Tuesday, June 15, 2010

One down , more to go :(

So first exam is already over. I'm thinking that i did good enough even tho our kind of bitchy teacher(btw she's exactly what some would call MILF) basically made an exam that had little to do with what we actually do in the lectures.On each exercise i had to stay for an unreasonably long time just to see what the hell is wanted from me.But yeah i guess in a month,or so, i'd know :)

Since this is a short, boring post i'll add a pic. Isn't the one on the right just mega huggable. But i wouldn't say no to either of em :P

Ok now i'll switch to the window with Brazil and North Korea. Go Brazil :) ok see you guys.


  1. Daniel can't understand some teachers - always thought their aim was to teach and not to confuse.
    I'd hug them.
    Take care Stef

  2. @ Stef Yup it's a bit of an oxymoron to be a teacher and want to screw your students but yeah :P
    @ Micky Yup, me be happy me be happy :P especially when they're all gone :)