Monday, June 14, 2010

World cup and exam

As most of you probably know the World Cup in South Africa is now well on it's way. Before it actually begun i had some serious doubts if the stability of the country as a whole could pose a problem for having a normal and safe tournament. For now it has been quite well. I've watched most of the games and could say that for now it's not THE most interesting World cups , but there is still lots of time for things to become more interesting. I could say i'm not the most avid of football fans but big tournaments like this or Champions league or Euro cup i watch. If you're curious i'm rooting for the Netherlands and Brazil. But probably as always the Netherlands would have some amazing first games and then do nothing(even tho the first game against Denmark was worse then expected). Was really disappointed by the German win over Australia tho!!!

Ou btw if you're from the US i was talking about what you call soccer. :P

Exam ! Tomorrow i have my first exam which is YAY :P I'm cautiously optimistic about this exam , tho am quite afraid about the next 2. They're going to be kind of hit or miss , i feel. Well i guess i'd know after several weeks. And lastly i have an oral exam on the project i was talking before. I'm confident there it'd be ok , because one of the things i'm really good at is remembering big chunks of information. Well to be honest i have one more exam after that but i have a ticket to go home 2 days before that and i'll just skip that one and go to reexamination in autumn.

This is it i guess. I hope you liked the vids from yesterday. I sure as hell did. But yeah see you guys!!


  1. Omg I actually tried watching some soccer, those stupid trumpet things make it impossible to watch. I think I'll stick with baseball and good old American football :p

  2. Daniel outside horse racing I'm not a real sports nut, but I will say watching any sport at it's highest level is enjoyable. Just happened by Lunario's blog and came across your comment - at the same time watching the news on TV - our headline was Australias loss to Germany - so I think we were both a bit disapointed.
    Good luck with the exam - not long till you go home.
    Take care Stef
    ps I really enjoyed the fact that you responded to me by name it just adds a more personal touch - thank you.

  3. @ Spastic Fantastic - oh yeah !!! the vuvuzeli (or however they are called) are so incredibly annoying. It's like a swarm of bees all the time. Especially when i watch with headphones it gets old very fast, but i read they're going to ban them so there is still hope. As far as baseball and American football goes i'm a noob :P

    @ Stef Germany's team is overrated , go Aussies :P (well maybe not in the World cup for football tho :P)
    As for the "personal touch" no problem :) I like my commentators :) For me for example was disappointing how my favorite blogger never makes an effort to answer comments so i stopped commenting. Even tho i still follow his every post. So i don't want to be like that :)

    Thanks guys for commenting :)