in which no one knows what would happen. I'm hoping in this future year i might find someone who could keep me warm in my bed and just someone that i could hold hands with and just be all cute. :) 

That's all for today. 


  1. May you find that special someone, soon. :)

  2. Thank you very much :) I can tell you the exact same thing . I wish you to also have this special very cuddly and amazing person!!!