Sunday, June 13, 2010

Preguntas Hermosas

... No, it's not another question post, come onnn didn't you have enough of those already :P This is an animation which i found infinitely beautiful.

Preguntas Hermosas from Süperfad on Vimeo.

This one on the other hand is about kind of a grim topic, but shown in a very engaging and comedic way. It's called "La dama i la muerte". It was also nominated for OSCAR for a short animation.

La dama y la muerte from Derecho a Morir Dignamente on Vimeo.

I hope you enjoyed these Spanish animated vids :)


  1. Daniel the art work in the first animation was stunningly beautiful and the music superbe.
    The 2nd one is a tad disturbing - I'm sitting here pissing myself laughing at the topic of death - how clever - it really is so well done.
    Well Daniel I really did enjoy both vids very much - thanks for sharing them with us.
    Regards Stef

  2. hey Dan, both those vids are definetly awesome, I think I like the second one better myself :)


  3. @ Stef The first one is definitely made by perfectionists. Cannot find a single flaw even if you're looking for one. I saw that the guys who made that vid have a very big portfolio of animations made for very big companies. As to why it's so good, i watched it more than 10 times myself and it's still good. Second one is as you said very clever -very funny for a not as funny topic :P

    @ Mr. Fantastic Yeah second vid is defo laugh out loud funny. I hope you waited after the first small credits part to see the small insight into the Grim reapers life lol :P

    These 2 vids and a few dozen after that have inspired me to get a animation program and try to self teach something like that. The result would probably be very bad , but meh :)