Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hot Danes, Aj and death

So i give myself this small break after the Argentina-Korea game and write this post(and after study my bum off for tomorrows exam).

Since i'm going to leave Denmark soon i had to go and return the mobile Internet usb stick, which i haven't used in a few months, and that meant going to the "mall". I say mall but for me this is want a miniature scale model of a mall would look like. :P So i took the 2 minute walk to the center of town and into the mall. God damn i forgot how hot Danes actually are , like :OOOO Hottie next to a hottie , i hate them all :) Was feeling a bit too adventurous so i bumped(unintentionally *angel face*) into the bum of one ,ooops sorry was what i said but i wasn't sorry :P.

 Btw wouldn't mind having him next to me when i wake up :P

Just now i saw that one of the longest standing members of blogland and a very interesting blogger imo is saying goodbye to us. Aj's Ramblings would be missed i think by a lot of us, but i'm really glad that he found someone who he loves and who loves him , and so i wish him all the best in life.


Now the death part of the title. First of all it's not a person who is a relative,friend or whatever close to me i'm talking , it's of a material thing. Like wtf?! the laptop i'm writing on is just about 1 year old and it has a very annoying problem. Some 6 months ago the original hard drive died on me and i lost lot's of stuff and couldn't return it even after some geeky attempts at doing so. That was frustrating , because i lost stuff and also the warranty was such that i was forced to buy a new hdd myself or send the laptop back home and get it back whenever they felt it was ready (cuz the international warranty sucks ARSE). So as i needed the laptop for uni and everything else i bought a new one. Now some six months later it appears that this hard drive is showing the same symptoms as the other one before it died(even got the blue screen of death today). Here i must say that i'm super careful with my lappy and has never been dropped or mistreated in any way. But alas this things a bitch. If someone has any brilliant idea as to why this is happening please comment. If i loose my stuff again i'd be pissed. (for now i cannot bring the hdd back for warranty because i need the laptop working so i could study for exams *rolls eyes*)


  1. IDK why i aint never really commentd on your blog, sry.

    First off I am moving to denmark, plain an simple, i hope they speak redneck.

    Also, u shouldnt post pictures like that, it makes concentratin on other blogs very hard.

    Last, whenever my comp messes up, i randomly click on stuff, move my mouse real fast, or drop it on the ground, it usually cuts off, then back on again an everythin is fixed.

    Just a thought!


  2. HAHa I'm not sure you'd be able to cope with the hotties here :P and speaking redneck you could be well sought after :)
    As for the photo i'm glad you like , it's something that really caught my eye !!! He's bod is HOTTT!!!
    Amazing way of dealing with your PC , but i think i wouldn't throw my lappy at the wall just yet :)
    Thanks for commenting !

  3. Daniel sounds like you have at least one good reason to return to Denmark.
    Sad about AJ - he has been around a long time - life for him has been a real rollercoaster ride [prob why they scare me so much] - always love the way he doesn't mince his words and says it how he sees it - he shows us that even after all he has been through he did find love - hope that inspires you.
    Not real comp savy so can't really give you much in the way of advise - I'll leave that for people who know what they are talking about.
    Take care Stef

  4. Get a Mac - they cost loads but it's said to be worth it.

    Windows carrying laptops don't seem to last very long and I wear the keyboards out on them too.

    PS There's hotties EVERYWHERE man!

  5. @ stef Yup that's one good reason to return , another could be getting and education :P Aj's story is definitely very inspiring ,one of the blogs with a somewhat happy ending :)

    @ Micky ... no no, that goes against all my geeky understanding of the world and geeky values. For me to get a mac would be like a christian to kill the pope or something. I don't want to have anything to do with the corporate identity of Apple. and appple aren't going to sell laptops that much longer so yeah (remember that :P )
    And yes in the UK there are also lots of hotties but here they are blonder and a special scandinavian type :P