Saturday, June 19, 2010

2 down and a party

First of all i want to say hi to my newest follower Anton from Anton's Haus. He's more interesting than me so go and check his blog :)
What was yesterday hmmmm .... ? *dramatic music in the background*

Yesterday was an ok day. Woke up quite early because i had to go to my second exam. How was the exam you might ask, well it wasn't bad , but i forgot my calculator. This meant i had to do all the calculations the old fashioned way*rolls eyes* , which lead to some very approximate values at places. But overall i'm glad it's over and second one is down for the count and 2 more to go.

After that i went to the shop and was very excited that i was doing the last shopping in Denmark for the summer. I hope what i got will last me the needed week and a bit. If not i'd be pissed :P Of course as always i just had to get distracted and buy some totally unnecessary stuff. Worst of all tho was that my favorite Dutch tomatoes are no more and are replaced by smaller and less tasty Danish ones ARGG. (little rant here) Had a very hard time to steer away from the Ben and Jerry's ice creams ,but i succeeded in not buying( very good but too expensive).

After that was watching the World Cup and finally we got some more interesting games. I loved the Serbian win over Germany. I love it when underdogs win and especially in such a big tournament. During the England game when going to the kitchen one of the roommates asked if i wanted to drink with them and i said why not. So me the roommates and 2 other people (they were only at one point) were drinking and watching the game , after that more alcohol was bought( five points of pure awesomeness to whoever actually remembers from one of my facts posts which is my drink of choice). Since all winter i have drunk several times and in the last months just when in London i got quite tipsy. But overall it was quite fun to do some fun drunk activities like going in the middle of the night to the only working thing in the town-the shell gas station some way away. It was also cool cuz for the first time in quite some time all the roommates were doing something together -partying- and twas fun.

Usually in the morning i'm quite ok , but i guess i've lost my training and this morning was a hard one. Let's say i emptied the contents of my stomach twice and was dizzy for quite some time. But a shower and an amazing wank later on in the day fixed me for good :) This means i either have to stop drinking or drink more often to get back in gear :P Any suggestions which of the above ways should i go to tackle this problem. While writing this post there was one amazing rainbow.
Love the hair !!!
Ok guys these are my last two days. So see ya and have fun.

ps. If you want to ask something or would like me to write about some particular topic you can always write it in the comments


  1. Daniel glad your 2nd exam went well - bummer forgeting your calculator.
    Anton is a nice guy with a very sad story.
    Don't think it would be my place to lecture you about drinking - I was bad enough at your age, but I will say I don't know why I found suffering so much for so little fun - do enjoy a social drink now and again, just not enough to suffer the next day - the cure sounds ok though.
    Love the pic. Have a great day.
    Regards Stef

  2. Stef, the calculator wasn't essential, but still would have been very helpful. It's one of those Texas instrument ones that can solve everything , even global warming :P
    As for Anton , I really haven't gone that much into his blog , so cannot really say. I hope my statement wasn't horribly out of place or something. If it is please tell me so i can fix it.
    Ouu and as i said i really am not a big drinker, i drink on occasion. Since March i've drunk only on my birthday and now, so no worries of me being an alcoholic or something. I guess my body just needs to adjust a bit :P.
    Yeah the pic is cute and as said love love love the blond hair on em :x .

  3. our school switched from the TI calcs to Casio Classpads (o.O) i hardly know half the functions of it.. sadly, our tests and exams heavily depend on calculators (>.<) stupid maths.
    btw, whats this bout ur last 2 days?? whats happening after 2 days?
    if i had to pick out of the 2 guys, id pick the guy in pink shirt (^.^)

  4. Wellzy, it was good it wasn't the math exam because then i'd have been screwed!! I'm with you - stupid math i hate it :(
    I meant that what i wrote was about my last two days and not that it was my last 2 days on blogger or whatever. Unfortunately in 2 days is my Math exam so nothing fun :P
    Good choice, i'd have picked the other one :)
    btw really like the smiley--> (o.O) , (>.<) , (^.^)

  5. Anton's not the only one with a 'take it or leave it' type of blog which may not appeal to everyone. I regularly visit a couple which are generally beyond most people! There's just so many to choose from!

    Booze: if you want to drink a bit then so it on a full stomach (carbs) and to avoid bring it all back, getting a hangovber or even a headache, drink pints of water regularly throughout the drinking experience or, as most people do, at the end before crashing out.

    Most of the problem is caused by dehydration because alcohol makes you piss - so you loose too much liquid if you won't replace it with something which is not alcoholic. Incidentally, coffee and tea can do this to but to a much lesser extent.

    If you drink more than the odd one on an empty stomach you can give yourself 'alcoholic poisoning' where you simply overwhelm your body with alc. Not surprisingly that also makes you throw up in big measure and feel like your nearly dead - and you probably are!

    However - eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow you may not have the chance!


  6. @ Micky - my idea wasn't about this kind of advice, but still appreciate the info. I was referring to the above mentioned ones. :)