Friday, June 11, 2010

Can't wait to go home !!!

As the title suggests i really can't wait to go home !!! Being away from my old life and living in Denmark for 10 months, with the exception of Christmas holidays, has had it's ups and downs. But as most people living abroad will tell you, living alone in a foreign country can become very tedious and annoying. For the last few months for me it has been  boring, uneventful and lonely. That's why i'm so hyped that there is a bit more than 2 weeks and i'll be back, for more than a month, in my old life. What awaits me there is friends, family, nightlife, beach and all in all a more exciting life(for a week now i miss quite a lot the drunk nights :P ). In other words i'll go into a "haven't seen life in a while" mode which will consist of as much out time as possible, drinking like there's no tomorrow aka fun times, CANNOT WAIT !!! Who knows something like this could happen ---------------------------->
Or why not  

One can dream *angel face*              
This i hope will in turn make for more interesting posts in the near future.  Seriously the boringness here is at an all time high. Having to read school books doesn't help much either :P So expect that :)

Weird thing happened to me last night. When i  decided to go to sleep the minute i way down i started dreaming and a few seconds later(or it felt as long) i was wide awake. This continued happening for probably 10 minutes(or more , have no idea) with very very short dream periods and waking ups. If somebody can explain that please do , i'll be grateful.

I mentioned in my last post that i was very close to 1000 views. Well i reached that and now am at 1083(i'm geeky and i like numbers). I want to thank each and every one for the input you've had, without you blogging wouldn't have been so enjoyable and fun to do. All of your comments are like freshly baked cookies for me , so enjoyable and AWESOME. And i like cookies ;) In other news i have a new blog look and i like it very much, what do you think? I was wondering if i should use this one or another one , but with the rain outside i decided this one would fit better.


  1. Daniel I like the new backdrop but I think one of the fun things is that you can change it when you want.
    I'm happy for you going home to see your family, friends and familiar surroundings - I have lived and worked in quite a number of different places that I mostly enjoyed - but always one of the greatest pleasures in life has been going home to see family and friends.
    Sounds to me like your dream may be a result of excitment of going home and all the things in your head thinking about it.
    It's nice that you cracked your 1000 views - a nice achievment and def not geeky.Like your reference to fresh baked cookies [Mmmm] - one of the things I really enjoy here is your interaction - always make for a nice personal experience for me - like fresh baked cookies hehe!!!!
    Have a safe trip [hope what's in your posted pics becomes more than just a dream].
    Look forward to hearing how it goes.
    Take care Stef

  2. Southern i still have some 2 weeks till i go , so don't put me on the plane yet :P Also when there i'll still blog so you'll hear as the things not happen and not a month after :)
    And yeah going home is way cool , from now i'm making some big-ish plans with friends so at least there i can have a GOOD time :)
    Thanks again for your awesome comments :)

  3. I wonder if the periods of sleep were really that short. Was there a clock you could look at when you woke up? It's possible that you had periods of dreamless sleep, or dreams which you didn't recall before the dreams just before waking.

  4. Didn't have a clock , but it just felt so short. Just felt like i close my eyes and i'm immediately dreaming and no more than 30 secs later i'm awake and several times like this. It was something that hasn't happened to me before and it was weird to say the least. And it wasn't like sleeping for a few hours and thinking it was a few seconds , because nights here tend to be quite short so i'd have noticed that :)