Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sad and a change ... ouu and "fag"

Today has been one of those bipolar days i guess. First it was filled with quite the amazing relief you get after finishing your most hated exam. That for me is math and even tho i have a feeling that i won't pass , i love the idea of not worrying about that for at least a month,until results come out. I had the "almost there" smile on my face after going out of the wretched room :P . For some reason tho in mid afternoon i started feeling really sad.Why? No reason, no idea just so . Isn't that just lovely,

In other news i think i'll stop this (almost)daily blogging, because i feel like my posts are way too boring. It's likee just putting out new posts that are totally lacking in any blogging value. This means i'd probably write whenever something interesting happens, which would probably lead to a more sporadic posting. I hope that this would make for a slight improvement in the read-ability of whatever this is.

Hoping that i didn't just loose your time for absolutely nothing , i'll add this photo of the mega cute actor from "Eragon" :

and a gay themed comic:

Btw today on my exam papers i saw written "Fag" , which in Danish apparently means "Course". How random.
Ok i'll sign off here and do little cuz i'm quite tired(bad nights sleep + early exam = zZZz)


  1. Your blogging is nothing but dull. Sharing bits and pieces of life ideas and thoughts, that's what blogging is for me. From that point of view you do very good ;)

    Btw, we have cars over here with the letter combination FAG on their licence plates LOL


  2. Daniel like your namesake I enjoy your posts - for me it's like talking - some days you have heaps to say others you might just say hi.But whatever you decide should be fine.
    Math seems to hit a sore spot with a lot of people - was not one of my fav subjects either.
    Quickley on your reply re Atons blog - you said nothing wrong - he is just going through some tough times and is posting about it - it's just sad and hard not to sympothise with him.
    Have a great day.
    Regards Stef

  3. @ Daniel Thank you very much for your kind words :) how cool would it be to drive a FAG car :P Worst i've seen is on an older car with the square license plates that said "AN" and below that "Al"... I think i have a photo of that somewhere.

    @ Stef Thanks to you too . Good way of putting it, but still hope something worth noting happens soon so i can write about something interesting.