Monday, May 24, 2010

Happiness is just a dream :(

I know this is a place where i should write about  my life but until now (with exception of one post) it just didn't feel quite right to write about the bad times in my life when i feel down, depressed or just totally alone. This is just me i guess- never really talking or sharing my problems with people and just pretend i'm happy and OK. That is i guess the reason for my more seldom posts here cuz i don't feel comfortable troubling you with my whining. But yeah i will in very short vent out my feelings.  I really feel like in in a very big hole with  no real chance of something good ever happening to me. Sometimes it really feels like something has conspired against me to make me miserable. God i feel alone and maaan i hate being like that. I guess i should stop my whining . Baah i really hate life at times.

ps. I put one of those counter thingies and it turns out that either more people than i thought are reading the blog or someone is watching it lots of times (staaaalkers :P )

But yeah , bye  


  1. Sounds like one of those days Daniel - they aren't fun but will pass.Sharing problems is not easy or comfortable for everybody but I find on days like these it's not a bad thing to think of what you have got that you can be thankful for - it can sometimes make life a bit easier to take.
    There will be good things around the corner for you, I just don't know when or what they will be.
    Regards Stef
    ps can't find any Ben and Jerrys Icecream in our small town but if I find any here in Aus I'm def gunna try it.

  2. hey Dan, sorry to hear your having one of those days. i guess the important thing to remember is we all have them, or at least i do. you just have to enjoy the good things when they do come, and not only dwell on the down times :) anyway i'm not to clear on the time difference between here and there, but feel free to add me on msn if you ever want to chat.

  3. @southern- I know i have to look at the bright side of things but sometimes that is sooooo hard and you just see everything in a grey hue (i hope this makes sense) *crosses fingers for good stuff and good summer) btw just saw on ben & jerry's site that there should be in australia

    @Spastic Fantastic- yes i'm not the person who says : "why do bad stuff happen only to me?" <-- that's silly. But yeah down times are fun :( Time difference i would think would be around 6 or 7 hours i think, and also added you on MSN