Tuesday, June 8, 2010

WTF?! Retards

Ok seriously, when i saw this my first reaction was what the hell. Some people i guess would never get it and be close minded, hypocritical bigots!!! I don't know if this is some American church group or just a group of people connected by their hate of gays, but making this vid is just showing their stupidity.

Of course they had to put every cliché available in the book. I can only say that some people are just retards!!!


ps. If you want to do this --->

you're going to do it whatever anyone says. :P

pps. (some hours later) I'm really curious as to what you guys think about this vid.


  1. Daniel I think you summed it up - it's a cliche.It could very easily be put up with a straight sex marriage. It's just to much of a generalization.
    Regards Stef
    ps I don't like rollercoaster - it's like getting drunk - makes me sick [and scared]

  2. Also the whole idea and just putting such a vid online is incredibly annoying !!!!
    and rollercoasters are fun :P