Wednesday, June 9, 2010

That feels SO good!

Ok seriously, this title sounds like i'm being blowed while i'm writing this :P That would be so awesome if it was actually happening. (I usually write my blog post and then write a title , but now i know what i want to talk to so yeah ! )Sorry for misleading you that something mega interesting could be happening in my part of the world.

I have mentioned before that i had a big project to do for uni. Guess what today me and my group we actually finished the damn thing and printed and handed it in. This meant that i had to wake up at 6:30 am , be at uni at 8am and finally leave at around 5pm. I can honestly say that i'm blind now, over SIX hours of proof reading the almost 60 pages and clearing all the punctuation or whatever else non native English speakers might have. Having to do on the effin monitor really made me blind and exhausted as hell. But my point was that when we printed the copies we needed we had mostly black and white but also a few color pages. When i was putting them into the project it felt SO good-total relaxation as near to nirvana that one can get(while not being in bed or in a swanky restaurant) . I know that now i'll have to endure 3 more exams and oral examination on the project but finishing that thing made all the group smile and be happy!!! (Funny fact: because of this project i was very close to have to fist fight for the first time in 10 years with someone totally unrelated to the project :P )

Another thing that i would like to write about today is that i'm getting a little frustrated. Why does every time when i put either more effort or am just more passionate about one post i write is not really appreciated. Of course tho the fact or question post always get all the attention. In other blog news by tomorrow i'll probably have a 1000 views (since i put the counter thingy) which is cool to see people interested in my boring life. I'm quite positive that in the summer i'll have WAY WAY more to report so stay tuned for that.

Just a quick thought. I love reading blogs and have some that I viist on a regular basis. Tho i've seen that when some of the bloggers get supper happy in life (and keep blogging) i get down, cuz i'm a selfish prick i guess. Like my all time favorite blogger  Daily Dan is in the perfect situation now with a BF and everything and when i read his posts i get jealous and meh. But don't get me wrong i'm very happy for him !!!

So yeah this is for today. Bye
ps. if you'd like (for some reason) to talk to me you can always ask for my msg-ers.
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  1. Daniel when I saw the title on my reader I could almost picture a grin on your face - made me break into a smile myself.
    The project sounds like it has given you a great sense of achievment - the going did get a bit hard from time to time - so well done.
    I can see why other bloggers that find partners would depress you a bit because it is something you want so bad - I suppose the words that ring around in your head are usually "why not me", but who knows your turn might be just around the corner - it's just not knowing when your turn is comming just gets so frustrating.
    Anyway keep smiling and who knows.
    Take care Stef

  2. No grin for me :( Would be cool tho , some sunny beautiful day.