Tuesday, June 1, 2010

End of semester joys

I guess everyone who has been at school or university knows about the end of the year/semester joys. In short all the exams and big projects are put together in one amazingly excruciating month. This usually tends to be a bit of a stressful time for most people i must say. So as most students now i'm under the stress and am currently making a big a*s project with a group of 3 other people. Of course i'm not the only one that is under stress and today one of my group mates decided to go all PMS-y on me because she didn't like the phrasing of one sentence on my part of the project. I of course was the smarter one and gently explained what i meant and that she is being a bit foolish to act out over one sentence (while my brain was screaming :"Suck me you b***h"). It also made me appreciate that i like guys and not having to endure such crap in the event i have a bf.

This leads to me going to uni from 9 or 10 am and coming back at some random time and having to skip running for the day. Also today i worked on the project until 9 pm (just before i started writing this blog post[yeah i'm that commited to you guys :P ]).

I want to say how much i hate grocery shopping. It's not because of the usual reasons but because i always end up buying stuff that i really don't need. One of the things that i bought today and was totally useless was professional grade whitening tooth paste. Why the hell would i need that? Because it was discounted of course and i felt the immediate need to buy it. Damn you in store advertising/marketing. I'm always amazed at how such a simple thing can manipulate us so well.

The bad thing is that most of the times the stupid and useless thing we buy tends to be junk food. Tho thanks to my firm policy on eating healthy i don't easily fall victim to junk food manipulation.

Damn this good weather! Coming back from uni there were so many hotties in summer gear that i was hoping one would come to me and embrace me. It was so bad that while mentally falling totally inlove with one piece of heaven guy (and probably starring like an idiot) i could have been hit by a car , if it wasn't for the polite driver stopping and letting me pass.

You can stop reading here , because what follows is some geeky info. Thanks to putting a stat counter on the blog i see how many people actually stop by and watch my blog. Most visitors i have from Denmark- 29.8% , but that's more me watching my blog,comments and answering to comments. So the real leader is the United Kingdom with 20.4% of my viewership. Next in line are people coming from the USA with 15% . Funny thing about those is that it's mostly people stumbling on the blog and not returning. 3rd would be people comming from Australia with 13.4%. Then Canada with 7.8% and the interesting thing is that it's almost entirely by one person who regularly comes and visits. I'm curious as to who that is so i'd appreciate if you comment :) . Then it's Germany with 6.4% .  The most interesting views i've had are 2 views in 2 days from the US navy stationed somewhere in the Atlantic ocean near Africa.

So this is for today guys. See ya next time.
ps i know how my blog would never go mainstream(not that i'm aiming at that) , because not many people would ever go into the trouble of reading such long posts.


  1. ah, nothing like end of year school stress to put people on edge. and working in groups always makes it worse, there always seems to be that one person who cracks under the pressure and makes it hell for everyone. I know exactly what you mean about food shopping though, I usually duck into the supermarket by work to grab a sandwich for lunch when i'm working, and lot's of times i end up walking out with some junk food to go with it. luckily between working 50+ hours a week and a pretty good metabolism it doesn't show, idk if i could handle eating healthy, seems like a lot of work.

    at least you're getting to see some hotties, this area seems to be totally devoid of them, hoping to see some at the beach, but lately i've only been able to get there on my day off during the week, and it's all moms and kids. hopefully when i get there on the weekend there'll be something worth looking at.

    I have one of those tracker things to, that shows where blog visitors are coming from, but haven't checked it in forever. did get some surprising locations showing up on there, i should go check it out and see what's on there.


  2. Daniel exams for me have been relegated to history - I dn't envy you guys.
    I actually quite enjoy grocery shopping - got it down to a fine art - first check the wallet - that determines wether my dog and I can spoil ourselves or not.
    For us June starts our winter - wet and cold last week - 1st and 2nd June Glorious and Sunny - go figure. Won't be to many shirtless hotties floating around here for a while.
    It is actually quite interesting to see where your visitors come from and figures from each country - the internet is incredible.
    Take care Stef

  3. Stat counters make being a stealthy ninja null and void..

    Yah, I'm the 7.8%. It's really more due to using your blog as a stepping stone to other blogs. I usually enter through yours or a certain German guys blog to go places...

    So yah. That's my deal.

  4. Hmmn.

    'New' visitors are those who are not currently carrying a cookie from your blog. I empty my cookies each time I log off the internet so I will always show up on here as a new UK visitor.

    I discovered this when I had Smutty Stuff (the picture blog) - but there the US visitors vastly outnumbered all other countries with Germany coming second and UK third.

    Er, you see, that was a sex blog, whereas this is not that - so you can deduce whatever you want about visitors from the US and what they're interested in!

  5. @ Mr. Fantastic - I hate your metabolism then :P Eating healthy ain't that hard imo , but i don't work so i have more free time to be healthy.
    Not to make you jealous but here it's full with hotties, maybe i'm a tad bias cuz i fall head over heals for blonds :P Also when there's not that much hotties you appreciate more the ones you actually see.
    The stat thingy is cool cuz i'd have never expected how many people actually look at my blog and the diversity of the visitors. (geeky fun)

    @ southern You aussies get good enough weather most of the year.Even your winter is spring for some northern countries :P And you are renowned for having many hot surfers so i don't think it be that bad :P

    @ A Heartless Wench I hope that at least you enjoy the blog :) And there's nothing bad in being a ninja , i was just curious (and ps now Canadian users have activated ... strange :P )

    @ Micky Well yes but you're still identified by your ip it just shows you as a new visitor and not a returning one . I think it's normal to have mostly US visitors just cuz they are so much !
    ps i've stumbled before on Smutty Stuff aswell , it's just too catchy of a name not to check out :P