Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Yay finished :) and lovely Frenchie :(

Yay after a week of working on this project i have finished my part and now i can par... hmmm wait ... have to study for the other exams :( And here i was getting excited. Especially having to study about one subject that i have no idea as to what is going on there would be even more exciting. Serves me right for paying attention and sometimes missing those lectures altogether. There's a little challenge for me i guess.

In other news since semester 1 i met with one incredibly cute French guy and all thru that semester i met him either at parties at out place or somewhere else. I had a major crush on him(and not only cuz at one party i saw his bum) , but unfortunately after i moved after 1st semester and other circumstances i haven't seen much of him. So today while staying at the canteen for lunch i like see him and we small talk for a bit and i get a crushing news. His exams are soon and after that he'll be going to France (and he was an exchange student for a year). So yeah sad ending to a great adventure(well the adventure was only in my head but yer).

This is getting ridiculous. I feel like i'm pregnant at times. I have mood slings all thru the day that range from being in a very uplifted mood to being very moody , then to apathy and then again happy and then go in a hole. Like seriously WT*?! I guess i should eat chocolate to cheat my brain into feeling awesome. Any other suggestions?

This is all for now. See ya next time.
*note to self- think of one good way to finish your blog posts and random lame ones* 


  1. Daniel this may be a good time to find out if this cute French guy has an email - if that dosen't work out you will just have to stalk a cute blond Dane.
    Eating chocolate [especially dark chocolate] sounds like a great way to combat mood swings - at least you manage to go up and down the scale - def better than lingering at the bottom end of the scale.
    Thanks for yesterdays comment reply - we are lucky here with our weather [3rd day of Winter and the sun is shinning], sadly I am a little bit to far inland to take advantage of the cute surfers - have to settle for the cute country boys instead.
    Take care Stef

  2. Funny how today i found a new person to stalk. Even better that he works in a shop in the same buildings as i live. How convenient eh :P I guess i'll have to go buy more often from that shop ,so i can have me some eye candy :)
    Haven't heard much of the country boys but they're probably not too shabby either :p